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  1. Actually... A Baza prime can very easily kill a level 150 anything with a magazine, maybe even less if it's not a amalgam, even without a riven. Hunter munitions exists, so it's not actually that hard.
  2. Probably wisp's butt, if I'm being honest
  3. Same with desert wind, if I might give in my input. I don't know about other exalted, but it feels kind of like I'm weakening myself when I use it compared to a melee weapon.
  4. I'm actually cool with this. Riven dispos weren't meant to make strong weapons stronger, they were made in order to bring weaker and less-used weapons up to speed. Problem was, they based it on popularity instead of power, meaning strong weapons got stronger, and no one still used the weak weapons. Now that they're finally accounting in DPS, this is a good step in the right direction. (Unless, of course, they screw it, like they give variation weapons that are arguably weaker dispositions that are lower just because they're 'upgrades')
  5. One more thing: I'm sure it'd be appreciated if Excal and Baruuk got their own unique finisher animations, like Valkyr. (Also, Baruuk getting the axe-kick lift heavy attack is just bad. Please at least add wind projectiles, like the rest of his attacks.)
  6. Melee rework is quite viable and interactive so far. With that out of the way... I must express severe disappointment in a few things regarding techniques. These aren't *too* serious, just more little things that made me raise my brow:
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