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  1. And that's cool. But if I'm speaking boldly here, I personally wouldn't let guilt hinder my experience of the game. That's just me, though. If anything, the fact that the story can bring such emotions out from you means that they're doing a good job at telling it, although that matter is opinionated at best.
  2. I mean, I would hope you're not implying that I'm soulless or something, but... It really is up to the player. And that's fine if you don't want to, because no one's telling you that you must continue.Each to their own, yeah? But from my perspective? If you want the most out of warframe? I'd still suggest doing them. As I said, they're wonderful experiences on their own, morals or plot twists aside, they are made for our entertainment, rewards or no rewards.
  3. Speaking from the perspective of someone who's completed most content in the game, I'd urge you to go through and complete all events and story regardless of any reservations. DE put some hard work into every one of them, and they are well worth experiencing in my opinion. The extra rewards are enough incentive. If you're worried about changes from the story affecting your game as a result, "creator mode", under settings, Allows you to retain a lot of things that would seemingly be unable to be undone after the completed campaign, including getting the lotus back.
  4. After visiting fortuna, I must now add limbo's agile animation to this list. Also, reading through, I admit that I too am a victim to -some- of these tropes. (Also, to anyone feeling attacked, never my intention, I apologize for that. Sorry, mates.)
  5. I have my own niches regarding captura. There was a meme going around at a point that reflected that, and it was "take a drink if..." And the conditions for them were -If the scene is Lua -The captura contains Excal Umbra/Ash/Nekros -Has a Tatsu/Skiajati -Black and/ or red colors I don't have personal issues regarding this, certain aspects of fashion are popular for good reasons most of the time. But at the same time, I found it hilarious.
  6. Yyep, that's the youtuber cape, the Repala Syan. On a separate note, I see a lot of people also using either Harrow's Idle animation sets, or Titania's, for whatever reason.
  7. So, what do you guys ALWAYS see whenever you step into the relay, or the Fortuna/cetus lobby? My personal constant sightings are: - Red/black/white colors - Gold metallics - Katanas. Any kind of Katanas. - Icarius Syandana wings - Naru Syandana wings - Any Syandana that looks like wings - Tatsu - Stalker-themed excalibur/any warframe - More Tatsu - 'youtuber cape' AKA Repala Syandana These are just my personal sightings, but I wanna know what you guys also think you see (maybe even too much) In gatherings and pubs.
  8. If we were taking the moral high ground, then I'd argue that the fact tenno had to take lives at all, even cloned, orokin, corpus cultist at ALL puts them in a grey area. A lot of things, especially the choices and the reasoning behind the genocide of an entire culture like the orokin don't make any sense to me, because the story of Warframe is... eeuggh... I don't want to say try-hard, or 2deep, but it sure comes off as that. A lot of things that happen seem imply hidden, but shallow meanings or, better yet, have to be changed a-la Jk Rowling style. For example: Oh? The mean gold men killed Marge? We gotta plan a revenge! And so the Orokin died. Oh wait, no, it was actually this blue guy with a big arm that was behind it, lol. Guess it wasn't -totally- our fault. So, ehh, I ...think That DE is trying to paint the kids as tragic heroes, but the deeper you go into it, especially with the sun/moon choices they give you, the stranger it gets, and the more debatable this becomes. And the less sense this begins to make. Like, it was our fault, but also wasn't our fault situaions. I could go on about cloning defects, the implications of Keyla losing at Rathuum and what Cresca Tal said, implying that a lot of our 'brainless clone' enemies, might actually have independent thought. I could go on about Corpus sentience too, including things as bizarre as the existence of John Prodman, Self-preservation orders,etc, but I'm just going to go out on a limb and say this: TL;DR: Killin' is bad, m'kay? We're bad. For sure. We're a poison. A tool to hurt others. We're just less virulent then all the other toxins in the mix. It's not nearly as simple as this, but it's the closest analogy I have.
  9. The infested have not aged well, and are in dire need of improvements, moreso design wise, they are in an okay place right now in-game. (Aside from Eleeches.) So my feedback will mostly be design. I'm up for new variants of infested, ones that are actually *scary*. Riddle me this: Why does EVERY grineer that mutates wear a mask, and why do they all mutate to the same thing? Why are there no female grineer mutations like heavy gunners/scorps (Aside from Leph). Why does every corpus guy that mutates always does so mid-facepalm? Why do we never see mutation ever happening? Currently, we face a technicolor horde of vintage assets, that aren't scary or intimidating. There are a lot of reasons for this. Too colorful, they glow like christmas lights, their designs are confusing, some sound like cats, but the primary reason for the lack of horror is that They look almost nothing like the creatures they've mutated from. One of the most convincing, surefire ways to add an element of horror to 'infected' enemies in general is to put clear resemblance to what they once were. If the chargers had human faces growing out of their chins, or the runners/crawlers had things like human mouths with teeth and human tongues, then their creepy factor would multiply just because we can tell they GREW from someone. Not something. Someone. This philosophy also applies to sound design. If they made more humanoid screams, perhaps gibbering and jabbering nonsense in grineer or corpus language, it would be VERY disturbing. There are ways to make 'nonsense' designs like ancients more disturbing, too. Add more moving parts, things meant to maim, to hurt, to infect. Writhing tentacles, stingers that come out of the head, eyeballs that move, all would be vastly a better change... in my opinion. I understand DE has a lot on their plate, and I have no intention of sounding entitled, (Not to mention the sheer cost of time and resource these changes would imply on their part) so I want to make clear that none of these ideas are demands, or requests. Just opinions.
  10. Dude, don't dig into him. Sneaky made a pretty good synopsis of the current topic, and a response like this... well, it's not making you look any better. And, the title is "Nightwave feels Boring Now". So of course, people would react strangely when you speak about not giving a rat's ass about Nightwave, the thing that they came here to discuss. I'll be fair: you've been under a lot of pressure from some people in this thread. But I mean, when you say things like this, it's not going to stop them. It'll do the opposite. Back on topic, I don't mind nightwave that much, and alerts still exist in the form of GoTL alerts, so I'm cool with both.
  11. Dunno if anyone saw this one reddit: Apparently, it was based off a theme, which would explain the odd shape. Hopefully this provides some more insight, but I have to agree with the others. It looks like a piece of orokin handrail they just decided to take off and use as a gun.
  12. Yeah, that sucks, but on the flipside, I now have hope that my maxed -zoom stat will increase my fov someday. 😛
  13. Riven stats based on popularity were a mistake. Doesn't fix weapons with low base stats (seer,veldt), and prettymuch forces DE to do extra work, changing the stats manually. But, on topic, people get rivens, spending time, kuva, and endo, because they want a weapon to be stronger. This obviously does not equate to the stat changes being the weapon changes, but you can't blame people for being upset over this. One way or another, hard work put into an investment was either rewarded or punished with these changes, something completely out of the player's control. Obviously, this can frustrate, and saying "Don't be mad it's not a big deal" won't quite fix the whole issue. And of course, people will be outspoken due to this anger, making vids and topics based on these changes. It's natural for big events to stand out and have discussion open about them. Not something one can call 'right' or 'wrong'. Clickbait title or no, escalation, such things are prone to happen, and lecturing on the issue won't have too much of an effect... at least, if my experience on similar issues provides any insight. I don't like uproar over choices like this as much as the next one, but in this case, (and most) the frustration is justified. When groups of people complain, it is never for no reason. the people who say 'My weapon has been nerfed' almost always mean 'my weapon feels weaker'.... because, it would be true. But if my history and predictions are accurate, this will all fade, inevitably. Topics, Clickbait for views, even metacomplaints like this thread, all of that won't matter in time. It'll all get slowly quiet, and soon, we'll await the next set of disposition changes.
  14. Fun fact: The nikana prime's blade is not that of a katana's. It grows and has a wide tip, like that of a chinese dao. I do think that there should be more of these kinds of weapons, as well.
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