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  1. Snydrex

    DE can we have the Ninja sword now?

    Ninjato? Sure. Why not? There's no minigun in the game yet, so we both can dream.
  2. Snydrex

    Potential Baruuk changes/sydicate mod(s)

    I like some of these suggestions, but my feedback would be almost entirely visual changes. A lot of what makes Baruuk good is also subsequently lazy, and very noticable in terms of similarity to other warframes. 1. Elude: I like it. But my main concern is the fact that it just makes him a glorified directional zephyr. Who has the belly shakes. This doesn't look good, because bullets pass through him without impact, and although he changes idle stances, I still think it should still look like he was dodging the attacks, as the name states, rather then letting them phase through him a-la limbo. It's fine as it is functionally, in my opinion. 2. LUL Cheap joke aside, I think it works kinda just fine too. I wish they could make it look more like a wave and less like a fart, though. easy re-stealthing is something that no other warframe has in their kit, so it does bring a new aspect to the table... but the problem is, Equinox, and Ivara do it better. I'm not for insta-sleeping being added to this, I just think it should have something other, and possibly more useful then slowdown > sleep. 3. Desolate Hands: My main problem with this, is that it mirrors Mesa's Lasso, but is worse. Functionally, it performs the same. The daggers fire in bursts, with pauses that force you to awkwardly hang around if there's a group of enemies you want to disarm. Mesa can easily CC an entire group with one button press, with no worry of recast, as her lasso hits more then one person at a time. Baruk's hits only one at a time. In the same spaced bursts. In a sense, Mesa just needs to press one button, 2, to be useful in such a situation, but Baruuk needs to press the same button more then once to be LESS useful, despite it being a 3 ability. It's not a good tradeoff. (And I know people say that disarming is better then Mesa's gun jam, but it's not better, in my opinion. If an enemy can still move and attack you, then it's situational CC, like Loki using his decoys to manipulate enemies that are forced into melee. Mesa can stop an enemy from doing anything at all instantly, even moving, and Baruuk cannot.) 4. Serene Storm: It's good. That's really it. It CC's, and it has a wide range that goes through walls. It's good. ...Fine. If I had to cherry-pick three things about it, it would be that it's awfully difficult to tell where the range of your Physical (not air) strikes are, and the lack of visual telegraph makes it annoying to land direct hits sometimes. The second thing: It needs to scale damage better. Against enemies above level 30, the damage is useless. especially on Grineer, meaning that you become a CC frame at best, which is not always optimal. (After all, the best CC is death) And the third would be, It should have unique finisher animations. I think all exalted type weapons should have these, as they add a lot of personality to the weapon, and makes it seem less then a weapon reskin that you equip upon pressing 4. The last one is more of an opinion then the other two. Augment ideas: (I really just thought of these on a whim, they might not be too good. More of a brainstorm, really.) Elude: Augment makes you 100% dodgy when you stand still, but when you move, you can get shot. Or the reverse. If you're running and parkouring, you can't get hit, but if you stand still, you can get hit. Lull: Augment makes enemies sleep instantly. Original, I know. Desolate hands: Maybe have the daggers float next to your weapon and disarm enemies you shoot/hit, so you can actually pick who you want to disarm. Serene storm: Augment reduces distance and range of winds, but increases speed, range, power, and defense of regular punches and kicks. Would make him more of a bad valkyr, but once again, making his use of 4 a bit more tactical and skillful. Maybe there should be some reward because you're not invincible like valk, too, perhaps pertaining to the restraint system. I dunno. My augments are probably S#&$ ideas, but your ideas are better, regardless, considering that I think they could make use of the 3 ability, and your "charging" augment suggestion is quite nice. Overall, I think he should just make himself more unique, instead of being Zephyr-Equinox-Mesa-Monk man.
  3. I agree with this. Most of the design additions, overall, have been given to Grineer, so I don't mind corpus getting a little facelift.
  4. Snydrex

    Yeah, the thing about game's story...

    Yes, this is the post I needed. I remember when I was playing along the main story, and Hunhow decided to become War, the sword. Why? Why did the ultra-powerful sentient consciousness put itself into an inanimate, sharp tool of a weapon? Not only that (spoilers) I ran into stalker in my ship. After the encounter, I was left scratching my head. How did Stalker get there? Was *this* really the big conclusion? An ass-pull meeting with the stalker, unexplained, on my ship, for no reason? Why didn't he just destroy the ship? Weren't sentients supposed to be intelligent? Why was their boss stuffing himself into a tool to be broken easily and not trying to hinder our efforts, instead just "go shadow, kill the tenno lol"? Why didn't he just destroy the transference chair? I expected a final battle with the stalker, but... here? In the ship? With no rhyme or reason? And with ordis not being able to tell me? Are you serious? I was confused, and a little annoyed. It wasn't big, but I would have appreciated some context.
  5. Snydrex

    Gara needs to be nerfed, hard.

    There are a few good points brought up against the nerf: - Gara is not used much. - It took 30 waves to get that much damage out of Gara. - Through normal means, the situation presented in the picture is very specific. (Defense, no ability hampering/nullies) - "90% damage reduction" is a constant from the opposition, despite the fact that there are better defensive abilities and energy is relied upon for both. - Despite this, it is still 'reduction'. Gara can still die. - Gara's abilities have the same weaknesses as every self-buff. I believe that the title of this post should conform more to "Gara is overpowered in long defense mission grinds" and not to "She needs a general nerf". I have seen Garas like this one firsthand, and I need to say that none I have encountered have ruined my gameplay experience, nor has playing as Gara in general. My logic is this: If it's not a problem or disruptive to others, or staggeringly efficient in every situation, then I argue that it does not need a nerf. This is what I think of Gara, as well. She is not used enough to be considered a major meta, and she needs incredibly specific circumstances and management to reach that level of strength. This game is not about which warframes do or do not die from 90% damage reduction or not; this game favors the warframes that can kill easily. Gara has trouble doing this no matter what you build for her, and therefore, is not overpowered in this game. In grineer/infested defenses and stationary? Possibly. In everything else? Hell no. That's just my opinion, anyway.
  6. Snydrex

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.4.2

    A bleedout timer? Why? I can't imagine this was a requested change. Also, I guess I was too bold to assume that the T4 amp was your guys' attempt to change up the meta. Nope, guess not, Still staying as far away from that as possible. Thanks for the fixes, though.
  7. As a limbo main, the only thing I don't understand is the duration cut. I don't think that "making us think about different mods" is an applicable excuse, considering only two mods in the game give us negative duration to begin with. Everything else is fine.
  8. Snydrex

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.14.1

    Well, that was fast.
  9. Snydrex

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.4

    If I may be frank.... You lot, DE, are so afraid of giving us too much power, too much speed to control the game at a pace we like, and these beam weapon ramp up changes prove it. I have no argument, as it is your game to change and modify; but I implore that the design team must think of a more clever way, take time and effort, come out with a more thought out and clever change to balance the weapons, because rushing out these nerf- I mean, Fixes, only proves that you know you made a mistake. Especially since the Convectrix, a weapon long considered a laughingstock joke of a weapon since it came out with Atlas, has now been made even weaker, thanks to the rampup you added in the same update, plus the inability of the 'buff' you gave it to remain locked on one target. However, I also understand the importance of balance, and must say that this is not the right way to deal with buffs people were satisfied with, even if SOME of the beam weapons were a bit *too* powerful. This is not the right thing to do after making Kavats unable to help us in PoE, in my humble opinon. But it's not my place to judge, in a game I am happy with playing, despite all of this.
  10. Snydrex

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.4

    I thought that issue was fixed: from If it's not , I'll stand corrected, though.
  11. Snydrex

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.3

    I second this... It's rather frustrating, you see. In reference,
  12. Snydrex

    Last Post Wins

    But primed primed akchamber when?
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    Last Post Wins

    Tee. Hee.
  14. Snydrex

    Last Post Wins