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  1. Those two open maps are not in connected tiles. It is a solid one piece. Other battle royale do not come out from cabin rifle, assault rifle and sniper rifle(Shotgun? What is that thing in battle royale?). Even Apex is not sci-fi enough than Warframe that take high use in abilities, melee and condition summoning(turrets, AOEs, auto-tracing, traps etc) for hyper-situation player-vs-player countering interaction plays. Could you really do nothing after 15 min with a poison ring shrinks into only Hek's Stiletto nearby?
  2. Why Warframe do not achieve a battle royale in Eidolon Plain and Orb Vallis? I mean such a potential of those big big non-stream-seaming open map that other game develop company build it mostly as a battle royale maps. But not a PVE mission nodes usage. -------------- Below are the frequently concerned considerations that easily be satisfied: 1. Weapon balance problem? A. It can be solved by game rules. Your equipped weapons will be spreaded on the map randomly and you need to collect them yourself. But as a battle royale mode you can collect other player's weapons too! And what battle royale is fun is to test the player's adaptation to choose the combination of the weapons for a good result as so. You may bring a weak weapon sets with no mods or counter mod builds to troll other players! *. I prefer players can see where their weapons are in minimap, as a minor target. But it is only a location and you don't know it is picked or not. 2. Warframe balance problem? 2.1. Invincible abilities! A. After able for commander's void damage can cancel any warframe abilities, after invincibility can be solved everything seems fine! P.S. your equipped Amp also be spreaded in the map! 2.2. Invisible abilities! A. You can use radar mods! Also you can take use of protecting abilities after you got hit and after you guess you may got hit! And lots and lots of auto-tracing abilities and weapons to expose the players! 2.3. Unbalance of tank frame and crispy frame! A. Make an infinite-accuminate buff in damage resistance after tons of matches for those losing warframes in statistic! The every losses in lower position of specific warframes will give the buff of these warframes in global! *. Better make 4 players as 25 teams rather than 1v1v1... , that supporter warframes have decisive route! 3. Supplies? A. There has lots of neutral enemies as usual. They drops bullets and HP MP orbs too! But beware of exposure yourself during a "collection"! Yep, bosses such as Eidolon Teralyst and Expoliter Orb will make the map mess (and of cause you are not necessary to take them down but can take use of that with a bit fire to intercept the other players too close to them)! 4. Development complication! A. What? It is just continuing the current complete navigation in open map and plus a shrinking poison area system as a new mode! 5. Server problem! A. Now DE have sufficient source to build their server as a host, to collect 100 players in the same match! 6. Too less players to apply this mode! A. It can be started in a smaller poison area with less players! Only 80+ players in a map can start with whole map open first! 7. Archwing dominant! A. No Archwing! It is only used as landing usage. K-drive only! Also items is banned. 8. Reward? A. No battle-royale-specific mods or items that forever buff the performances in PVE then it is fine! Welcome for cosmetics, glyphs, endos and credits. 9. Background stories? A. Simaris is bored for your monotonic exp grinding in its sanctuary, and Teshin is upset for his empty conclave. Once they casual talk together in a round table such an amazing idea blows up!
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