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  1. A blueprint for it should become accessible in the Simaris store once you obtain one, y'know, like every other one-time attainable equipment in the game.
  2. Edit: Got my Ogris!
  3. I got my Shedu and stopped bothering farming anything else. Because I'm about 99% sure this'll be released as a freely accessible tileset after The New War and I won't have to go through all the Railjack objectives just to access a limited part of it. This is just something of an early preview to those who came this far. Won't lie though, that ephemera does look very cool.
  4. It's not perfect and it certainly doesn't do much about the enemy armor meta, but I've had a lot of fun with Vauban's Flechette Mines and Orbital Strikes and how they can reasonably keep up in damage as enemy levels rise. I'm thinking about if it could be applied to other abilities that currently sport a static flat damage without any bells and whistles to effectively increase it. Stuff like Shock, Spectral Scream, Ice Wave, Rumblers, literally every Archwing ability that deals damage, stuff like that! I don't think this change would break any new ground in terms of power, but it'd certainly make those otherwise negligible abilities a little more viable in common use.
  5. The Amesha was clearly released haphazardly in its near-invulnerable state because Archwing had already been going down the drain even in DE's eyes while they were developing it. They already promised the Amesha so they just threw it out there in the last Archwing-focused update. It's been left untouched for years because Archwings as a combat utility have never been worth noting until just now. Sure you can use them in Open Worlds, but because of how clunky the flight model was and how every single enemy was given anti-air missiles with no cooldown, people only ever used them for mobility, so Itzal was king. I feel like when the Amesha is inevitably nerfed, they'll buff all the other Archwings as well, but it won't be true reworks, it'll be minor buffs and quality of life changes that they just assume will make them magically viable. Seems to be the trend whenever DE does class reworks in bulk. Play it safe, accomplish nothing (In the way of making things more viable).
  6. They are to a degree stat-driven by the MR requirement DE opted to give them. The Dual Kamas Prime are MR8 and the Nami Skyla Prime are MR11, so the Nami Skyla are supposed to be better, however it is pretty weird to have two Prime weapons of the same type have an objective better of the two. Especially considering all Primes are of the same-ish difficulty to obtain. Dual Kamas Prime are probably balanced out by the sheer amount of style they have
  7. Please make the Kuva Quartakk a manually switchable fire mode, just because the Quatz mechanic was something different, doesn't make it a practical idea. There is no single practical reason why a weapon has to be setup like this, it's the definition of being different for the sake of being different. And while we're at it, can you convert other weapons like the Panthera into fire mode switch weapons?
  8. I admit, those missions made me have to think creatively. It was interesting, albeit extremely frustrating. Octavia's Mallet and Resonator allows for a substitute to the lack of damage mods, and the Broken Scepter (Never thought I'd find a use for that thing) can be used to siphon health/energy orbs from the enemies, to which there are multiple MOAs around in particular. The Defense objective thankfully had enough health to withstand all 15 waves, I ended with about 2/3 health, Survival was doable and Excavation... Well admittedly I just let Excavators get destroyed till I inched my way to victory. Dunno how to do that one proper.
  9. Nail Grenade is gonna suffer the same problem as the Azima's Alt fire. The projectiles will be too inaccurate to hit enemies reliably, I suggest having it fire two rounds at a time, one that fires randomly and one that targets enemies.
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