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  1. The problem I see with keeping a top-down radar plot is that the game mode may have a reference for horizontal perspective, but the game space mostly doesn't. It'd be better than the simpler "above/below" icons, but not by much. An angular display is much better at communicating the relevant information in an unrestricted three-dimensional battlespace like Archwing.
  2. The radar display is a pretty awful fit for a space shooter; it is terrible for target acquisition because you're missing the single most critical piece of information: Bearing to Target. You can kind of reckon this from the distance and "above/below" indication, but that's really spotty, because you don't know how far above or below you they are. I really hope it's a placeholder and the devs are looking at what other 3D shooters have used for this. My personal preference and recommendation would be to do what Tie Fighter did: have circular "Front" and "Rear" radar displays, with targets
  3. Apparently the guns are actually Hitscan and don't require any lead at all, unlike the visuals would suggest. It's very confusing though, so I don't blame you at all for not noticing it; I think they should probably have used a different visual effect that actually conveyed that. Other than that, I definitely agree. I think it'd probably be a good idea if a good segment of the Archwing weapons had some kind of soft-homing or aim-assist; the mode feels like it's even more about massive speed and quick maneuvering than on-foot, with the added complication of HUUUUGE distances and tiny enemies
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