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  1. Lol well I guess there were 10000 people who " didnt realize there was a drop but are trying their luck" because de is running a script now to fix it
  2. I don't main nix but I think she's fine. Max ranges chaos for intercept or mob def + 4 to protect object. Her 4 needs to be stronger or higher range tho, give it high range knockdown.
  3. Ash was fine the way he was Idk why they changed him. He was a lot of fun but now the way he is even tho I have ash prime now I never touch him. You are 100 % right his 4 is clunky and terrible. No other wf has to spin like an idiot to mark targets to kill them...... It's the WORST mechanic by far. Ever other war frame can clear a room without such idiocy and a lot faster. even most guns can clear a room faster than ash can mark stuff! It's so Painfully Bad. Id like to see him retroed back to the way he was or at least make it so we don't have to mark enemies. Also the option to join in should be if you hold 4. I keep hearing you can join in by pressing 3 But that has never ever worked for me.
  4. They obs have issues. I got necros but not the ephemera . I don't care as much about fashion frame but it really sucks for anyone wanting to get that vaulted prime that prob won't be out again for very long time. I 100 per cent agree they need to address this issue.
  5. Try reading the thread would you. There is zero chance of me buying it. The weapons arnt good enough to make it worth 800 and it's way overpriced especially compared to other bundles. Is it oversight or Runaway greed? Trying to find out and give feed back on the FEEDBACK Forum. It bothers me because selling overpriced junk is a huge red flag. Look at games under Smedely or EA to see what I mean. So please stop trying to troll this thread, tyvm.
  6. I did compare to other bundles, it's most expensive like I said especially for what it gives. Baza bundle, gunplay, most weapon bundles are 400 or 500. Despair and hate arnt even good and dread is easily replace by Zhuge , Paris prime and others. Maybe it was a good bundle a long long time ago but it sucks now. Just wanted hate for the set and fashion frame for necros. Yea obvs not buying it bc overpriced but this is feedback forum so I am giving feedback. Seeing overpriced junk is red flags for me.
  7. That is an idiotic thing to say. I never said everything to be free but stalker bundle is obviously overpriced. It's one thing to make money but another to let corporate greed take over.
  8. Spam661


    I finally got mine but I truly support those who did not and should. They obviously have issues with drops. I got necros p but no lotus ephemera. Previous I have not gotten drops also, I can live without visual fashion frame stuff but teasing a vaulted prime then not giving it is horrible CS. This happened last year with Ash and they ended up giving it to everyone that had twitch linked and had been active.
  9. What Stalker bunDle I think is the most expensive bundle out there. It only has 3 weapons and a color picker I'm not sure anyone would even want since it's only shades of grey and there's plenty of grey in other color packs. Mean while dread is a fairly common drop. So it's only Worth it it for despair and hate. I was gonna get it just for hate but was absolutely shocked at the 800 plat. Hunhows Gift has more stuff, better fashion frame, harder to get War, and it is only like 512 plat! Compare to 800 for The What Stalker bundle! 800 plat seems like such a rip off and money hungry move. Is this an oversight or just terrible greed?
  10. I would take Dario or vay heck as mission instructor . I always found lotus very very annoying. I too would like to kill her.
  11. I mostly play regularly but I have a fam and they come first plus remodeling house and occasionally I need to travel for work. This means sometimes I won't be on for a week or so every now and then so I'm looking for a clan that won't kick for that reason. Was with previous clan for a couple of months and got kicked when I had to go out of town for a week, very annoying. Size doesnt matter but must have trade post. I Am mr 17.
  12. Also I am MR 17 that should be more than enough. Idk why I can't get it. Plz help.
  13. Did exploiter when it first came out then they changed it to getting matchmaking for it from eudico in little ducks room, but I go there and she just says "we got something big in the works sparky". I'm rank cove if that matters...... Do have to be old mate to get the match making for it? That seems ridiculous.
  14. Not selfish you dong. Would benefit everyone using kdrives. Would be a lot less going around them or bumpiong into them and getting knocked off and less waiting for people who use kdrives.
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