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  1. New railjack is is bad. It used to be unique and different. The ship way too small now. Dunno where the turrets are now. Worst is the corpus missions. Did one and stopped. Litterally just fly to defense mission and that's it. It's the same as star chart, except you have to wait 10 minutes for everyone to get there. One of the perks now is decrease Invaders to ship. No. I want more Invaders, more xp. Why even change the perks???
  2. ruin fun? more like save yourself from carpal tunnel syndrome. that's even less fun. haveing to click until your finger is painful is the opposite of fun.
  3. i have this issue also. it randomly pauses and i do not know why.
  4. I cant seem to find an option to hide hud. I dont see it anywhere in keybinds. is there no way to toggle it???
  5. Can the songs be changed in any way? Bass-boosted? Sped up/slowed down? Remixed in general? How long the video should be? 1 minute? whats in Octavia prime accees? if its just the guns, those are easy get.
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