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  1. no no no a million times NO. So sick of this elitest crp attitude. Warframe is a farming game, players like to veg out when doing repeated runs trying to get that damn khora bp or the gauss systems. It's about mods and numbers. I don't want to spend 3 weeks trying to learn some convoluted junk when I just want to come home from work and relax and HAVE FUN. Over-complicated=fun killer! You want something all skill based go play ARMA or or some korean mmo or whatever.
  2. QUOTE FOR TRUTH! Exactly what I been saying. they might as well have made a new frame if they wanted an asteroid frame!!
  3. Only other is Equinox. Ember is way more fun to play. or was until they nerfed her and made wof a channel. This whole trying to step away from 4 to win thing is bs. Making overly complicated mechanics that make the game less accessible and less fun and more time consuming is simply not good. Ember was never press 4 to win to begin with anyways. Had to use 2 and 3 for extra dmg boost. She was best for solo clearing boring af nodes and invasions. Trying to make all the frames on the same level is simply a mistake. Make them all the same and none are good. People will always find the most effective ways to kill or farm anyways.
  4. I totally agree esp on 2). WoF defines Ember, and mobile offense is the best. It was fine until they made it into a channel ability. Channel ability costs way way too much energy and they say they want to move away from so called ""afk play"" but channeling is actually that. Before that it was good to use 2 on nearby enemies to buff dmg done. And sometimes using 3 for extra. If they wanted to make a meteor based defense and dmg frame they should have just made a new frame, not ruin ember!! Jeeze they coulda just made Blaze a frame instead and used that kit on him.
  5. Can you add punctuation? Whatever you said was unintelligible.
  6. ASH and HYDROID would like to talk to you. Mesa is the most boring thing ever you have to stand in one spot. Saryn is boring af. Equinox will be the new mobile offense king. The correct answer is her 2 for debuff was better. She was fine until DE decided to nerf her and made her 4 a channel. If you had trouble staying alive it was because you didnt know how to play. Being able to run AND dps is KING in wf.
  7. New ember is convoluted and asinine. Ember is supposed to be mobile dmg. These changes are terrible. They made her 2 defense... they should have kept it as debuff / buff for fire dmg. De doesn't know how to make offensive dps frames. Ruined Ash now they are ruining Ember.
  8. LEAVE WOF ALONE. Better yet REVERT IT to how it was before it became a channel ability! WOF used to be quite good but not op like a lot of other frames are now. Before WOF got changed to channeling Ember was a lot of fun. Hit 2 to debuf and WOF for dot and hit 3 for extra aoe. 1 for heave units but not used as much. maybe some people had trouble with high levels but not every frame can fill every role! Would you take a khora or an eidolon hunt?? Ember is MOBILE FIRE not a fricking asteroid frame. Go build another frame for an asteroid frame! Vauben never should have been nerfed to start with. Remove limits on his 3 and 4 or at least raise them to useful levels. also dont ruin weapon exilius utility slot by make 'utility mods' that have dmg on them. you ruined warframe utility slots by add +str and +range and now those mods are require in builds!
  9. Happend to me, took along time to spawn one, long time to kill, 3 team members got update and I did not. not trying again til this is fixed! the rng is to much!
  10. I mostly play regularly but I have a fam and they come first plus remodeling house and occasionally I need to travel for work. This means sometimes I won't be on for a week or so every now and then so I'm looking for a clan that won't kick for that reason. Was with previous clan for a couple of months and got kicked when I had to go out of town for a week, very annoying. Size doesnt matter but must have trade post. I Am mr 17.
  11. Yes this please. At the very least put aura and nitain and nightmare mods back on alert, let the appearance stuff stay on nightwave. Nightwave just adds to the grind. Casual playser dont have time for that. I play a few hours on weekends but at least with alerts I could pop in long enough to grab that nitain alert. Waiting weeks fo r a few nitains isnt worth it.
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