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  1. 2FA can go die in a fire. It's badly implemented, has no failsafe in place for when people WILL, INEVITABLY lose access to the email or phone it was tied to, and is literally dividing the playerbase in half when it comes to who can trade, which I simply lack the tools, words, fonts and boldness to emphasize enough how BAD OF A *%#^ING IDEA IT IS.
  2. DE demonstrates it doesn't understand how most clans function day to day.
  3. Here's a prime example of why it's friggin' hot garbage. Not to mention many people in my clan can't even get it working at the moment because of how badly it's set up:
  4. I absolutely protest this. This is an EXTREMELY bad call on DE's part and is only going to split the playerbase and ruin trading the way steam did with their 2FA market requirement. #*!% that S#&$. We seriously need to make it known that we don't want this crap forced on us. >=(
  5. Hi all, here's my entry as well! 😄 Clan Name: Void Marauder Syndicate (Yes I know it's not the same in the video, shoosh, I've been editing for 4 hours. xD) Created & Edited by Kittenykat (That's me! :D)
  6. When will we get a fix to Valkyr's Hysteria dropping her out of hysteria and being unable to attack, re-enter hysteria or switch weapons for almost a full minute while holding her weapon in an awkward pose? She's my favorite frame but this glitch has made her unplayable for me lately. 😧
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