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  1. I built Ivara Prime recently and I was disappointed to find several issues with how regalia (badges, sigils) are rigged to her, detailed below. Nearly every badge clips with her left shoulder "bubble." The only badges I found that did not clip in some way were my Sekharas, which avoid this by floating far enough off the surface. Badges on her right shoulder are not aligned with the raised cylindrical part of it, making it so badges just float awkwardly below it: Sigils completely ignore the front of her body, causing them to be hidden by it or at worst clip through it (both issues seen here):
  2. I'd like to add to this. Yesterday I encountered a bug where on a Lich-controlled Crossfire Exterminate mission, the enemies simply stopped spawning after the sentients spawned and I killed them. The waypoint just directed me to extraction but I wasn't able to extract. I ran back to spawn seeing if enemies would start appearing, but no dice. I was forced to abandon the mission because there was nothing else I could do.
  3. Update: I got my Athodai just now. So I can confirm they're still being given out.
  4. I got my Hydroid Prime today but I still haven't received the Athodai. I watched the Tenno Trivia from start to finish, wasn't that supposed to count as a panel? I'm hoping because they're prioritizing Hydroid with the script that I'll still get the Athodai later.
  5. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  6. I don't like Autoexposure being required now. A lot of us don't want the brightness to be constantly fluctuating and find it distracting. Plus, a lot of times it either makes the game too dark or too bright. This used to be an optional feature so it's disappointing that now it's forced on us. I immediately noticed how much darker my orbiter and my star chart were with this option forced on and I wish we could turn it off still. Edit: Here's a comparison of how dark my star chart is now, even on the default brightness setting: Before: https://i.imgur.com/e9cnePv.jpg After: https://i.imgur.com/Ue7WnCb.jpg
  7. Edit: Problem solved, turned out I had Invert Tap/Hold abilities on when I didn't think I did, so this report is no longer necessary. If anyone else has issues with Protea's first ability being inverted, check that setting under controls. A mod can delete this post if necessary.
  8. Here's an incredibly weird Railjack bug: TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: After playing the Nsu Grid Skirmish mission in Veil Proxima, my friends and I hung around in the aftermath of the mission inside the Railjack. I immediately noticed that after a while, my friend's Tenno was flying around in the old Madurai laser animation from before The War Within (complete with the laser). I asked him how he got the laser back and he nor my other friend had any idea what I was talking about so this was purely a client-side bug. However, the more that he used Tenno mode, the more I noticed that he also dropped strange clones of his Warframe every time he activated it. The Warframe would be slumped over also in the old pre-War Within pose when you activated the old Tenno mode. Even stranger, some of the clones would turn into headless Excaliburs after a while. The game seemed to be removing the oldest clone and replacing it with the placeholder headless Excalibur after testing. He was also able to move the Madurai laser around with his mouse controls. Further, after a while of testing this bug I noticed that his real Tenno was invisible and moving around independently of the laser Tenno with only the Amp being visible and an indication of where he really was. VISUAL: Video: https://gfycat.com/scratchynippyiguana Image: REPRODUCTION: Enter Nsu Grid in Veil Proxima in a Squad (in our case we were 3 players total). Complete the Mission. Instead of leaving the Mission after the objective is complete, stay behind in the Railjack. Have the players continuously use Tenno mode (5 key). The "cloned" Warframe seemed to be created with 100% success rate every time he fired his amp and then immediately deactivated Tenno mode. The effects may take a while to manifest, and may only be observable by one Squad member. Notes: We entered Nsu Grid after having already completed a different Railjack Skirmish Mission in Earth Proxima. I don't know if that matters for reproduction. Likewise, the host had to invite us to the first mission manually, due to issues of it kicking us out through host migration if we try to load in together. EXPECTED RESULT: Tenno mode behaving normally (e.g. not flying around using the old Madurai laser, not dropping clones of his frame everywhere) OBSERVED RESULT: My friend's Tenno flying through the air in the old Madurai laser animation, dropping a clone of his Warframe every time he activated Tenno mode, fired his amp, and deactivated Tenno mode. REPRODUCTION RATE: Only seems to happen for one member in the squad. However, once the bug is active there's a 100% success rate in producing the clones and activating the laser animation from the other player.
  9. I don't know if this post will even get read this far back in the thread... but if it does, here's my thoughts: Since the description of the Warframe is that it was put together out of many different pieces, my theme revolves around adding pieces to itself, adapting, and disassembling itself again. Passive: Adaptation: The Warframe has the unique ability of changing itself depending on what kind of damage it receives. For example, if an enemy hits it with Heat damage, it can now use Heat damage in its abilities (weapons are still separate). The only exceptions to this are special damage types like Void and Tau. In order to facilitate control over this, the player will have a small pool of recently taken damage types they can use, that they can swap between similar to Ivara's arrows. The currently selected damage type will not be overwritten unless the player swaps it out and takes damage again. Abilities: Release: Releases a piece of itself similar to Helios. This will launch toward a targeted area and create a shockwave at the point of impact, dealing knockdown in its immediate vicinity. The piece will then remain in place for the ability's duration, or until the player calls it back by pressing the button again, dealing continuous AoE damage around it. This attack deals Radiation damage by default, with the added effect of taking Adaptation into account. For example, If the Warframe has Heat damage stored, the AoE will also do Heat damage with a guaranteed Heat proc. Quick tapping the button will swap the damage type from the pool, prior to casting. This ability can be charged by holding the button down, and will consume any armor that has been caught by Capture to deal bonus damage and extend the range of the AoE. Capture: The Warframe extends a tendril from itself towards the selected enemy and grabs it. Enemies near the impact get knocked down. The initial hit will do Impact damage, while the grab will quickly deal DoT to the enemy based on Adaptation's stored energy type, or Magnetic damage by default (similar to Hydroid's tentacles.) The grabbed enemy will be unable to attack for the duration of this ability, but the Warframe can freely move around. If the enemy is killed by this attack (either from the attack, the player's guns, or the player's allies), the Warframe will "add" the defeated enemy to itself, represented as a new piece of armor floating on the Warframe. Similar to Garuda's Dread Mirror, this ability has an Instant Kill threshold, allowing you to instantly Capture an enemy if they are significantly weakened (let's say around 30% HP). Each piece of armor captured by the Warframe adds additional Armor to the Warframe, up to a max of 4? times. Watchful Eye: After the Warframe has added pieces to itself from Capture, it can redirect one piece towards an ally, which will follow them for a set duration and act like a Sentinel. It will slowly regenerate the ally's health and target enemies near the ally with lasers, dealing Adaptation's current damage type when the ability was used. If the Ally takes lethal damage while this ability is active, the damage will instead kill the Sentinel (this can only happen once every 90 seconds, similar to Phoenix Renewal). If the player doesn't target an ally, the Sentinel can instead follow the player. Dismantle: The Warframe will split itself apart violently, releasing a large amount of Void energy from itself along with the pieces of itself. This creates a large explosion at the position of the Warframe, dealing Radiation damage with bonus damage from Adaptation applied. The pieces of the frame will then go flying towards any nearby enemies it can find, dealing heavy amounts of damage as they fly from one target to the next. Damage that is taken by the Warframe (or what's left of it, the skeleton of tendrils) is redirected to the pieces increasing their damage. Extra pieces obtained by Capture further increase the damage this ability does by increasing the number of flying pieces, but are lost when the ability ends. The Warframe then calls the pieces back and rebuilds itself. The gameplay flow would revolve around the player capturing as many extra pieces as they can, and then choosing what to do with the captured pieces. The Warframe will be versatile and be able to crowd control, support allies, or deal large amounts of damage. It could be fun seeing how players manipulate the Adaptation mechanic, like purposefully breaking LN2 containers to gain Ice damage.
  10. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if it's intended in order to make the test more challenging, but currently Mastery Rank 20 is covered by a thick layer of blinding white fog which you can see below: I was still able to clear the test because I could sort of see the rings, but it made it harder than it needed to be. For reference, the Warframe Wiki shows a video of the test which doesn't have any fog at all, which leads me to believe this is a bug: In addition, the Simulacrum (which uses the same tileset) displays fine without any fog. If it helps reproduce this bug, here are my graphical settings:
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