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  1. Yes yes you understand my point of view here thank you lol
  2. Sure some ignore it because they want to but most don’t choose to
  3. but my main problem is in vary large Interception missions there is always one team mate to far from the reservoirs at all times and never can seem to get the buff properly and thus just ignores the buffs all together, so my request goes to team mates not for myself but for the team to have easier access to my buffs.
  4. I would like the options to place 3 more reservoirs down would make it slot easier to manage and since they dont stack i dont see it being op to have 9 down
  5. once again how is it a problem they don't stack. and you cant put them all over 3 more wont do much other then aid in team mates being able to access the reservoirs easier then trying to keep track of them. from afar there impossible to see, there is a map way marker but the way marker isn't that easy to see either. even wisp herself has a hard time being able to teleport to the reservoirs with the maps alignments with some parts being vary high and vary low. I see no problem with just 3 more.
  6. How is it a buff when I already said they don't stack it just allows more freedom of placement. I am not asking for more damage or more health or more of anything just more placements.
  7. Hello. I have been playing wisp a lot since her release, paid for her on day one and been enjoying her kit a lot and have given her a huge number of forma. but there is one thing that bugs me some times and its the amount of Reservoirs we can have down at once, since they don't stack like some other abilities do when placed on top of one another I would like to be able to place more then 6 down at a time. because of the number of different reservoirs we have I find it hard on a large map to just have 2 sets down at once and from traversing from room to room its hard to place them down with out losing a set some where else I'd like to have 3 sets down of each so they can be used from place to place and teleport to easier for wisp herself but for other teams mates I think they would enjoy having more down so they don't feel like following wisp every where she goes and make her job a little easier on placement. well that's what I would like I know 6 is a big number in itself but not when your putting her reservoirs down in two sets. two healing two speed, two shock. but it is if your just using one or two of her reservoirs like 6 healing across a cross the map but most people enjoy having speed down also and I enjoy the crowd control from shock, so I am finding it hard to have less then the 2 sets down on a a map like interception for every one. TLDR: Would like to have more reservoirs down at once to allow wisp to have 9 down at once allowing her to have more freedom of placements and options.
  8. leave a comment here or message me ingame. 500p 400p
  9. I love baruuk I don't use his 1 because its BORING but the rest of his kit is amazing
  10. selling it unranked not enough endo so price is pretty low of 600p
  11. video proof of killing level 100 gunner ;D https://imgur.com/a/YVhriyK with this build no riven added
  12. Give glaxion a crit build and come back and tell me it can only kill up to level 5
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