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  1. Yes please we dojo decorators need this
  2. i made my own clan years back ,never regretted it best choice ever.
  3. please tell me what you think xD
  4. My clan finally finished all research but when i go to change a rooms colors there this one tile of color without a name and its locked. can we get this removed or allow us to unlock it our research
  5. Nihil's Oubliette From Nightwave can only obtain one why is that? I have the credits to get as many as six or seven but I'm locked out from getting more then one? i find this frustrating since I'm some one who loves to have two or four of everything because I have a weird problem with uneven number of items displaying on my ship I'd like to have one more please allow us to buy more even if we own one already. also i own my own dojo and i decorate it myself so I'd like to buy more of these and put them in my dojo to.
  6. i bought first and sec bundle but that third yikes no thank you. great skin but horribal weapon. and the cat isnt that great looking. plus i really wish they had animations add to the arm at the least its a chines lucky cat it should have a moving arm.
  7. come on its got a human like torso so why not DE? and for the matter give us all Ephemeras options on our cats and dogs and a roombas :D
  8. these are the complaints i like, becuase i dont play warframe everyday any more was burnt out. but thanks to you i know now to log in and go get that dark thing xD thank you. PS: agree but im sure its a single buy so you can't over power every warframe at one go but what DE forgets not all frames need strength some need more deration or range to be effective, god knows i want a primed stretch real soon >,<
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