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  1. same for me I repeated mission 2 for hours and days and no atmo I gave up, i'll come back to it when the idea of playing doesn't give me a headache.
  2. I cant buy her prime access with steam 😧
  3. been trying but I have no access to the new mesa prime set when I use steam cash
  4. XD ive only asked for note beacon and not a single one hehe
  5. may I ask for this anime theme song be added from the anime Tokyo Ghouls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aMOurgDB-o
  6. Prbably ciould get it for 600~700 maybe
  7. soo you think we can still make it to 100 pages before the update releases?
  8. You Get me hehe love it tiny tina is the BEST
  9. totally unrelated but the tea pot reminds me of Tiny Tina from borderlands 2 😄
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