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  1. khora is great rawr works the same way on her as it does mesa i see alot of people use wisp or excalibers blind also i personally use alot of proteas dispensery on her because of the free energy to stay in razer wing
  2. nope, but that sounds like a great idea.
  3. i have four of the same thing and its pretty annoying. https://imgur.com/XrZLMsv
  4. at legendary 1 you get, every one who doesn't look twice complaining that a mr1 is in a high level mission.
  5. it was hella funny so i just recorded it, it happened after i left the cannon
  6. Its the newest latest .... thing. its better then yareli, maybe even loki ? comes equipped with a energy launcher and an invisible warframe the latest gliding mobile turret, forget yareli when you can have ...this. idk if its the right place i'll place it also in bugs but i thought with all the salt going around it might amuse some of us and give a few lol.
  7. its laughable the hole thing down to the rewards its so laughable and kind of a slap in the face and the test itself was soo easy . it disserves more.
  8. Aww soo that’s why I couldn’t pet them
  9. arkwing missions already have this so, yea why not?
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