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  1. that could easily be just the map spawn point problem
  2. if your clan doesnt have it, you clan just wont have it.
  3. i just stopped caring about night wave, i completed mine with out even trying.
  4. please tell me where he leveled his at, mines still rank 24...
  5. good bye, dont care. move on, have a nice life some where else.
  6. thats soo niiiice
  7. Yes I can’t stand The red either it hurts my eyes it gives me a headache it could even cause retina damage so I really believe it needs to change it or tweak it I don’t understand why red yellow and orange everywhere because just look at nidus he isn’t completely red they should do a more mix of colors
  8. and im sitting here thinking, why would you use dark theme its to dark...
  9. how do i turn my mother tokens in? my standing is still at zero
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