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  1. Please DE revert the "fix" you know what happened to anthem's "fix" to loot right?Please DE revert the "fix" you know what happened to anthem's "fix" to loot right?
  2. i only encountered wolf ONCE the entire event and i got a whole nothing drop from him a health orb and a common mod
  3. @cotnp thank you for that sweet beet rly enjoy kicking Ass with my gramm prime while listening to those beats
  4. can i get a copy of my account eaven tho i dont have a switch yet? i am planing on getting one on winter holidays. How long is this going to be available?
  5. @[DE]Megan Will Mecha\Hunter mods be available on Moas?
  6. P.S. We all know u are gona nerf all the good melle rivens in the ground with the next patch. But please dont lower the disposition by more than 1. as you did with rifles. And actually BUFF the bad ones. P.P.S. Dont nerf the space flower in the Orb Valis
  7. u dont get drops if you leave it idle twitch turns ur accaount AFK it goes yellow when you are yellow you dont get drops you gota use chat. As for the drops i got about 90 credit caches 4 grand finalies 4 glyphs 1 ambulas noggle and a few relics if i dont get a khora (Whoes Blueprint i have been grinding ever since SO came out i am gona shell out and buy her just for mastery fodder and not ever touch her again) whoes parts i have x3-5 but no blueprint. Will be funny if i get nidus (which i already have, or riven though i am capped at 90 rivens.
  8. DE pls make a leave squad button or allow for solo leaves cuz it is RLY fun to get ur saryn +300% str go in and the 1 guy just says sry dudes gtg after 7 minutes and u are set on a timer for 43 minutes
  9. Rly like the nidus skin but why is the accessorie pack 50% of the main one its kinda not fair to pay full price for a warframe 400 plat weapons accessories profile pics etc or just half that and get the accessorie and 200 plat i live in russia and if i earened more i woul always buy those to support the developer but sadly usually ppl dont earn that much money here if the accessorie pack was 25-33% of main bundle and not 50% i would buy it i was actually looking forward to it since you announced itguess i'll not be eating normally if i buy the accessorie pack
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