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  1. Is it just me or did they reduce the drop rates of vitus essence from drones lately. I started running arbitration's with a drop chance and drop boosters when arbi's got a rework. 1st 5 runs avereged to about 30 vitus per hour. But recently it's been a lucky run if i got 10 for an hour just finished a defense mission 70 waves in only got 4.
  2. now that i did a fair playthrough the new arbitrations, can say its more.....FUN....i am on the fens regarding the auras and arcanes but the vitus essence and kuva and rotation times are a big +
  3. getting No man sky vibes from this situation. Until we see the mask in game i am willing to say its not in game.
  4. Not how RNG works. When there is more stuf that has a chance to drop the stuf people did arbitration mostly for "ENDO" is not just decreased by 25% as you stated. We will not get more overall. We will get significantly less. Not sure the exact percentage but its not gona go down by -25% in 1 drop but 2 drops giving you +50% you would normaly get for time investment. It would look more like this -25% in a drop and -75% overall due to lower chance due to other stuff droping.
  5. RIP. So many people who are not YES MEN and actually give feedback get ignored. I kind of think all the flak china and ContentCreators gave was simply ignored. Why did you stop listening to your community. You got to were you are thanks to it. So many people asked you to NOT add the most useless drops in the drop table and just make it an "OPTIONAL" buy at the store. But no RIP ENDO FARM.
  6. Ekzarcun

    Dojo decoration Bug

    First off....its a sauna in an overheating reactor 😄 And ye this is kinda annoying i now have to fully build and decorate before i can put in resources because otherwise i no longer see what i was building
  7. here is why i think this is a terrible idea Possitive: lower time spent for rewards Negatives: everething ELSE -diluted drop tables -less endo (wich is amplified by the diluted drop tables since people mostly do arbi's for the rare mods\statues\and endo) -we get a new pool of worthless mods Questionable -DE:you can now buy kuva Everyone:YAY TY DE! Me:oh no another generous offer like 100-300 kuva for a round of disruption DE you shouldn't have. no seriusly you shouldn't have, just give Kuva fortress Scaling in terms of reward\difficulty or just make it a drop. Keep the Kuva fortress an actuall good way to farm kuva. And arbi's a good way to farm ayatan and Endo. Onslaught Xp\focus
  8. Ekzarcun

    Dojo decoration Bug

    when you put in the resources for the prop it turns invisible making it very hard to decorate around it. Also it isn't a feature because it is random some items show some dont
  9. Same 2 days in a row 2 hour runs no toroids. My friend cant progress now he needs sola toroids to lvl up vox solaris
  10. Gauss is very FUN but he will get in the pool of frames used a few times and forgotten he has no scaling and is extremely energy hungry. His speed cant be buffed apart from his normal press Shift to run speed doesn't impact his mach rush a whole lot. I tried running natural talent to reduce the Red line casting time and see if i can spam rushes his 1. There is a delay of 1-3 seconds between using them winch i find weird it probably is something animation set. as for his guns i loved the stat line but the ammo pool bites i try using prime mutation mods on the pistols but i cant on the rifle.
  11. DE please dont ban people for being stupid! Be above it! You guys are AMAZING! Cant wait to get in the update!
  12. i only encountered wolf ONCE the entire event and i got a whole nothing drop from him a health orb and a common mod
  13. @cotnp thank you for that sweet beet rly enjoy kicking Ass with my gramm prime while listening to those beats
  14. can i get a copy of my account eaven tho i dont have a switch yet? i am planing on getting one on winter holidays. How long is this going to be available?
  15. @[DE]Megan Will Mecha\Hunter mods be available on Moas?
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