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  1. The more i read the "FIXES" and "Changes" patch notes the more salty i get and less insentient i have to boot up the game. And to think that this game mode was so fun i was showing it to so many new and returning players and they geniunly where having fun........but after a few missions you explain that YES you spent the last 20-40 minutes getting 5 points and 30 ressources and to lvl up 1 skill tree and repair 1 weapon\part you need 1024 points and 1500 ressources they go in to a HUGE NOPE SPREE and so do you after realizing that you don't whana commit to NOLIFING it.
  2. YES the drone was bad! WE AGREE. But it was HELL of a better expirience then going through constant bugs\crashes\game breaking glitches for 7 days 6 hours per day in 1 game mode to farm for 20% of a SINGLE FLIPING GUN ON A MODULAR SPACE CRUISER that is now weaker now more then ever if before it took zekti 1 shot to deal with the space ships and other guns their entire clip. Now it OVERHEATS the zekti and only uses 90% of the clip of other guns i am not eaven going to mention how bad it is in veil where enemies can OUT RIGHT OVERHEAL the dmg most MK3 guns do and how hard it is using the DOME ARTILERY now without a rhino buff. I guess you have to go out and board them and have that 50\50 at crashing the game for you.
  3. so they reduced the EHP of a fighter ship in veil by 700 but removed the rhino buff and nerfed cryophon's while still keeping the healling bubbles YIKES DE
  4. farming 50 plat by selling prime junk is still faster then farming for 3 weeks to build 50% of 1 gun And no enemies are now harder to kill in veil. They are only easier to kill in normal missions. Veil fighters cant be killed before my Cryophons overheat now with a max polar coil
  5. So my zekti cryophons now overheat before they kill a basic fighter even tho i have a max zekti polar coil.........NICE(sarcastic)
  6. No you cannot eaven with a build for max artilery dmg you need 1-3 shots if you dont hit an engine
  7. OH SO i played empyrean went straight to Veil with friends to test it........... You said you know that the reason we ALL used rhino is because the balance of the ships is broken so you fix this by removing rhino buff and BUFFING THE SHIPS&!??!! So you mean to say you listen but you make it worse anyway. You also reduced the dmg of the most used gun-Cryophon that was the only one that could DEAL with veil ships. I now overheat with a maxed out POLAR COIL before i can kill 1!!! 1!! A SINGLE !!! 1 FIGHTER. 1 Fighter takes 6 shots from a zekti and 10 from a lavan\vidal BFG wich with a maxed polar coil can shoot 5 and 8 times. The most basic ship can take a full barage from A RAILJACK?! And not go down. you dont see a problem with this? Oh and eaven with the Zekti artilery mod for bonus 60% dmg on artilery dmg the Laser cannon will not 1 shot or sometimes eaven 3 shot a crew ship Good luck dealing with enemies you cant deal with. WOW
  8. nope i know how it works man it was veil i am preaty sure you can get to veil without doing the other 20 skirimish missions. It was just a bug
  9. also during a sabotage after 1 hour of doing a lvl 80 mission in the 3rd system final part was to sabotage the roket tower but it whent in to lockdown and asked for us to find a console and hack it. (air support charges didnt work)
  10. Only issue i have atm is that Until People make a railjack they CANT UPGRADE THE SKILLS wich makes taking players that aren't maxed out in all skill trees with a maxed out railjack pointless
  11. fix the coildrives in fortuna they keep suffering from an AI degradation and bumbing in to random path's and getting stuck
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