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  1. ah so vfx are a big draw for you, i never considered this. i only liked certain elemental vfx on weapons so i disabled them in the menu. maybe if i enable it again i'll see more of what you're talking about. i've heard that DE are doing quite the vfx overhaul at the moment with frames leaving trails of their elements where they walk.
  2. The irony is this bingo comment is becoming overused to the point that it might belong on its own bingo meme. i don't think i've read a single thread lately that doesn't have one.
  3. i mean i can only give my opinion on something that currently exists, even if it's an unfinished work. there's room for critique at every stage of development. this current stage i've stated my piece on what i would like them to next implement, which had i not stated the devs wouldn't know i thought. (making the assumption they will ever see anything like this post... but if it's being discussed everywhere then a heap is much easier to notice than a single grain of sand but without those individual grains the heap doesn't exist) when the next update to the mechanic comes maybe i'll post my opinion on that, maybe my issues will be fixed.
  4. i'm still of the opinion that i enjoyed the old system way more, mechanically and aesthetically. my point from the start is that i'd like it to be an option people opt in or out of though so that hasn't changed really.
  5. dunno man, that guy in the post really didn't seem salty. seemed like he'd seen a lot of the same across numerous posts and posed a pretty decent opinion about an approach to the melee system which advocated more independent player choice. if there are players who prefer the system now i'd like them to still have access to it, i just want the option to play the way i liked to too.
  6. sometimes i like smashing someone's face in capaware style, sometimes not. that's really the main point i'm getting at. the fancy animations and combos definitely serve a good purpose. there's just instances where i'd like the more tame, basic, quick melee animations. and i just wish i still had the option.
  7. I've not really said anyone's opinion was bad outside of mocking the person who simply said "wrong" with sarcasm. other than that I've stated my position, read theirs, explained what they might not understand about my reasons to the best of my ability and in some cases agreed with some of their statements.
  8. i can appreciate that reaction, i don't expect people to like the way i play as much as i do. feels pretty quick for me, might not feel that way for people that haven't played the game this way. but i can't say i ever feel inefficient or like i'm getting nothing done, end plenty of games topping out the leaderboards of the 4 players and plenty of them I've ended pretty low down too.
  9. i have a dual axe build where i use the full combo for coptering because i fly all over the place spinning without slide attacking, with the attack speed i had it was nigh impossible not to use that specific combo so when against tankier enemies i don't want to copter away from i'd opt to quick melee them instead of spin away at mach 7 killing the squisies while they remained alive.
  10. aesthetics are one of numerous reasons i laid out. among reasons like having the option of both at my 0.5s whim instead of it being decided for me Through playing the game i've found builds, weapons or scenarios where i'd prefer to use quick melee combos in some cases and full combos with their benefits and effects in others. I like manual blocking in general and aim glide blocking specifically for aesthetics. to me it looks and feels more fun that way and the "feel" isn't only about style. i felt like auto blocking was boring and made it feel less like i was actually "doing" something awesome like blocking bullets. *side note, by the nature of how i liked to play the old mechanics were more "convenient" to me than the new ones specifically because they actually enabled me to play in a way i liked, nothing less convenient than the store not selling the food you eat.
  11. the new ground pound is definitely something i'm finding a great improvement from before, for more than just combat. they won't hear a criticism out of me for it because even if someone crunches numbers to find it less effective i personally like it more visually and it feels more dynamic and fun to use. one of my points about quick melee is that at times i don't want combos though. like somtimes i like the quick animation loops and sometimes i want the combos with their effects. swapping weapons in all the years i played wf never really felt slow to me, heck sometimes i would swap to my melee instead of my secondary so i dunno if my keyboard is weird and requires less time for hold commands like that.
  12. for the few hours i played her i never got that feeling, the rockets for both 1 and ult seemed good for damage but the radius was insanely small, the aoe 2 had really good range though and i've no idea to gage if my teammates appreciated the buff from the 3 which i noticed doing pretty decent damage at times too. the 4 doesn't work with toggle crouch so i have to bind hold crouch to C so i can go down after gliding up, you have to manually equip the 1 after activating the 4 even though without the 1 you can't really do anything so it really should equip by default. also you move slow as hell while it's active imo. side note, never really got any noticable ragdoll from the rockets, because of how slow they are and how small the radius is i try to avoid using the 1 or the 4 and focus mainly on the 2 or 3.
  13. from your perspective you were locked into quick melee on the old system, from my perspective i'm locked into combos now. the only difference is you still had the option to equip the weapon manually for your combos on the old layout while now i have no option to have my quick melee at all. and again i liked being able to block manually with melee, especially while taking advantage of the mobility, aesthetically it played really well with the "ninja" theme from my perspective. i don't want the new system to be taken away from anyone that likes it, i just want to have an option for manual melee equip, manual guard and quick melee since i liked it so much.
  14. I thought her aesthetics didn't match her gameplay, especially the ult which gives of the feel of a mage type character. her ult really felt like they were channelling that class from anthem with the bubble shield and visually she looks to me much more like a brutal heavy brawler with tons of health and armour instead of a ranged flying character with a focus on shields. I'd say visually the frame looks like a mix of bodybuilder and the leather-back from pacific rim, so the "emp" like aoe ability kinda make sense but the whole reliance on launching missiles, floating around and having shields is just out of place from my point of view. think she should have had more abilities showcasing that physical strength and toughness her appearance hints at. but maybe the irony was intentional on DE's part.
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