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  1. they could do the arm thing on a frame and call her Kali.
  2. so the entire foundation for my idea behind this weapon is the reload method, one of my favourite gunfight scenes is the "firefight" scene from boondock saints, how the hitman just kept unloading pistol after pistol then drawing a new revolver to unload. I wondered what people woud think about a dual pistol weapon that comes as a set of four pistols, instead of reloading you holster two and the holsters recharge the ammo in those two pistols while you contunue shooting with the other two. thoughts?
  3. I really dunno if anyone working on the character will ever see this, probably not, i really hope at least someone on the team gives it a read though. I recently came across some footage of Grendel Gameplay and thought it was looking pretty good, the design was giving some FMA Brotherhood vibes with the whole "Gluttony mouth of doom in the stomach" and it was blended into the whole "ninja" theme by having him act out some sumo-like animations. overall pretty unique character aethetically for us to use in comparison to the line-up of warframes so far. The only part of the character that urked me was the mobility of his meatball ability where he rolls around and eats enemies. It seemed like the mobility was absolutely great in planes of eidolon where there are countless hills to build up speed and launch off of but when the gameplay switched to the procedural generated tilesets the mobility appeared to be severly lacking, to the point where an extremly entertaining ability on the planes looked very tedious and irritating to use on the tilesets. The Movement while this ability was active reminded me of a game i used to play on Xbox made by RARE called Kameo: Elements of Power. More Specifically a character from the game called "Major Ruin" which was some sort of spiked armadillo that could roll around and impale enemies on the spikes. I think the dynamics of how that character was controlled would greatly benefit the "fun factor" of Grendel's gameplay. If at any point the dev team working on Grendel are struggling with making his mobility more rewarding and fun in enviroments without the hills and cliffs i think they'd benefit greatly by looking into the mobility of this major ruin character and drawing insperation from how he moves and is controlled.
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