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  1. Still no fixes for the Wolf Sledge and no toggle option to go back to the channeling style of melee.
  2. It'd be great to get an option to switch back to the previous melee system with channeling, thanks.
  3. Wolf Sledge's heavy attacks (the throws) still don't work with Life Strike.
  4. Life Strike still does not work on the Wolf Sledge
  5. Hello, Here's a video proving that Wolf Sledge with Life Strike doesn't work. And to explain the throwing, Wolf Sledge's heavy attacks are throwing attacks. In the past with Channeling, which I now miss, you could activate it and then throw the sledge at something and it would still give you health. https://files.fm/f/hwpkr983
  6. Still no fix on the Wolf Sledge heavy attack not healing the player if Life Strike is equipped
  7. I wasn't talking to you, hence me never quoting you, like I am now. God damn.
  8. The Wolf Sledge (the best weapon in the game, fight me) is broken due to U26. The heavy attack isn't healing the player with life strike.
  9. Just give us a way to go back to the previous melee system or the one before that. The current one is just #*!%ed beyond belief, poorly done rather.
  10. Why the changes to channeling? Now it's just a damn clunky mess! Before, you could just pop it on and off with a simple button press, now? OH GEE WIZ GOTTA WAIT AND STOP MY MOVEMENT (which is keeping me alive by the way) TO DO A LONG WINDUP SLOW ATTACK AND THEN HIT SOMETHING TO GET SOME USE OUT OF LIFE STRIKE BEFORE I HAVE TO REPEAT THAT BECAUSE IN THE TIME I GOT THE HEALTH BACK I LOST IT AGAIN DUE TO NOT MOVING AND ENEMIES ATTACKING ME DID NOBODY SEE THIS IN PLAY-TESTING?
  11. Okay so, I do not want to jinx it, but I think verifying the cache through the launcher might have fixed my issue.
  12. This issue hasn't happened before, just randomly started. I was fine with this setup before, but I'll try, i'll say what happens when I give this a shot
  13. About...randomly for a week now, I think. And yes. It does. I usually keep my game in a small window, both to help with performance and to have easier access to the internet when needed.
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