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  1. How do I opt out from/revert them? I mean it. Look how they massacred my boy! First, a market table: there was "neon light" beneath it, now it's ugly poster, the Baro is floating, the Shawzin is clipping, instead of leaning Same story with Codex table, clearly nobody in dev team had any thought of at least keeping same height! "Praise the news" is now obstructed by some unnecessary bulge, not to mention the news clipping into it. And it's even worse on the opposite side, where I decorated more: But the cherry on top is the question: WHO (and I
  2. On the picture above you can see one of Deimos enemies having damage receiving cap/limit, being unaffected by Latron's mod Double Tap (picture of 220% bonus in the corner), as seen from damage numbers, and there are more than 2 of them to count as multishot, somehow they are all the same. Why is this okay? Why give us buckets of mods, hundreds of weapons to play with, but then add bullet sponge enemies where it doesn't matter if you shoot it with Mk1-Paris with 300 damage or Dread with 70000 damage, you'll get absolutely the same 300 damage number?
  3. Design for Snipetron looks debatable but oh god that Lanka design is what I want to see in game!
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