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  1. Note: All the following is an opinion of veteran player. Back in 2014 when I started to play this game it had as much content as running alike missions with randomly-generated rooms for the loot and reward upon mission completion. Warframe evolved and through years got more lore and more content, but core gameplay stays the same - you run through randomly-generated rooms, slicing/shooting enemies to get loot and reward upon mission completion. When it comes to Nightwave, there is one thing I consider useful for new players and those vets who ran out of ideas what to do in the game: it provides tasks with promised rewards. Why I played this game for 5 years? New Content, Fun, Addiction. I'm a simple man who repeated vicious cycle over and over again because it felt good. But why it did then and doesn't now? 2 things: 1 - Random Reward, 2 - Instant Reward Both of which Nightwave doesn't have. Anticipated reward is only achievable with efforts through weeks, while provided with repetetive tasks that often force players to play outdated unineteresting content. IF Nightwave is here to replace old Alert system - it shouldn't go so far from it, while providing daily changing shop, even exclusive cycling content can be placed there (like mods), it might remain within same "challenging" borders with currency rewarded upon task completion and variety of challenges available through week, possible daily change for 3-day and 7-day lasting challenges (which would allow people to play in the following week, not rush everything on weekend). IF Nightwave will stay the way it is, there's something that must be done with challenges and rewards. If I am told there is sparkly thing drops from Eploiter Orb at 1% chance and whole thing does take 20 minutes to beat, as a hardcore player or someone who collects everything - I will do it. If I am told there are 8 warframe parts that have equal drop chance from a boss where whole mission takes ~5 minutes and I might end up with dozens of 7 parts and none of 8th - I will do it. If I am told there is rare aura mod that could be useful, but has 6% chance to drop and to access the 10 seconds long "boss-fight" I must spend 30 minutes scanning plants - I will do it. Why all the above doesn't apply to Nightwave? Because reward in the end is not instant nor random, it feels like a job with contract where I signed to work and get paid in the end of a month based on my results. I play Warframe, and I take it as a Game, not as Job. Nightwave doesn't fit THE Game in a form it is now, though, as said above, it has the right to exist as a content, but not something I would bother to play in the future (given that I won't burn-out and won't abandon the game)
  2. Found another issue with current state of Melee: Weapon with secondary attack is unreliable. You get into melee by simply pressing E which would select and use forth melee weapon along with its combos, however, while you can use Aim or primary fire to go back into gun-mode, this does not apply to secondary fire button which currently sharing Channeling toggle keybind (change-able, but that's not the case). Using any kind of weapon that has secondary fire (Corinth, Battacor, etc.) is no longer viable as given form of melee would interfere with common use of these weapons secondary fire, rendering it unreliable in a fight, as player need to manually switch out of melee or look down to see if it's selected or use Aim/Fire button to auto-switch and only then secondary fire can be used. While I already listed a few issues, along with several bugs with blocking in other thread, here are some new features I discovered today fighting with Profit taker, while I did not bother to manually trigger to confirm it as a bug: Melee can/can't be used when using Archgun (both cases were present), melee selected makes unable to summon Archgun, melee auto-blocking interfering with ability execution, melee blocking canceling melee attack (mentioned vice-versa case in my previous message here, well, both are present). P.S. a wise advice from clanmate on how to solve all of my problems with melee:
  3. I am at Phase 2 of my experience with Melee changes (Phase 1 was more emotional) so here goes feedback: In short: Unplayable Long story in parts: Blocking - it is dead. Literally dead. The changes of angle to 45 are bad, angle it too small (and mod doesn't improve it much) even enemy 1 floor below can shoot both my legs (and shields) down if I'm not looking at him. Blocking animation is still there and it is interrupted/not triggered when performing melee attack, which makes it less than half reliable in switching from gun to melee. Auto-Block always on if melee equipped just killed Reflex Guard mod, if anything was good for survivability to occupy spare Warframe slot - it was this mod, not some Primed Vigor and I mean it WAS good. Quick melee - dead beyond return. Let me tell you 2 words: Bleeding Willow. This is just one example of stance that had quick melee attack not the same as first combo hits, and they were consistent. Now they are not - first hits are "quick melee" and perform first 3rd, then 2nd, then 3rd and 4th combo hit. Once done or interrupted - it will perform 1st hit in normal 1-2-3-4 order. Shimmering Blight has other problem, while performing combo hits as intended, it breaks combo-action in split second, at 1.46 Attack Speed there is about 0.6-0.7 second when you can press E button again to proceed performing combo hits, any split second late and it is back to 1st hit. Previously in Quick Melee combo-hits were accessible in about couple seconds, while in melee mode they were same as they're now. Combo with block - these are wacky now, you need to Aim to proceed performing such combos, and they are not the kind of "blocking" anymore, as it felt before they were of different kind because blocking button had to be held to proceed. More to add - simply clicking RMB in melee to perform this kind of combo could trigger weapon Aim mid-action. Ground Slam Attack - not to mention weird controls of this with 30-45 degree activation, all weapon range increase feels wrong when it comes to dual swords + ragdoll for all weapons, as opposed to previous ground slam only knocking down enemies. Channeling - wasn't there an option before to have channeling on toggle or on hold? We need that. Because sometimes weapon could have mods installed like Life Strike that is one-time activate to hit and restore health, having now toggle-only is clunky. FX changes - so bring it could trigger seizure, while I am not the one who could get hurt of this, all the effects from hits must be toned down or separated into slider in Graphic options. Each hit in relatively dark location feels like lightning strike in deep night. P.S. While I appreciate all the work team has done around all of this, some/most parts of these changes need improvements.
  4. Magnum Force When it's getting stats change? We have uncommon 10-ranks Hornet Strike max +220% damage. We have common 5-ranks Augur Pact max +90% damage. We have Rivens (rare 8-ranks), which apply stupid high damage for some underused secondary guns (Lato (Vandal) +400% damage). Then we still have this garbage:
  5. Still no fix for this unintentional stats change in space mode? Or at least mention that was intentional to make Vandal variant to be garbage.
  6. FIX Imperator Vandal space stats, it is literally same pile of S#&$ as normal Imperator now with just bigger magazine!
  7. Fix K-Drive displaced parts please. https://i.imgur.com/JIgklM2.png in Orb Vallis https://i.imgur.com/NsoI3eP.png in Arsenal/Preview
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