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  1. 카밧이 안따라오고 혼자 원정가서 죽어대는 버그는 또 안고쳤네.
  2. 프로브 사정거리는 안올려주네... 망했군.
  3. When the screen flashes when the arcolite enters the map and the message appears in the right window a few seconds later, if the one-minute time limit of the Cuban siphon is over, the message of Lotus appears together, At the very first five minutes, when a message window tells you that Lotus can escape appears almost at the same time as Accolite's message window, the Accolite does not appear on the mission no matter how long it takes. For this reason, I've wasted more than once in my life on the road of steel. We need to fix the bug as soon as possible.
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