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  1. Pretty sure you just got very lucky lol. Wish i had that many forma right now.
  2. It's more tied to absolute sweaty tryhards that throws insult around every corner than anything else. I don't think I've ever seen any actual pro players calling themselves MLG.
  3. You wot m8? We already have Kestrel as a boomerang anyway, although not many people uses it.
  4. About the 4th ability, is it just gonna be a one off ability like Excalibur's Slash Dash or timed duration based? If it's one off, I don't think it would be too good of an ability, unless it has a low energy cost. I guess it could be something like Ash's Blade storm where it automatically locks on and kills enemies. If it is time based and player controlled, being sorta invincible, using the body as a shield and plowing enemies would be awesome. Being able to choose when to dash and kill enemies would be nice, like set it as the primary fire button, since running pace would hardly kill
  5. How many computers are connect to your modem/router usually? If you do have multiple computers connecting at once, is there, by any chance, that they may be also playing Warframe (or using anything that uses a lot of bandwidth)? Maybe that's another factor. I'm just guessing right now because your last section of digits in your IP is really high, Unless you modified it yourself, usually the default IP is handed out in numerical order. Another thing. It seems like it's saying that it will open all ports between 4950 to 4955 on the interface. Try opening each port on a separate section. So 4
  6. Dual warframe mods would be nice. like power efficiency and power duration
  7. This happened to me before. It might actually be your modem, maybe it's getting old, not powerful enough for gaming purposes etc. My old Belkin one had the same problem, i can open ports like xbox live ports before, but after a while, it just stopped fowarding ports and after a few months it broke down.
  8. Nope, Cernos is not centered, or the Kronen, can't really tell. 1/10
  9. The ability to sort the mods by the warframe/weapon they can be used on would be nice, like rifle and shotgun. There's already a section on the mod card for this so....yeah.
  10. If your resolution does not correspond to your window size, the scope overlay stays in the selected resolution and shifts, like a large wallpaper on tile setting. A quick way to fix this is just to play on borderless full screen, the game would adjust the resolution by itself.
  11. Kinda wish it worked like Phage, a weapon that drains little ammo over time.
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