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  1. I tested the new M4D and currently its doing alright now. - It works on Hammers, Rapiers, Nikanas, and on Kronen Prime, tho you'll have to focus on damage now instead of Crits since it doesn't work. - Arcane Trickery doesn't activate sadly. - Finisher damages does do the job so might as well look for rivens that has that. - Using Heavy Attack Damage Stropha doesn't kill them like they used to. - HP damage cap is still there, so better aim for the heavy gunners now. Overall, its alright but it can do better with some changes i personally think would work. - R
  2. I do hope it's still viable with Ash Fatal teleport combo, im tired of using bladestorm (and i actually got a sprained wrist from just marking enemies with bladestorm left and right... not really how it supposed to end but oh well). Also please do remove the "damage cap based on enemy max hp" and also finisher damage... remove the cap on finisher damage, increase the energy cost just to balance it out. Just remove the damage cap (that includes the "only max hp of enemy"), crits are gone so might as well remove the cap and also bring back the Arcane trickery combo.
  3. With the "Marked for Death" dead, finisher frames like Ash were left to gather dust again as the usage rate of this frame is low and most Ash mains were delighted to the marked for death ability before the changes but now he could use some good treatment and some good augment (like Smoke Shadow being part of his Smokescreen rather than an augment) Do you have any plans to give Ash some love? This frame is underrated and is being overshadowed by most frames (except his damage dealing capabilities due to his passive)
  4. Please can someone tell me why is it missing TT^TT
  5. Nice but my exam is coming next week so yeah : (
  6. Hi everyone since everybody is feeling happy today i wanted to cheer another one for my birthday so yeah thanks ^^
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