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  1. You mean Alt F4 right? I mean, we are fighting a super beefy boss able to destroy any frame, deactivate all powers like a nully and that gives awfull drop, seems Wolf 2.0, and Wolf was already making people quit or ignore. You can't ignore Stalker, so Alt F4 it is
  2. I tried all that I imagined to make Pyromaniac Lich do something and never really noticed anything, no special dialogues or interactions, nor any inusual spawn when using ember, i'm not sure if what's in the wiki is reliable in that regard
  3. All this crying comes mostly about the weapons being a huge grind and being more or less the only noticeable thing about these liches, in my experience there are 2 liches, funny male and cold and calculating female.... and some have quirks, not sure how those works, only got a pyromaniac and he didn't get to say anything about fire ever, not even after being converted. These lichs are no nemesis, they are that boss that you farm and then forget, and become really pitifull when you go to farm them to get more weapons and they talk to you as if they had a huge grudge while you're like "i have no idea who you are, just die and give me my loot" didn't get to play SOM, what's the difference between both apart from bigger pool? These 2 are the gist of it, liches have low personality count (something that can be solved if DE keeps working on it instead of abandoning) so they get old super fast, this is a system that relies on variation, but there is also the thing about them just being another lootbag that is annoying due to being inmortal, if they were actually lichs or nemesis, they would be like those inmortal orcs, unable to be killed unless properly finished with mods, and ever-changing, evolving everytime they die at our hands, also they being nemesis imply that they might try to hunt us down.... and they don't really appear outside of their nodes to ambush or hunt us down so... Stalky Boi - 1 Lich - 0 That would be way more work, like Shadow of War's jobs and tribes, but would also be way more legit and interesting, as you would't face a Normal Lich the same way you would face a Manic Lich, and its not like we lack Grineer team variations that could act as "tribes"... -Normal Grineer -Frontier Grineer -Drekar Grineer -Arid Grineer -Tusk Grineer -Nightwatch Grineer -Kuva Grineer
  4. Was the absurd amount of different orcs we could find, with some really weird personalities, the way they could change upon interacting with us (Scars), how they interacted with the world themselves and also how we could modify their power structure ourselves. SoW Nemesis System takes a lot of work, and insane amount of work that would probably rival Empyrean's itself, but thing is that that's what would make this system worth. Nemesis also gave weapons, but they weren't the main focus, and while they were a nice bonus, you don't get to care about the weapon they drop that much, and such happens here, even in a game like Warframe, that usually makes you care about the loot and that's all. Right now we have low lich personality variation, so they aren't nemesis, only another farmeable boss that we will hear over and over, why would i care more about them to a personal level that i would about Vor or Sargas Ruk? I'm pretty sure they are already working in expanding the system, and i'm sure later on it will become way better, but right now I felt the need to point this out
  5. Warframe Superfan: The spawn with the head of the warframe they are fan of in their shoulders, while also wearing Nakak-made warframe masks. The last utility skills gets changed by a skill of their prefered warframe and they squeal in joy if you bring the warframe they are fan of against them. Stalker Superfan: same as before but with Stalker mask, loves to taunt you because it got a (Nakak-crafted) Stalker mask and you can't get one Boss Lich: they speak and have the personality of Grineer bosses... because they are a clone of them, wonder how they got selected for this. They use some skills unique from said bosses Pack Leader: Always angry and only able to roar, this Lich spawns with his Kubrodon pack Glitched: a glitched lich that often spasms and twitch, its really hard to understand what it say, as its heavily distorted due to glitches Elemental Heir: Abnormally loaded of energy from any damage type, these have skills based on that damage type ignoring current weapon-lich element concordance. They always spawn with a special ephemera and are really prone to proccing status (all but Tau damage, as it has no elemental proc)
  6. Don't think that having 1 guy making new leverian sites with reused models and 1 or 2 lore people creating new stories for each lore-less warframe would really take away much from the main team working on improving mechanics and upcoming quests... also don't really think that focusing in writing new lore can make updates if only a bit lackluster, or at least more than they are right now. It's not like the Old Blood had any lore or quest to explain how the queens use kuva to create lichs, or what the parazon is... So yeah... don't really think that having a bit more of lore each month could really alter much the grand scheme of things, but would be a welcomed addition for fans of those frames or lore in general
  7. Right now we've got the Leverian stories of Gauss, Grendel and Atlas, although The Old Blood is the only precedent, I would rather not have to wait for every new warframe release to get missing lore of around 40 Warframes, as considering that we get 2 per release, it would take forever and some could really use any Lore at all (every starter and fortuna ones, as others in the middle had a quest) I feel it's quite probable that DE decides to wait in order not to have to push small updates into the console build.
  8. Would be nice to have some step ephemeras that leave pawprints behind your warframe, the same pawprints we have to follow in order to find an animal during conservation tasks. Making it something you can get from The Business and Master Teasonai would be a way to add these Beast Step Ephemeras Also, after watching Death Stranding, and the handprints marks left by BTs, a Kuva Step Ephemera would be cool, an special ephemera that left behind red Foot/Handprints with a small cloud of Kuva over them. Extra points if a Kuva Body Ephemera with the same effect as Kuva clouds is added to the possible Lich drops
  9. Some lichs say that thanks to us, they have finally become the warrior they were meant to be or something along the lines of that, and knowing about what we are, the grip we have in Void magic and the massive amounts of Kuva we can gather, why can't we customize our converted lichs and turn them into the Warriors they were meant to be for real? Considering they come from basic Grineer, would be nice to use Kuva or something like that, not only to advance it to a lich version of any higher Grineer unit (Flameblade, Napalm, Bailiff, Hyekka/Drahk Masters, Nox or even Manic to name a few), but also to make them way more prone to appear and help us out.
  10. When you add numbers to it, you realize that Vasca is at most a Noobpet, not said in a bad way, but can only be named that way because in every content beyond starchart, Vasca will die way before its master, making every skill it has useless. I posted a rework suggestion in the concepts forum, but still i'm not sure it would make this pet be as good as smeeta, as they are supposed to work in different ways. Honestly I just hope they improve it in some way, as it looks great, but feels as useless as a MOA
  11. I wouldn't be surprised at all if tenno were creating more liches to investigate on Kuva and what it can do, probably not to give them to warframes, as thats quite likely the way to create sentient Warframes like the Stalker and Acolytes, but maybe to drink it themselves and "ascend"
  12. Because liches made from weak soldiers are dying left and right, they do achieve a high Warframe kill count, thats for sure (meh), a Nox or Manic becoming a kuva lich would probably transform in an actual pain able to wipe out several tennos without cheap mechanics
  13. Right now only larvalings, base grineer so to speak, are able to turn into liches, but I think no explanation is given about why those get selected beyond rot levels. There are many kinds of specialized units that would make a better lich than base grineers (Kuva Beastmasters, Kuva Snipers, Kuva Swordmen, Kuva Juggernaut and so), yet the queens choose only weak ones. Are they special in some way that i might have missed?
  14. Xolot

    Vasca Kavat

    That's a real bummer... I would like to think that it didn't revive you in solo mode cause it was bugged too, if not.... well, Vasca will probably go to your cat freezer soon too. mmmm Ok, my mistake then, will change that misleading data in the main post, even when i'm proposing a rework, wouldn't like to make Vasca Kavat look even worse than it is right now
  15. Xolot

    Vasca Kavat

    Confirmed it doesn't? I mean, it can't be in cooldown if it was the first time going down, I got a bug then?
  16. Xolot

    Vasca Kavat

    I'm not sure if it was a bug or what, but i've not been able to test it more than once because the cat dies way, way earlier than I do. It doesn't make any sense it consumes one life because sentinel revive doesn't, but it did for me. Do you still use your Vasca? It consumed a charge for me when it revived me, but it has to be a bug because it wouldn't make sense any other way, Sentinel revive doesn't consume charge as far as I know, why would Vasca do?... Also does it really not work in single mode? I didn't even think about testing it there as I've been non-stop farming lich content... Mine is in the cat freezer already, my Smeeta is way, way better Yes, these "Vampire" skill fall too short, that's why I think the ones proposed might give it a fighting chance if any...
  17. Xolot

    Vasca Kavat

    Look-wise, Vasca Kavat looks awesome, even when by using templates you have yet to achieve those nice red eyes defined by energy. Skill-wise... Vasca Kavat falls really short when compared to their peers... - Adarza has a good crit bonus as buff and damage reflect as defense - Smeeta has random but really usefull buffs and a invis+decoy skill as defense - Vasca has an instant revive that consumes one of yours (confirmed to not be the case by @Genitive) 20% of your kavat's hp to do so, it also can bite for up to 400 damage and heal itself 10% of hp as defense The instant revive can be really usefull if... you manage to keep your kavat alive until that point, something that is incredibly difficult, this kavat is made to be clearly inferior to their peers. I propose the following changes to Vasca's skills: Draining Bite: Vasca rushes to a target and bites it dealing 400 damage, then becomes invincible and stablishes a blood link with every ally in the area while stunning and draining the lifeblood of the bitten enemy. This skill works like Garuda's Blood Altar, giving a good heal both to Vasca and Warframes, at the same time that desecrates the trapped enemy, that becomes a healing fountain as long as Vasca is attached to it, also it goes fine with the Vampire thematic. Transfusion Frenzy: Vasca gives up 50% of its hp to revive any fallen ally, both (Vasca and Ally) will enter into a Viral frenzy that gives boosted attack speed, movement speed and damage reduction for up to 10 seconds, this effect has also a 10 seconds cooldown. These new skills would give Vasca an actual place into the Kavat rooster as a support kavat focused in defense and countering, instead of a walking pity as it is right now.
  18. Vasca's self defense is life steal....and he still gets oneshot so.... I didn't potato mine, so i could still give it armor link as such to make it tankier, thing is that it was going down over and over like a MOA. It is cool (even cooler if it could have red energy...) but lacks use when compared with Adarza and Smeeta.
  19. I honestly see no point in this beyond having a grothesque decoration (have you seen how ugly most of them are?) I wouldn't be against keeping their helmets as operator accesory though, some look great. Having their Warframe shoulder decoration to decorate our liset wouldn't be that bad though, they aren't real Warframe heads
  20. Checking Atlas and Grendel in the Codex/Shop gives you access to the Leverian
  21. It seems that this might've been overshadowed by the lich system and its shortcomings, but I appreciated a lot both Grendel and Atlas's lore (and those beautifull Prex Cards) Many thanks for those stories DE Atlas really deserved a heroic story to clean the shame of being Jordas food because he went alone Grendel's told us how he did justice on those that hurt the weak, even after the Orokin were out, and how he is always besides Gauss in the frontlines, something that we haven't seen yet in any other "normal" warframe, a bond
  22. The Stalker and his Acolytes might be the result of using Kuva on Warframes in order to create a Lich, becoming an inmortal god of death with random powers
  23. I'm already on my fourth lich, and after having taken a good look at the system, i would like to give my personal list about things that could be improved: 1. Don´t force people to rerun useless starchart missions, the idea of making people rerun it was quite good, it brough back life to the system but... yeah, those give nothing usefull for veteran, that are also the main users of the lich system, as they can face their wrath. I propose apart from current thrall territory, your lich and a thrall squad can randomly spawn in any mission like an assassin squad, giving way more murmurs that if you were to kill them in their nodes, for people that want to hunt the lich, but don't want to be forced to farm thralls in their domains and lose out on other good things. 2. Let players donate their lichs, some low level or unlucky players can't kill their lich, or just can't be bothered to kill them again to get a weapon they don't want at all, let them give their lichs to someone that would appreciate having it. 3. Give the lich skills related to their killer, right now they take skills from some pool, and while that it's also interesting, one of the main appeals was that the lich would take skills from the warframe it was killed, something that doesn't happen currently. 3. I understand the Instakill mechanic on failure is in order to make the lichs feel more threatening but... why don't we go back to our roots? Make lichs able to be vanished if they spawn as an assassin outside of their domain and if they are beaten like this (no need to use parazon), they still level up and they even change some characteristics, like resistances or weakness to adapt to what killed them. I do understand this might be impossible due to data limitations though, but would be amazing having your lich actually change to adapt to the way you killed it and grow between fights beyond higher spawn level. 4. Let other players dispose of another's spawned lich in domain missions after a while. Right now many players don't want to face their lichs, leaving players willing to try mod combinations stuck with that lich in the mission, would be nice that if the lich has existed for a while, another player can try to mercy kill them, making the lich despawn without insta-killing the foreign Warframe that attacked it. Extra points if before disappearing, it calls the Warframe that refused to fight it a coward. 5. Requiem mods degradation is there to make sure that people keep doing kuva siphons, but why don't we become able to "refill" with kuva our Requiems, that way people would still need to do kuva siphons, but wouldn't depend so hard on dropping determinate mod that might avoid them for a long time due to RNG. Also this would make other rewards in the Requiem relics attractive, as you wouldn't need to hoard so hard on all kind of Requiem Mods as long as you had Kuva. 6. Add the rest of elements to the weapon element pool, i understand some might be instant prefered due to how powerfull they are, but it's something that has to be done, its super weird how some warframes give a completelly wrong element, like Excalibur > Electricity. Also add corresponding Ephemeras. 7. Keep adding Kuva weapons over time, this content really benefits of having new weapons added to the pool over time, and every weapon deserves an upgrade. 8. Let us do something with saved lichs, i guess they will be put to good use with Railjack, but would be interesting to be able to do some more things with them, because right now is way better to just kill them and take the weapon. Less important but still cool changes that could be done 1. Let us use depleted Requiems and Shoulderplates with Warframe Heads from defeated lichs as decoration for our liset or Dojo 2. Give back to lichs those weird quirks that were shown not so long ago, like "afraid of kids" or "like animals", it really made them feel like living beings, also would be really funny to use Fortuna lure in order to lure an animal-loving lich, or switching into operator to interrupt a lich afraid of children. 3. Improve the impact ephemera in some way, maybe making infinite rocks fly out of the body, instead of current iteration, that are some rocks fixed in the air around the Warframe, such boring ephemera I might be forgetting something in both lists, but will edit later on if I remember anything that might be worth doing to further polish the system
  24. Your weapon is haunted, that's a Kuva Ghost you've got there
  25. Try making them your slaves with Revenant "Your Lich is mine now"
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