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  1. No relic because it gets stolen. Can't even clear a planet because my lich takes the mission nodes back which i have completed earlier.
  2. What i don't like about this current Lich system is that i am forced to do the whole planet of missions just to unlock Kuva siphons and floods to not get stolen and possibly the relics in them. Just tested that you can't just do one controlled mission to "free" it. The stuff gets stolen from the whole planet when it has at least one node controlled. They should fix the stealing system so that i can actually acquire relics in moderate amount of time. This can potentially go into vicious cycle of never getting relics if your planet clearing takes over an hour for instance and kuva siphons move to next planet in that time, and that next planet is controlled by your lich also.
  3. Its even worse when you get a Requiem Relic stolen and like less than half of the relics give those things needed to kill the lich even in a 4-man party.
  4. Hildryn 4 has trouble getting airborne after activation. Either have to find a small ledge or jump cast the ability. This has been an issue since Saint of Altra patch.
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