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  1. Even though Ember's use is questionable I think she's not in a very bad place.


    Mag on the other hand feels really weird. Her 1 is really good for a 1, ragdolls everyone nearby for low cost. Her 2 is arguably OP vs Corpus and near useless against Grineer and Infested, and limited in Void. Her 3 is nice in theory, but is too costly for a single target ability. It should maybe switch targets after the initial target is killed. Crush does decent damage but has a very slow cast time and vs. Corpus Shield Polarize is way better.

  2. Could probably count on my fingers the amount of times I've seen someone not just use Peacemaker constantly. Bonus points for the Mesa who was doing a low-level mobile defense alert and constantly had an energy pad and ult active for the entire duration of the mission.


    Same goes for Excalibur for the most part, very rarely do I see someone who isn't in Exalted Blade for the entire mission. People blame the players but there's clearly a different problem here...

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