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  1. Got it. In fact that answered my first question about the orbital strike ability. I'm not going to mark my question as answered just yet, since I still want to know if antitoxin protects you from gas damage. You make a good point about the arcanes and adaptation. I don't have any arcane garudian's, but I do have a single adaptation. Its just a little difficult to stick it onto some builds though since I only have a single adaptation. Can't have a bunch of them all at different levels like I can with antitoxin yet. I do plan to buy more copies of adaptation though.
  2. Ahahahaha! I was expecting to see your warframe in a chefs hat preparing "Early lunch for konzu!" But this is even better. I didn't know this snack existed until now.
  3. Well... We could always you know.. Interrogate them for the information and then go all shooty blast blast chop chop on them.
  4. Recently I've started playing vauban more often and I've really enjoyed his 3rd skill. I forget the name of it, but its the one where you call down an orbital strike. Anyway, I was wondering if there is a way to effect its radius. The default radius is fairly decent, but i would love to catch more enemies in the blast. Specifically on Deimos, the new infested map. My second question relates to that map. As I was doing bounties I found that I was dying quite fast. So I put a max rank anti-toxin on my vauban prime. I did it mainly to survive taking hits from the giant infested worms th
  5. I might have an idea. I'm pretty sure you can access the Heart of Damos quest very early on. I think I heard someone somewhere mention that you only need to be mastery rank 5 to do it. This would make sense since its been merged with the orokin derelict tileset, and that has had a drastic change in level. The capture mission has gone from being level 30 to 35 and now its a level 12 mission. So I'm not sure how many players would have the operator unlocked or even have beaten the second dream at this point.
  6. Yeah. I was expecting him to give out a code to get some free platinum or advertise his clan. Where he makes it sound like the hottest new thing since the latest new smartphone. Only for you to download the game and find is clan is a barren empty wasteland filled with inactive players.
  7. True. I play the game quite often and I was surprised with just how much stuff you can do on your own.
  8. It looks so nice. although im wondering why the lego cat is silver. spray paint accident perhaps?
  9. I would have liked to try the challenge but the picture didn't show up. all I saw was a black screen. But i don't mind that much. im just looking forward to finding out how long it takes someone to do this monster of a maze. by the way OP did you draw it? if so im very impressed.
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