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  1. Agentcheese

    When you make an oopsie

    I don't really understand what the mistake was. Could you explain it differently please? I might get it then.
  2. Oh Limbo. That's a good idea. I'll add him to the useful list of frames that I should get soon. I don't know why but it never really clicked in my brain that limbo could be used against the orb mother. For some weird reason I only thought he was useful against normal enemies. However I still stand by my original suggestion. Your suggestion to go and get Limbo (Or Limbo prime) is a good one, but there might be some players who just hate his play style and don't want to be forced to use Limbo. A no enemies mode would also prevent bugs from happening such as enemies damaging limbo through the rift. I've seen this particular bug crop up a few times on the forums for different enemies and for different reasons. By the way, I got a question. Have you managed to make a duration build that lasts the entire length of most races? If you have then your suggestion to get Limbo makes even more sense.
  3. I've done the sacrifice, so you didn't spoil anything. In fact I was already thinking of doing that in the back of my mind.
  4. Your idea works when it comes to the orb mother, but doesn't really solve the issue when it comes to flame and arctic eximus units. They will still knock you off your K-drive regardless. I will get myself an Inaros soon though. 6000 hit points certainly seems like enough if I need to speed past an orb mother.
  5. Today I was trying to improve my score for the "Grind the void." K-drive race. But then the orb mother showed up and shot me off my K-drive ruining my run. Sure I could have got back on my k-drive and continued the race, but that death had just taken 5 to 7 seconds off my total time. Sure on one hand you could just say "That's just part of the open world aspect of the game." But I don't think its fair. You could be in the middle of the perfect run, having taken off perfectly when suddenly the orb mother or some other random corpus shoots you down. "But you can just wait for the orb mother to walk away and dodge the corpus." True, but now that's about 5 or so minutes I have to sit there doing nothing, while the orb mother plods its way over the mountains like a lethargic snail. And when it comes to the corpus the regular ones are easy enough to doge, but what about a flame eximus? I had an experience first hand when a moa flame eximus knocked me right off my board. I could always go around the flame eximus units and avoid them. But again, that's precious time wasted which means I get a lower score. And since this particular race takes you right through the temple of profit the enemies are level 30. This means that there is a higher chance of eximus units spawning. So rather than relying on RNG again and hoping that there isn't a flame or arctic eximus waiting there for me, I would much rather just have a "No enemies" mode, like I mentioned in the title. Because last time I checked you can't get vent kids standing from the Orb valis captura scene.
  6. Agentcheese

    Flashlight Toggle: Please give us the option

    What about having both? They honestly both sound like good idea's to me. And I'm a sucker for more options. The more the better for me.
  7. Agentcheese

    2 bits of dojo feedback I have

    I don't know is this is the correct place for me to leave feedback about Dojo's. So to any mods reading this, feel free to move it to the right place. Anyway on to my actual feedback. Recently my clan has decided to make some lovely gardens by filling up a few rooms with heaps of plants. The problem is we don't know which of the plants are static objects and which of the plants can be walked through as if they weren't there. So my suggestion is to add some sort of indicator on Dojo decorations to show if they can be walked through or not. This could be as simple as a green check box that turns red when the object can't be walked through, or it could be something a little fancier. The other bit of feedback I have is to simply lower the cost on plastids when it comes to decorations. The clan i'm with is a shadow clan, soo there aren't that many of us. And frankly we find the price of plastids on decorations just a tad too steep. That's pretty much it.
  8. Agentcheese

    This is how doing Profit Taker feel like....

    Although the video was pretty funny you might want to put a spoiler tag in the post. Right at the start you showed a semi big fortuna spoiler with Eudico. You know the one you see when you reach max rank with her.
  9. Agentcheese

    Care for a game of Komi to pass the time?

    You had to surround the enemy pieces with your pieces. Once a piece was fully surrounded it was removed from the board. In other words it was kinda like chess and checkers.
  10. Agentcheese

    Care for a game of Komi to pass the time?

    That was the general idea I had in my head. Basically you had a Komi board in your Liset (Space ship) that you can interact with. When 2 people start interacting with it, it automatically starts the game. And if just one person interacts with the board, (in other words just you) then you can use a search function to find games of Komi to play. Just like you do with conclave matches and Lunaro.
  11. Agentcheese

    Care for a game of Komi to pass the time?

    By "Go" I'm assuming you mean mobile games? Anyway its clear that you would find Komi games in warframe to be pretty useless. So I'll count your vote as a no.
  12. Agentcheese

    Care for a game of Komi to pass the time?

    That sounds like a neat idea. And if DE doesn't give you the go ahead for your card game idea, you could always try and design your own game based on that idea.
  13. Agentcheese

    Care for a game of Komi to pass the time?

    Ah. I had no idea Komi would have some staying power over lunaro for those reasons. You see I got to play so little lunaro that I never ended up being as you called it "Dunked on" really badly. Sure the opposing players would whack the ball out of my hands many many times, but I never really minded that much. Anyway its nice to know that you would like this to be added to the game.
  14. Agentcheese

    You Had One Job...

    If you think that's stupid you should have seen the trio of Condrucs that made their perch in one of the caves. When they saw me I startled them. And when they tried to fly away they started to bonk their heads on the roof of the cave. Easiest pigment I ever collected.
  15. Ok so if you don't know what the title of this post is referencing and you haven't played the sacrifice yet, I suggest you turn back and play that first. This is because i will need to talk about some major spoilers to explain my idea. Alright. Now on to my idea. Basically its adding a playable version of Komi to the game.You know, that board game you play against Ballas in the Umbra dream sequences. I got a feeling it won't be too hard to implement since the framework for the game is already in warframe. The main issue I see with this is the popularity that Komi will have and how much it can keep that popularity. Everyone was playing lunaro when it first came out. But now all the lunaro courts are basically ghost towns. I haven't been able to get into a single match in years. So I want to use this post as sort of a graph to see how many people would actually be interested in games of Komi. Post your thoughts bellow, and make sure to say if you dislike the idea and the game as well. That information is also important. :)