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  1. Good point about using Ivara. I haven't got the warframe leveled up though, because I like Loki's playstyle more. But I'll make an effort to level her up, in case another stealth challenge pops up.
  2. Right. covert lethality. I forgot about that mod. I think I have one. Also I totally forgot that enemy radar and all the mods like that show the enemies alert stages. I'll make sure to use your advice in the future.
  3. I just did your initial D tactic. I ran with a public group while it was a void fissure mission. And it worked. Even though I made a heap of noise. So thanks a bunch for the advice. Thing is the mission says you have to complete the exterminate undetected. No wonder I got confused. Its very vague wording.
  4. I went in there with a high duration loki prime.(23 whole seconds of stealth.) Also I was playing in the void, so I basically had unlimited energy from bumping into death orbs. But how are you meant to deal with the heavy gunners there? My vectis does about 3000 damage per shot. And I don't think the game counts charged chamber either. That mod adds 40% to the first shot in each clip. And the vectis only has 1 bullet in the clip. Yet when I shot an untalerted heavy gunner in the head she didn't die. Is there something I'm missing here when it comes to modding my weapons, or do I straight up have to ram a riven into my vectis to make it do enough damage? Another thing I don't get. What exactly counts as no enemies seeing you. Do you have to have them all stay 100% unalerted for the entire mission? Or is it fine if they see a dead body and get suspicious? Lastly I noticed some enemies noticed me through a wall. One particular heavy gunner came running towards me after I had shot a lancer she couldn't see. Sure I was firing my vectis a lot. But it had a maxed rank hush on it. It was completely silent. So is there some way to avoid this happening in the future.. Or is it just poor game design and I should give up on this nightwave task forever?
  5. Yep. Your right. Its 8. Now the only thing left to do is test this thing. Only problem is.. I have no idea when or if another one of these seemingly glitched Medallions shows up. So if you come across the same thing and find all the other medallions. (Or you don't find them) could you please post it here? The more feedback DE gets on this thing the better it is for us :)
  6. Ok, first off. I didn't know that this idea had already been suggested. I did a quick search of the forums to see if my exact idea had already been brought up before. I found nothing. So obviously I should have searched harder. Now for your next point. Yeah.. Your probably right about DE not wanting us to test weapons beforehand. Its a bit of a bummer though. I thought the idea would be great at saving people from wasting plat or resources and buying a sword or gun that is not for them. Also the testing would be restricted to the Simularicrum. You wanted to use the weapon anywhere else, you would need to pay plat or build it. Lastly Mastery rank really doesn't matter to some people. Me included actually. Sure I'm mastery rank 16 or 17 or whatever, but I don't really care. You could slap a big fat 2 next to my name and I wouldn't mind. I like my actions to speak for me more than a number. And sure there are some neat perks to being a high mastery rank, like extra trades and more syndicate standing, but some of the best weapons are given at mastery rank 8. Soma is a good example. Also you wouldn't be able to level up weapons through the Simularicum to gain mastery points. In fact I'm pretty sure you can't do that now. In the end though its not the end of the world if this doesn't get implemented into the game. I was just seeing the Wolf sledge being sold in trade chat and I REALLY wanted to try it out before I decided to buy it.
  7. I didn't even know dud medallions can spawn. And no. I didn't bother checking to see if I could find the rest of the medallions because I thought this one was bugged. So I just exited the mission and started it again. However, if this happens again I will go looking for the rest of them to see if this was just a graphical glitch or something like you said.
  8. The title says it all. I'll go into more detail though since i forgot to take a screenshot. So I picked one of today's syndicate missions. It was a level 30 capture mission on Ceres. The node was Bode specifically. Anyway I spawned into the mission and there was a medallion just sitting there on the starting platform in the rain and lightning. I couldn't pick it up no matter how many times I mashed X. Tried it with both my keyboard and the Xbox 360 pad I use to play the game. Neither of them worked. There was also no prompt to pick it up when I walked over the medallion.
  9. Lore wise this also doesn't make any sense. Why would the wolf be trying to help any of the 4 factions? The corrupted would just try and make him one of them, so would the infested. The Corpus are sworn enemies to the grineer at this point.. And the grineer? There is no way he would be working with them. He is an escaped prisoner for a maximum security prison. And he isn't even collared like the Grustrag 3. I think the wolf shouldn't be able to capture interception nodes at all. Would make sense lorewise and he would be more fun to fight. And actually possible to fight. Based on your post of course JWK.
  10. Ok. So this idea has probably been used in a bunch of other games already (Ratchet and clank 3 already comes to mind), but who cares? So the idea is testing weapons you don't own in the Simularicrum. This could be mastery locked so, you can't use a gun that needs a higher mastery level than you are. (Don't want to disappoint the brand new players do we?) Here are some of the reasons why I think this would be a great idea. #1 It would let you get a feel for certain weapons. Sure you can display damage numbers for a weapon, but nothing can truly explain the great feel you get when smashing an enemy's face in with the prova vandal. It honestly feels like a one of a kind experience to me. #2 it could let you use stance mods to see if they are right for you. Take the Galatine for example when you have Tempo royal equipped. Many players (me included) love the feel of the combo as you spin around like some wonky elongated spin top. But other people may hate the feel of the combo. So let them test the mod and see for themselves. Because frankly an E+E+E+E and a E+E+E+hold E combo doesn't tell me much. #3 You could find out things that you never expected to work. Until I tried it a couple of years ago, I had no idea that sniping Dargyn's with a shotgun was a viable tactic. Sure you can't spawn Dargyn's in the Simularicrum, but players might just get the general idea of sniping with a shotgun. Especially if they use their shotgun on an enemy that's really far away. #4 you could save money on a riven you don't need. Sure some weapons work great with rivens. Others like the Opticor do so much damage that you don't even need a riven for level 30 to 40 content. With free mod testing you could slot the riven into your build to see if it really makes a difference. Well that pretty much covers my idea. Let me know what you think about it. And make sure you point out any downsides in the idea if you find any. I can see any so far, but I wouldn't really like it if DE ends up implementing my idea and it comes with a bunch of long term side effects, that hurt the game in the long run.
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