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  1. OH MAN BLESS YOU!!! that worked bro.. I got an heartattack when I saw I had lost eveything but now I got all mods again thank you!!!!
  2. Tried that also tried relogging, tried everything I just can see my mods that I lost.. no mather what I do.. soo..
  3. yea but am I gonna have to type the loss of all mods? or what?
  4. Sooo not sure if this only happened to me.. but when I got my mods segment and I could check my mods.. I was losing so many mods.. I had 22 different stances and spares of a few.. now I have 5 stances.. and even a few normal and rare mods.. not sure if this is a bug cause of the update and will I get my mods back? anyone else having this issue???? I really farmed my @$$ of for some of those stances and even bought a few like Crimson Dervish and a few other for plat... EDIT: also have a insane loss amount of warframe mods, sentinel and alot weapon mods. EDIT 2: The pressing Show Maxed
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