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  1. Will frames that have a personal quest never be given a Leverian entry or are the two mutually exclusive? Have you considered making non-voiced Leverian entries that covers weapons, objects or enemies? Warframe has a lot of potential for lore but it feels like you're not using the small pieces to build a bigger picture, instead only building big pieces at a time.
  2. I don't see why you're complaining. I mean the lich system seems to be working pretty decent if you ask me. https://imgur.com/IYIO5J0
  3. Their leaders are the worst of the lot but that doesn't mean their soldiers are innocent. You sure as hell don't see them trying to rebel do you? The only differences between the average crewman and a high ranking leader is how much they get paid but the greed is the same.
  4. Corpus don't destroy, they only exploit. The independent colonies defended by Steel Meridian, the Myconians and the Solaris are just some of the MANY people that has been exploited by the Corpus. And its not just Alad V but really their entire people. They trap their own people in pyramid schemes and debt all to enforce the current dogma of getting wealth through conflict at any cost. I am not advocating genocide of the Corpus but their current leaders are practically the worst of the lot and Vala got what was coming to her. The Orokin logs said otherwise and the ship has the right to
  5. Because they would do the same to use a thousand times over? Also what part of the Tempestarii is evil? It was a rescue vehicle that was lost in the void.
  6. I would rather it didn't even have any health to begin with, Would make it far better and easier to use although that would mean Savior Decoy would have to be changed.
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