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  1. Honestly the only mod that kinda fits what you want is "Heavy Impact" for warframes but the issue is that Rhino already has it as his passive. Warframe is a game focused on mobility and sprinting is still slower than bullet jumping even with sprinting mods equipped. Hammers and Heavy blade weapons can emulate that juggernaut feeling but they aren't going to slow you down in anyway.
  2. They got to the conclusion that they didn't really fit with Warframe and never went through with it i think.
  3. Agreed and Hildryn could also use something similar with Aegis Storm.
  4. That's up to DE to decide. I made this thread with the intention of bringing what i perceive as problems regarding Loki to DE. You are free to do the same for the frames you wish to see improved or changed but you aren't really contributing anything to your own intentions or mine by bringing up other frames in a topic dedicated to Loki.
  5. Decoy is not fine. It can't even sustain two bursts from one Grineer elite lancer at lvl 100. That's no feasible time for Loki to kill his enemies. Also having an actual durable decoy that can withstand enemy hits would make it easier to kill enemies after they have been disarmed as they would focus on the decoy. The niche that Switch Teleport currently fill is to small to have any real use. There is nothing wrong with expanding its usage and making it better as long as the core values of the the ability remains unchanged. So its better to have a warframe with only two useful abilities? I disagree. You wont have to press 1-2-3-4 every 15 seconds to be useful, you will just simply have more options. Loki was also one of the first frames if not the first to have actual ability synergy so you should be using his abilities in tandem with each other.
  6. As one of the eight original vanilla frames, DE has been rather indifferent to Loki. Among the originals he is the frame that have seen the least amount of change and half his ability kit suffers as a result of that. Decoy is entirely useless in higher levels and Switch Teleport is too situational outside of spy missions to see any valid use. Ironically both of these abilities have amazing augments but it should not take a augment to fix a ability. They need to be looked at and have some changes done to them. A full rework that introduces entirely new abilities is not necessary for Loki. Just some tweaks and changes. Decoy Decoy needs some way to survive at higher levels without being destroyed instantly. At the current moment it doesn't get any additional durability from power strength nor does it inherent any bonus from whatever defensive mods that Loki has equipped. Giving it Health/Shields/Armor that is multiplied by X amount of Loki's could be a start or give it a phase where it initially absorbs incoming damage and then adds it to its total health. Decoy could also have its health entirely removed and just run on pure duration alone. It is a hologram after all. Either way, Decoy needs some kind of change that allows it to withstand or ignore attacks in higher level missions because at the current moment it simply just not worth using. Switch Teleport As i said earlier, Switch Teleport is too situational outside of spy missions to see any valid use and this needs to change. Where i particularly find Switch Teleport lacking is in interaction with enemy targets. Currently it only briefly confuses a enemy target for 2 or 3 seconds which is entirely useless. In the soon-to-be 7 years old open beta trailer for Warframe we Excalibur, Mag, Rhino and Loki fighting a bunch of Grineer until Lech Kril shows up and he becomes their main target. Loki at two key moments uses Switch Teleport. First is to switch with Rhino causing a heavy shock wave which blows away all the nearby Grineer grunts. Second is when Loki switches with a random Grineer lancer to avoid getting hammered by Lech Kril's hammer, the one he switched with is random Grineer who promptly gets squished by the hammer. Neither of these things are possible to pull off even after 7 years of Warframe and i find that disappointing. Allied targets that is switch teleported should receive some kind of buff or perhaps just create a basic shock wave upon being switched. This would also encourage cooperation with allies. Imagine if the buff gave a ability strength buff and a surrounded Loki switches with a Oberon who proceeds to reckon the S#&$ out of the enemies thanks to more power strength. Just a example though. Enemy targets that is switched should be fully susceptible to both their own attacks and that of their comrades. Currently if Loki switch with a enemy bombard, the bombard just becomes disoriented for a few seconds and his rocket will pass through him which is really really disappointing. At the bare minimum, the period at which Switch Teleport confuses a target should at least be 10 seconds which is affected by duration. Even better would be if Switch Teleport inflicted a fully stacked radiation proc on enemy targets as well as making them susceptible to both their own and attacks from other enemies so something like switching bombards into their own rockets with them taking increased damage from it would be possible. Those are the core issues that i find the most pressing with Loki. Invisibility and Radial Disarm does have a few issues but i think they are rather small compared to Decoy or Switch Teleport. Being Loki's main tool of survival, Invisibility is pretty short with a duration of just 12 seconds. Chroma for example has a duration of twenty-five seconds on both Elemental Ward and Vex Armor. I am not asking for that much but increasing the duration to 15-18 seconds would be a pretty good move. Being able to recast Invisibility before its duration runs out would also be much appreciated. Loki could also use some refreshment in the ability FX/graphics or whatever its called. Many of his abilities look rather old but this is not a very glaring issue.
  7. He is kinda medicore for lich hunts imo. Revenant, Nezha, Wukong and Khora are the top contenders in my book.
  8. The shield gating idea is a much needed change for squishy frames but its execution leaves something to be desired. Shields still gets shredded relatively fast at higher levels and while the hits that broke your shields may not bleed over into the health, the next incoming hits certainly will. What is also not helping is that if you build for shields you either have to sacrifice warframe power viability or cut down on your frames health to accommodate for shields. Simply put, the window of survival that shields offer is currently too short. -Mods that grants shield capacity should have their outputs doubled or tripled because shields just wont survive at higher levels. This would obviously over-benefit Hildryn so some measure is needed to prevent her from getting to much shields but one frame cannot hold the others back. -Shield recharge mods needs to be looked at. Some tweaks to their percentages are needed and they would benefit immensely by becoming exilus mods. -Make something special out of Overshields. At the current moment its basically just more shields that is hard to keep full. It would be awesome if Overshields raised the damage reduction further. -It might be time to introduce more direct means of gaining shields back similarly to Life Strike/Healing Return.
  9. A chaos theory based frame. -Abilities would have a degree of randomness to them. -Could have desperado/gambler themed relations.
  10. Maybe you should actually wait until you get your hands on the changes before you start dooming the shotguns.
  11. 1. Will we ever get a 100x crafting BPs for gear items? Its pretty boring and inconvenient that you have to click on the existing 10x crafting BPs every minute when you are restocking your gear items in bulk. 2. Will the stats page on our profiles ever get a redesign to make it more user-friendly? It has gotten pretty long over the years. Would also be nice if it tracked liches killed instead of us having to manually count in the lich history.
  12. Exurbant amounts of plat whether bought with real money or traded for, spent on one single mod that barely offers any significant is still wasted plat.
  13. Anyone who seriously payed that much for a mod is either stupid or messed up in the head. Possibly both. As for the mods return, its arguable if its even worth using these day with riven mods existing. I say its return is welcome. Probably also not that many people who originally earned the mod that is playing anymore.
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