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  1. I am just celebrating what has been a long time coming.
  2. Space mom has the singing voice of a Eidolon without shields and is still singing for Erra.
  3. Actually she was pretty bad at her release but this is way back when exalted weapon still wasn't a thing. She has just gotten better with age and very rarely ever receive nerfs Then why bother making a thread in the first place and ask this? If you do that its obvious you are going to get opinions from people.
  4. What are you going on about? I didn't say they didn't have roads. I said that no matter how advanced a society is, it is doubtful that a society like that wouldn't still have roads. By that I mean that roads is a pretty big thing for a society to function properly and am not sure why some people are surprised at the notion that the Orokin had roads.
  5. Cant speak for Arbitration but you are looking at Steel Path wrong. DE stated that Steel Path wasn't going to be a end game thing. I will admit i am unsure what their vision for Steel Path is but they were at least forthright in their claim that its not the end game.
  6. I don't really see why this is such a big deal. No matter how advanced a society is i doubt it would be able to do away with roads.
  7. Seems like there have been a slight oversight with the new pets you can get from Son. If you are at max standing you are unable to release any pets for son tokens despite the option not giving any standing but just 10 son tokens. If this is intentional then it goes against what the token system stands for. Isn't the whole point of using tokens instead of normal rep that we dont waste our time doing normal missions and can always turn them in later? Please remedy this by making us able to release pets at max standing.
  8. Does VR even work well with third person games? Dont have one myself and i have never tried VR but all the games for it seems to be first person.
  9. Son tokens aren't bugged, just convoluted to get. Get at least 500 rep and buy the Cryptilex echo-lure. There aren't lures for Velocipods but you can find them in the wild easily. Its the k-drive like insects you can jump up on.
  10. Oh really? Then please do explain the damage calculation for the Eidolons.
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