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  1. While using a controller, scrolling around in Trinity Prime's skin selection screen, one can select the unpurchased Nightingale skin for preview. After previewing it, switching to the mouse (touchpad for myself) to click on 'Purchase' simply applies the skin. The Physique menu does not update with the Toggle Prime Details clicker, but the name of the skin is visible in the selection and on-screen. Backing out of this all the way, and then skipping 'Preview' to just 'Purchase' does not cause this happen, as it switches to the scrolling black preview/purchase screen with the price button in the upper left. Additional tests: Mirage Prime, Hydroid Prime. After 'applying', I backed out of the menu completely, and went back in with these frames, and the skin still showed the name, but not the visual features. (I tried with these due to some very uniquely shaped skins) Will assume that this is applicable to all frames. Helmet test: Nezha. Applying a visually different helmet in this strange fashion does not allow the skin to remain equipped, reverting it upon back out, but the name and selection still applies in the Physique menu upon re-entry. With this, I can only believe that it's a name and 'currently selected' revert issue, as the problems are with unequipping the preview. Weapons test: Orthos Prime, Polearm Lahnss skin. This issue is present here. Since it is present with weapons, which are completely different than warframes, we may assume that the remaining--primary, secondary, companions, etc--are all affected as well. Conclusion: Any item in the game with a purchasable skin has a revert issue at the moment. This may lead folks to believe that they actually have said cosmetics available in their inventory, when they do not.
  2. The default pillars in the bigger rooms. It's either design around them, or ignore them, at either point they're still there, in the way.
  3. Better-Revert-Trinity Wednesdays! Wait, uh.... >.< Well of Life: Could be better if the augment was also built in. This helps operators and those warframes with sustain builds a lot more, due to the orb drops. Ax the building up of the enemy's health. Energy Vampire: Building in its augment would let us know a lot better whether someone got their energy juice or not. (e.g. purpling of health bars) Link: Would be nice to not have to recast it every 50 seconds or so. While not being a 'set and forget' ability, perhaps a 'set and have it eat energy based on the amount of potential health lost' ability. (i.e. Xx energy per total health prevented lost in the past Yy seconds) Blessing: I miss the world ranged cast, but understand why it was nerfed.
  4. As far as I can tell, Loki is incapable of making the world turn upside down while running quickly from one end of the PoE to the other, academia-style. Switching doesn't count as running, and while Gauss is running with all of the academia buffs available, through Limbo's zero-time bubble, that is the fastest anyone can go, running.
  5. I miss being able to block while air gliding forward, then turn around in mid-air to see the enemy I just passed, while still blocking. The only available, on demand, ability that does something like this without energy usage is a passive: Wisp's passive. While not actually blocking, the enemies will simply 'forget' that she's there in the air, sorta, which indirectly lowers the flak coming for her.
  6. A skeletal 'man in the wall' hologram of our operator (all green, cephalon-y or what not), wandering around aimlessly like the almighty vacuum cleaners would be neat! Or even just a pop-up display of one to have standing in a corner for us to be spooked by..... XD Hek, even a bouncing Day of the Dead mandolin in the infested room, playing a soft little ghost diddle (with an accompanying gift tune for us to save!) or similarly bound Octavia orbiter music would be neat. Especially if one of them has a grand ol' mustache on it, since the decoration is still technically in the game, yeah?
  7. Of all the melee changes that we've gone through, the ones I really miss are manual blocking, channeling on demand (via controller), and quick melee. In this previous state, I could build syndicate charge on the gun while melee-ing, block when I wanted, and actually hit the channel button. The current melee build does not allow for this to occur in parallel, especially blocking and channeling. On the plus side, I love our new, directional, slam dancing!
  8. 7/7 subcortexes. All other parts don't exist, or exist as birthday cake.
  9. I just feel sad for only getting subcortexes from the new content, let alone anyone else that tries to farm something only to get only 1 part from said thing.
  10. If I hadn't known that the system meant something other than good/bad, or that it was intended to affect future decisions, I wouldn't have felt that I needed to even change my normal pattern routine. Did I change the answers to be less Sun, and more Moon, just to try and get the portal to appear 'balanced'? Yeah, yeah I did. This was an out-of-game decision, with the moon now representing how much the real world is affecting my character's beliefs, rather than in-game decisions.
  11. Sticking with the theme of '2': 1. Increase his base run speed by 60%, but only while using his powers. This would free up 4 mod slots (minimally) that would otherwise go to +Sprint Speed. For me, the thrill of using him is based around how fast and long his sprint is. Going so fast as to have the screen invert (check out the relevant My Hero Academia vid) as well as a general loss of control, is too fast, but taking up 4-5 mod slots is just too much investment only to make him feel right. 2. Install a sustain curve to his powered running, where it takes his current values while at low time runs, and lowers it gradually down to 1/sec while on a marathon. (getting into his 'groove', or his 'runner's high') Not only will this make the running feel better, it'll keep us from just immediately slapping on an Archwing after every open world mission. Wanna make this more appealing? Take Fortuna's boarding races and turn them into foot races for Copter-inspired Tenno. BAM, an actual Olympic event for Warframe! :3
  12. Crags of Ceres Coming out from a small hub town, the looming cliffs drooping down from a distant volcano produce a wicked jaunt of fjords in all directions, the light local gravity leaving chunks suspended in air. Before the entrance, the pathway falls into the abyss below, having been shorn from its way during the dwarf planet's demise. A local guide, Kára, stands beside the gateway with her feathery archwing gear floating all around her. "Be careful of the flip to the other side, on your way towards the next town," she helpfully advises. Nodding silently, the warframe descends into the madness, summoning its own archwing moments before admitting potential defeat at the hands of the pooling lava. Heat waves strong enough to melt shields abound here and there as the silent, gilded warrior enables the booster rockets, sprinting through the air and deftly banking around ludicrous stone insanity. The last settlement warrior to leave on this delivery errand never arrived, potentially ending up as molten Grineer, or worse, one of them, but by the time our dear Tenno found clues, the clock had run out. (dream, interrupted)
  13. Save the Lotus, so that the Cephy Lotus can go away. Also because I believe it's the correct action to do, but only if it's because the Lotus is actually not under her own control. If she left because she wanted to leave--with no coercion involved--then why should we force her to return? In this instance, she should come back because she wants to, not because of anything else.
  14. I just want to be able to use my controller again. How does anyone use a keyboard to run around?! Yes, yes, wasd, e, shift, cntrl, spacebar, 1-5. That's pretty much it, but it's not what I'm used to...
  15. Uh.... this update killed the ability to use my controller. T_T Sad face!
  16. I know it's supposed to say 'King Pin', but I read it as 'King An'. XD I don't mind if one of the Kings is named An~
  17. 😧 Sad face for no Bob and Maurice preview in the devstream's overview thread.
  18. What about those who already sold the debt bonds for standing, not knowing about said problem? Will the amounts be reduced to 0, or a negative amount?
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