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  1. Nope. Welcome to missing the one drop that has only shown up twice ever. First time was when empyrean launched? 100% not available on the market. Stream times really don't work with my life/job ever. It's the worst when they offer one offs like this... that will probably never be available again.
  2. Happens all the time now since RJ patch and I've never noticed it before. Kavat (smeeta but maybe it all pets) will visually disappear and buffs are not tracking in the UI (not sure if they are applying or not). Fetch in particular is not working. Kavat has health bar still but doesn't take any more damage and is frozen at last value.
  3. At least getting dupes feels like farming Warframe parts, thematically.
  4. Has been a bug for years. It is incredibly annoying. Devs could probably fix it but they are busy fixing dojo skyboxs. I'm pretty sure 99% of people set their TP up next to the Vault so you can usually Fast Travel there. The bug continues to be an annoyance because low rank players don't know this and can't figure out how to exit the railjack - end result is trading fail and frustrated new players. Like I said, fixing skybox exploits (decoration exploits) takes priority over actual bugs... in fact they just stop acknowledging they exist so there is no more bug, which probably the best
  5. Bubonico is different. It doesn't allow you to hold stuff with one arm like Shedu. More importantly when are they going to address having to aim through your warframe with arm cannons?
  6. You cannot 'aim' the Arquebex, as such it is ineffective. OP's build is correct. I use CF on my Mausolon but I don't have dual rounds. I agree aiming with Arquebex isn't ideal. They at least changed the reticle to white but I agree some kind of tracer added to the fire or something so I can at least see where I am hitting. It's very much a spray-n-pray weapon but it would be nice someday as a QoL change.
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