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  1. Bump, I contacted support having the same exact problem as OP mentioned, and this is what they ultimately deduced based on what I was experiencing: "Hello DarknightK, Judging by the information on your account the issue appears to be related to your graphics card (and possibly your CPU). When you are playing with other Tenno, especially when you are hosted by them, your system loading times are compared to the other players with you on a regular basis. If the two systems fall too far out of synchronization then you will automatically be dropped from the game or loading screen. This can also occur because of temperatures rising too high in your system, as the two often go hand in hand. Unfortunately there are not many options for us to provide you with, other than turning down graphical options, cleaning your computer, shutting down background processes that are not needed and changing your settings to laptop mode (you do not need a laptop to do this.)" Likewise as you, I'm using a moderately potato PC, but I've never had an issue with connecting to previous squads before Buried Debts. Now 90% of the time I'll get disconnected when trying to join a squad. The odd thing is that when others connect to me, they have no issue staying connected and most of them report zero latency, which leads me to believe there's something broken with warframe's matchmaking server.
  2. Not sure why i'm getting this cancerous BS, it's never been a problem save for the last few hotfixes. I keep getting disconnected from the host constantly after loading into the mission. There are a few occassions that i'm able to load in without any problems (when i'm not the host). This is getting pretty retarded, instead of just loading me into my own instance the game just returns me back to my orbiter. My network is set up without any problems, I'm able to connect to other games like ESO and BDO without any problems, and while I do have a laptop, i've never had issues joining anyone else before. Seriously, why the #*!% don't we have "host-only" mode yet? I'm able to play just fine as the host along with other people joining me, but the game just decides to S#&$ itself when i try to join others.
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