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  1. I have already port forwarded my ports specifically for Warframe, as well as changing the inbound/outbound rules for it in windows firewall. As far as I know there should be dedicated ports for Warframe and nothing else. But I'll take another look and edit back tomorrow.
  2. After U15, or one of its hotfixes, I've noticed that loading screens with other users oftenly results in Warframe not responding, and ends with me having to close it via task manager, with the usual message, "this program has stopped responding". This isn't a very common problem, but it is common enough to where I see it multiple times a day after logging on for a play session (At least once). Please optimize loading screens with multiple players?
  3. Ah I see, I would personally like it if the art team could change the colors so that the Primary would affect at least the Gray part of the blade for recoloring, seeing as how newer Primes are started to get more in-depth with color customization.
  4. Primary and Tint Color 3 do NOTHING to the Fang Prime. It should be used to change the two colors of the blades, but it doesn't. Not sure if Art bug or just lack of trying on the art department's part. PLEASE go back onto all weapons and have all unused color options fixed so that they work. The Fang Prime is a serious offender because TWO color options have no impact, whereas on other weapons/warframes its usually just one.
  5. The Conclave limitation, in my opinion, is likewise not that much of a stagnant factor. Instead of limiting conclave, DE should make Tactical alerts more like challenges. "Kill X number of Eximus units within the time span, increased Eximus unit density" "Clear the Mission without your shields being depleted (using the Guardian precept is fine)" "Clear the mission without a single member being downed, increased chance of Toxic Eximus spawns" I think the conclave limitations are just knee-high fences that honestly aren't too much to get around if you have effective builds that don't
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