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  1. well when you tell venari to attack someone she attacks them so maybe use her skill, kavats do whatever they like so just stick near it and hope it stays in the fight, that skill that makes them target a bunch of people at once is good for keeping them fighting
  2. its just bad luck my dude. raids where just as bad. so there is no change on the arcane front other then you dont have to wait 24hours for your next shot at energize rng. i agree sledge drop is pretty nuttos, he shouldnt drop the stats default mods either. i think alot of the drop systems need revisions in some way. for example missions run on aabc repeat meaning people only go to 20 minutes or 4 rounds, if it was aabc abbc abcc repeat that would make playing to 1 hour in one mission more attractive then running 4 missions for 20 minutes for the same amount of c rotations of relics, and then people would be less likely to cry about 1 hour survival elite weeklies, they point in that weekly is to force you to make friends and be actaully able to play the game i used to be play a little, back in the way 1 hour wasnt such a hard thing and the only reason people think its hard is because the c rule has made the newer new players weaker. they de shouldnt be making stuff easier because people arent growing as much as they used to. warframe is a grind, 1 hours is nothing compared to the old days and what some people still do for fun. rant rant rant make endgame great again #MEGGA
  3. balance is the way of the tenno, and lotus doesnt walk that line.
  4. completed forma (3k) and slotted 3 ayatans (3k), showed i gained 12k, enter a mission then it showed i had only gained 6k (the correct amount). was in my ship only to complete these tasks
  5. good to finally see what pyra prime could do on release return to the game. dual energy colour.
  6. i just opened the launcher three times and login and got restart there is an update. according to this the update was out before i launched it the first time xD game not updating glitch
  7. Grimm

    Colours reset on login

    this issue is tied to the completion of the chimera prologue. my friend just returned to the game and is now having this issue
  8. and no more weapon lag, hopefully that includes exalted ults like mesa consider in high lag game you can get stucking unable to do anything well waiting for your makers to come out
  9. yes all of these. the defence extraction huh. we already have single player extraction on defence missions...
  10. yes finally. can we get aabcabbcabcc rotation on endless mission aswell to drive more new players to want to become better then whats needed for the c rotation rule.
  11. you can tell when pablo reworks something. it gets a new ui element ahaha and it also come out pretty balanced for end game
  12. i liked the the high contrast. green and orange was nice. can we get a it back as a sperate theme
  13. are you going to fix vsync tho?? my screen is 60hz and i generally have 60fps until i enter missions with high particle frames, but if i change my settings to unlimited fps in the same mission i have above 100 frames. if i set it to 72fps limited i sit on 69fps and if i set it to 120fps it sits on 112fps. ive only had this issue since recent updates, i noticed it during the particle update. its very annoying on my eyes when i primary use vsync and have never had less then 60fps before in this game since making my custom rig. right now im unlimited fps and im above 260fps.. can you please look into this issue.
  14. the los system has its own issues as is, what voltage is talking about is related to the los issues rather then an issue with the zen itself. it still needs alot of polishing as a system. hopefully we get it. im interested in how shield lancer shields work and why they didnt do something with that mechanic instead of the line of sight system they have used. as i have seen enemy's who have spawned into an attack not be affected by said attack even tho before the changes they would (very noticeable in onslaught)
  15. next prime access is next week so it might be probably 2 weeks away. the next prime was also launched into the console build with the last console patch implying they intended for the prime access to drop before the sacrifice.
  16. didnt fix that down condrocs are the only drop source. air condrocs or condrocs that have left the drown do not drop pigments
  17. no mention of a fix to the reshade dll being deleted by the warframe launcher upon launching said launcher.
  18. its cool that you did this but after attempting to fix reshade now working (caused by this update), i can now not update the game after i had to reinstall it because making a dll read only that it was trying to delete broke the launcher. so now im actaully seeing this bug mentioned in the hotfix, which i never did originally
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