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  1. WTS>unrolled Burst Laser Visican 235p obo
  2. Server upgrades this morning. There was an announcement on the console yesterday.
  3. WTS Zarr Crita-zetitis https://warframe.market/auction/5da50a61a7a62107915e0389 (starting at 400p)
  4. WTS Opticor Sati-insitio (SOLD)
  5. Acceltra Hexa-ampicon riven unrolled ...https://warframe.market/auction/5da1c5e1d773050753f296c4 Auction ends tomorrow (Sunday 10/13/2019) noon CST and goes to the highest bidder unless buyout (1000p) is matched. High bid is currently 805.
  6. Color and energy doesn't matter ...for fodder.
  7. I bread it and it was solid gold just like she said.
  8. I want it. It is Mesa-gold correct?
  9. Life happens. You can join my Ghost clan if you like. {Keykeeper} Ghost clan Rank-10 (max research) has a spot to fill if you would like to join. Any MR welcome. Pm for details and invite. Alliance and discord available. Your only obligation is to login once per 30 days.
  10. I was thinking Ivara would be next. It's sorta male>female>male ...but sometimes the double male or female. I don't know why they skipped Atlas. So yeah Atlas may be next. This is the order I see on Wiki minus the prime frames: Chroma Male 03-19-2015 Update 16.0 Equinox Female 07-31-2015 Update 17.0 Atlas Male 10-01-2015 Update 17.5 Wukong Male 11-25-2015 Update 17.12 Ivara Female 12-03-2015 Update 18.0 Nezha Male 12-16-2015 Update 18.1 Inaros Male 03-04-2016 Update 18.5
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