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  1. Desacrip

    Tennobaum gifting center

    Rap tap tap some Formas for me please! Merry Tennobaum to you all!
  2. Desacrip

    Coming Soon: Devstream #68

    Any chance for the return of the Targis Prime armor soon?
  3. Desacrip

    New Contest: Caption That Moframe!

    "Mo's before Tennos!"
  4. When will Targis Prime armor be rotated back into Prime Access?
  5. Desacrip

    Update 16.3: The New Protocols

    -1 Limbo nerf -1 Soma inspired weapon models +1 More spy data vaults - Will try them out soon +1 Trinity augment - Not sure how good it'll be for the user but will be great for teammates +1 Emblem fixes on warframes - However... pic host