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  1. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Neutralizing_Justice Once the bubble is destroyed, it does not regenerate again
  2. Reduce the cost of construction of the ciphers, how it is possible that something that makes such a simple action is too expensive. Besides there are other resources that ask for 50 times less and are more useful. Reduce the cost of building the energy pads and other resources as previously mentioned ciphers. With him spend time players tend to be more self-sufficient, and often depend on others is something that not everyone likes, due to the learning barrier that may exist or strategies or simply how to play in a group. On some occasions, I've run into users who use Trinity, but whose build is just to resist or deflect the damage, but not to give energy. It also happens with other Warframes that can cooperate as a team because of their abilities, but for the player that uses them, it is limited to something specific, often not in accordance with the mission and they end up being a type of burden for the rest of the group or hinder the development of the mission. This could be improved with personalized games in public such as: "Mission of espionage": - Option - "Players of certain rank of mastery" or better still with a filter "determined warframe", is not about being elitist. But it is really annoying, that for novice players, they risk a mission and then abandon, and even worse if they are the Host. In only looks good but the game feels much better in squad. This could only be applied in the sorties. Another case is when there is an event in the open worlds or in other specific maps, there are players of high or average mastery rank, in average of 20-27 rank of mastery, that create a game in public, for others to play or develop the mission while they, level up their skateboards or go fishing or extract minerals. This is really unfair, and there should be a rule that if the player does not spend at least 80% of the time within the mission area then he does not receive any reward. Possibly the theme is already old, "3500 kuva to give a return to a riven level 10 or higher", if you take into account you get 600 per round a total of 5-6 siphon missions you must perform to obtain 3500 kuva and give a roll to a riven that often does not improve. With a booster, this effort is halved, 1200 per mission, with an average of 3 or less rounds if a flood is made. The matter is to think, there are a large number of players who publish or have rivens with +50 rolls, no booster get 3500 kuva would require 3-5 minutes per mission, a total of 18 to an extreme maximum of 30 minutes (depending on the mission), just to give a roll to a riven. Is not it very sick then to give +50 rolls? , Is not something too exaggerated ?, There is a message that says "health" we must rest at least one hour, but that of the kuva does not create a type of stressful habit that limits too much actions that can be done in the game. Resale with "Riven mods", it is good to resell a riven, you get many times very good amount of platinum. But it would be better that the sale price can be maintained better by a type of limit, as well as the creation of imprints of the partners, ie a "riven mod" can only be sold up to a maximum of 3 or 5 times, being the 3rd or 5th the last one, and whoever has it will not be able to resell said mod, in any case it will be able to turn it into endo. If there is something like that, it would not be better to be able to use a tool "Copy and paste the stats from one riven mod to another riven mods", there are riven mods whose stats seem too good but the weapon that obtained them is not to our liking, Would not there be a way to do this? At the cost of having done this the riven mod could not be sold. Maybe it does not sound logical, but the game has already reached a point where there is Forma for aura, Forma with polarity umbra
  3. There is a problem when you are the host in the plains of eidolons. After destroying the first limb of Eidolon Teralyst, the game crashed (always). This bug always happens after the first limb with the host (possibly because we have a low-end computer, but this problem was not before the update). If the host changes, this error does not happen. Please fix this; C Postscript: I loved the update, although there are some slight bugs if you fall off the map after defeating the Ropalolyst, like returning to appear on the stage where you first fought. I really like the visual improvement of light effects and textures.
  4. Bug with Metronome (Octavia), when you are invisible and you take out your operator, you are visible again. Enemies see you and shoot you, but you can not become invisible either, you can if the duration of the 3rd ability ends
  5. There is a rare bug, it does not always happen but it is annoying. Of the times that eidolon are hunted, 2 or 3 times a night usually happens. The first lure, yes or yes, is fully charged by absorbing 3 Eidolon Vomvalyst. But in an inexplicable way even if it has absorbed 3 Eidolon Vomvalyst, the Eidolon Lure does not charge or turn blue. I have already played 3 times in 4 nights where you need about 4 to 5 Eidolon Vomvalyst to be able to return blue to the Eidolon Lure (as a signal that is fully charged)
  6. Host migrating is still happening in the plains of eidolons for no reason.
  7. Dex sniper rip. I miss the first years where they gave us Dex weapons. More weapons like that would not be bad, taking into account that it is once a year.
  8. Using the exodia contagion is uncomfortable with mele 3.0 Especially if you carry a sniper rifle, yes or yes, you must aim with the weapon is primary or secondary to be able to launch the attack of exodia contagion
  9. Eidolon are still teleporting, Although it does not always happen. It is real. Please eliminate the animation of fleeing and sumejerse in the water, Eidolon Gantulyst and Eidolon Hydrolyst. These two eidolon do it even if a charged Lure is suggesting it or even if no Limb of his body has been destroyed. Please also fix the host migration, not everything is fortune. The plains of eidolon present the same problem and there is no reason, taking into account that the connection is stable and good.
  10. Thank you very much for the hotfix. But there is also a host migration problem in the eidolon plains. 1 or 2 players get the "Host migration" or "lost connection with the host" , even if they have a very stable connection with the host.
  11. It is a little uncomfortable that the melee 3.0, works in the operators. That is, with melee being in the air we can direct an attack to a place on the floor. In operators the same thing works when you press "e" for void blast, which makes it uncomfortable for the operator to travel forward. This effect increased in the update
  12. Host migration problems in the Eidolon Plains This problem started from the last update, the Buried Debts: Update 24.5.0, when you are invited or you are a host, and you are going to hunt whatever the previous case, the moment will come when the connection with the host will be lost. In case you are the host, one to three players will see the host migration (it is random) In the case of being the guest player, host migration appears and there is a minimum chance to be reinstated in the game. I checked my connection in the 7 cases, and I have not had problems with my internet, nor have other colleagues had it, but already to different group this error has happened. We all have directx 11 activated, we usually hunt without problems with our host or as a guest and something like this has never happened. Only this problem occurs in the eidolon plains. I went with a friend of the clan to fish and to me I appeared host migration without any reason and my ping was 90ms. When I stayed there was no problem but after 20 minutes in the plains I realized that I was alone in the mission and the message of host migration had appeared.
  13. In the plains of eidolon, there are problems with the host, host migration occurs without any explanation.
  14. I think there is an error or something. The shrine located in the middle of Gara Toht lake. It has an error regarding the time it takes to place a Brilliant Eidolon Shard. When I host, it sometimes takes 15 seconds for the Brilliant Eidolon Shard to be placed in the shrine. And other times 10 or even a little less. When he was a guest player today in the morning, it took almost 30 seconds for the shrine to allow it to place the Brilliant Eidolon Shard. Why do not they set up the Shrine, so that the Brilliant Eidolon Shard can be placed as soon as the Eidolon Lure explodes after the Eidolon Teralyst has been captured? Not always but the Shrine presents another bug, and swallows a Brilliant Eidolon Shard from another ally, causing time to be lost. Why not to avoid this second problem, as follows once the Brilliant Eidolon Shard is placed in the Shrine, it can not be withdrawn intentionally unless Onkko says There is no time left at night. And only then can each player take out his Brilliant Eidolon Shard from the Shrine?
  15. The Eidolons are still teleporting. When they are invoked, there is a probability (not always), that they decide to sink in the ground (they do it even when they are far from the water) and they flee. It only happens with the Eidolon Gantulyst and Eidolon Hydrolyst. And there is no reason for them to flee. The Eidolon Teralyst is the only one that does not present this failure, despite being the first enemy this does not run away. Why are the others being much more powerful given the option of running away ?, they should not have this alternative, and that they can retreat to another body of water when they are not held by an Eidolon Lure
  16. Please fix the bug related to Mele 2.99999 when using archwings. If you use files and change from primary to secondary when you land, the animation of the wf arm is blocked, and this error makes it impossible to fire unless you change the weapon again. It also happens if you make a ground attack with mele and then change your weapon.
  17. It's really annoying that with every update, eidolons hunts get wilder. You must kill the same LURE twice to be able to hack it The teralist has a really lousy AI, walks straight no matter if what he has in front is a body of water, that is, the theralist gets full body to any body of water. The gantulyst and hydrolyst, teletransport in a detestable way. These two eidolons are teleported randomly even when they are far from the water, and do so immediately after a roar or being hurt or the shields are lowered. The vomvalystturn blue and are not absorbed by the lures no matter if they are in a row, the lure simply ignores them. Seriously the changes were disappointing. I did not like how Exodia contagion was affected. Literally I must point my gun to be able to launch the spear of this arcane. It is really uncomfortable and annoying. The rain looks incredibly thick although it does not affect the performance. @[DE]Megan HELP :c There is too much light and it is so much that it bothers and tires the view, I had to lower the brightness and deactivate some functions to be able to play Ignoring the game mod that I like the most. I loved with all my being the new syandanas that they put on and the deluxe skin of limbo.
  18. Since the last update this problem is happening. What happens with the plains of eidolon? This did not happen. @[DE]Megan , @[DE]Rebecca, @[DE]Steve Please, :c solve it.
  19. DE!!! pls, the rain in the plains of eidolon radically lower the number of frames per second when you are the Host This did not happen before. Since the last update started all this. @[DE]Megan
  20. The performance of the number of frames per second in the plains of the Eidolon has been affected. At night, when I usually go hunting for eidolon, I have 50-60 fps throughout the night. This day I noticed a big problem in both open worlds. If you are a player who joins the game, you do not have this problem But if you are the Host, the number of frames per second is too affected when you approach target enemies, and even this gets worse the longer the missions last. I checked if something was being updated but it was all clean. I even had the browser closed, only Warframe is activated Please DE, help us with this, maybe I do not have a computer with excellent specifications, but even with the lowest possible configuration I can have 50-60 fps. This hurts if from nothing goes down to 40fps and then to measures that follow everything stays at 12 -10 fps. It's scary
  21. It is not possible to hold onto any wall!. RIP Arcane Arachne and more
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