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  1. hmm looks like nezha changes listed here were just copy pasted from the workshop hope those changes make him alot better time to play test him and thanks DE for update
  2. Riven dispositions rebalance when, you should use that system you showed us that followed which warframes were being used by which MR's over the course of a week for the riven changes in the future can we get a relic separation from vaulted and unvaulted? some of us hundreds or thousands (in my case) of these things already we know its chroma prime but are you going to show him and his weapons off during the stream
  3. As a heavy nezha player this is sounding mostly positive for his changes i think his spears should have a damage over time effect like bleed since it is a massive spear poking thru the enemy but otherwise it all seems fine the health buff is awesome i felt like nezha is more of a melee based frame with lots of cc to get him out of bad situations but he struggled with that loki like health Nezha was the last frame that could heal objectives by making him drop health orbs we lose that also what does this mean for his augment? Hope his one has like 30 seconds or better duration at base going fast is what makes nezha one of the funnest frames was kinda hoping y'all would add the never ending spin of glaive bug we used to be able to do into his 3rd ability somehow have his disc spin in a circle around him dealing damage but seriously upcoming weeks? another primed soon Also thank you, thank you, thank you for buffing my 2nd or 3rd favorite frame
  4. drain is to high now should have increased his damage output for this much drain
  5. is there a new event coming up with cetus? are we getting those melee stats posted to a dev workshop anytime soon when are we going to get a fix for handshakes in dojos?
  6. are you going to talk at all on upcoming melee changes or will that be released with Fortuna also? Is there going to be a summer sale this year? seems past time it would have usually hit
  7. Not sure if you're aware but sentinel weapons appear to be missing some of the latest mods like vigilante armaments
  8. Melee Changes: will we see any new skins or new animations with this overhaul to melee like say Dual Skana being made into 2 actual Skanas and not a Skana sword/Skana dagger and some new cool idle animations like warframes have depending on the weapon class? like another Starter weapons "Visual Refresh" only more weapons Warframe overhauls: several warframes could be updated to be more in line with 2018 Nezha, Wukong for example are there plans to update them Is the damage 2.5 and over 100% status effect bonus ideas totally dead and shield gating also? Mod overhaul: since channeling is going and channeling mods need to be addressed anyways will other mods that have no purpose be buffed and will rivens finally get a disposition change? Syandanas: can we get a placement on these so we can position them as we see fit? Baro Inventory: Baro is suppose to bring rare and exclusive items but I feel like he could get an update and lose some of his "rare" items like the "rare" Impact Slash mods that are no longer rare with Tridolons dropping them all over
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