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  1. I completely disagree with that. To bring variety, every status should (ideally) each have unique effect that bring interesting new playstyles, rather than being debuff working only against a certain faction (even if said playstyle work better against a certain faction). Right now, we have 14 damage types and a bunch of them function the same but on differents factions, which defeat the goal of having multiple status, since you just end up shooting on enemies with +- health instead of intereacting in interesting ways. Right know, only Impact, Electricity, Radiation, Gas and Void are interesting status that aren't just +damage, DoT or pure stat debuff/CC. There is plenty of stuff that could be done to make different status encouraging different playstyles rather than just being more damage or debuff. Ideally, it would need a complete rework, but here are a few simple tweak you can do to existing status to achieve this result : Magnetic : Create a bubble around the target head, proportional to the current shield/health ratio. Other enemies inside the bubble will take 20% of the damages dealt to the main target. The bubble have a minimum size of 0.5m when shield is depleted, which make it work on units with no shield. The goal here it to encourage the focus on heavily shielded target to deal damage to surrounding enemies, as long as giving a place to low accuracy weapons at a much longer range than their effective one. It also synergize well with toxin that can hit health directly without reducing the bubble size. Corrosive : Reduce enemy armor and damage (corroding their weapons as well) by 0.5% per second while the status is active, up to -90% after 180s. Reducing armor and damage by 90% through the same status may sounds strong, but this result is reached after 3min, which is extremly long to kill a target, so it encourage you to debuff heavy targets progressively while killing smallers enemies and take down the heavy target once the debuff is big enough. Viral : Increase damage taken by toxin based elements (toxin, viral, corrosive, gas). The goal here is to encourage weapon swap, because you can rarely have viral + another toxin based element on the same weapon. On top of that, it avoid Viral being the go to element in any situation because a 4.25x multipler on health is always welcome. It also nullify the extremly strong viral + slash combo. These are just very rough examples without much though behind them, but I think they illustrate the idea of status that encourage specific playstyles and make them more that a "kill x faction faster" thing.
  2. Just making a Steel Path variant of everything (void fissures, syndicate missions, etc...) without changes would be good. Higher level enemies + acolyte spawn on top of whatever the mission is would already be good.
  3. The issue is not the lack of idea available, but how poorly they are incorporated. Keeping the idea of a rifle with high damage explosive secondary fire, there are many ways to incorparate it that make it interesting without making the primary fire pointless. Here are a few examples : Give the primary fire a much higher DPS. This encourage using the AoE only on large enemy groups. Make the secondary fire use remaining ammo in the clip and give the weapon a large clip with long reload time. This encourage using the secondary fire to finish enemies or in desperate situation. Buff the secondary fire depending on damage dealt with the primary one. This encourage using both as none is effective alone, like melee heavy attack (at least how they should be). Make the secondary an utility grenade that help the primary fire. For example the secondary can be a stun grenade while the primary fire get a special effect on headshot. This encourage using the secondary fire as an utility tool that other weapons and allies can benefit from. Make the AoE very short range as a downside. This encourage using both fire modes differently : primary for long range and secondary for short range AoE. These are just very basic ideas but they all revolve around balancing the two fire modes to make them both useful, which make sense when you have multiple fire modes on a weapons. Cedo, Euphona and Phantasma achieve this well, despite the different fire modes benefiting from different stats, making them hard to mod. But overall, it make the weapon much more fun and interesting to use, which should be the number 1 priority when introducing weapons with multiple fire modes.
  4. I totally agree. A lot of augments are just small QoL changes or minor changes that should be innate. Smoke Shadow, Afterburn, Guided Effigy, Elemetal Sandstorm, Soul Survivor, etc... are good examples. This would be a lot of work, but most of these augments should be integrated into the ability and replaced by more game changing augments.
  5. You can any full loadout you want (including weapons/warframes and mods) through plats and trade already, but it doesn't invalidate any of the farm present in the game. The fact you can trade Requiem would just give some value to them and make them a viable platinum farm for people who doesn't care about Lich/Sister weapons, like Rivens does. If being tradables is the only thing that break the system, they will just end up being over expensive and be either, not a viable option OR a good income source for DE. As for all other comments, I feel like you've just answered without reading the post, not even de TL;DR So, again : Equiping multiple OULL is in no way OP or making the Lich farm faster, it's an ALTERNATIVE that is actuall LESS efficient, but seves as an alternative to diversify the repetitive Lich/Sister farm. Keep in mind you still have to farm those additional requiems. Atlernatively, we could suggest a complete rework that make the whole thing more fun and less repetitive, but it's realistically less likely to happen than a simple change like this.
  6. They definitely shouldn't be removed since they are already here, but I have to agree they really don't fit and shouldn't be there in the first place.
  7. Just as a reminder, here is how Xata's Whisper works : Xata's Whisper create a second damage instance equal to 26% of the total weapon damage, with chances for a void status based one the weapon status chance. On Cedo when using the alt fire, the second damage instance appear as intented, but have extremly low status chance, despite the status chance of alt fire mode being over 100%. My assumption is that Xata's Whisper use the status chance of the weapon primary fire regardless of the fire mode used. I also tested with Euphona Prime and the same thing seems to happens, even if I'm not sure because the number of pellets make it hard to test.
  8. To be honest, the ease of experimentation is one thing that kept me in the game when I was new. Some items are not necessarily easy to aquire, but once you get them there is almost no one time use destructive item such as permanant one time upgrade with no going back, randomly generated item or stuff like that, which let you expirement easily with what you own. The only counter example are Zaw/Kitguns, Kuva/Tenet weapons and Rivens, which definitely need changes in my opinion. For the problem you mention, I think it's not that much of a problem and is kinda healthy to the game. With how the difficulty works, the way you mod early doesn't really matter and you can clear 90% of the content with 3-4 mods builds, which make the use of Forma not mandatory on a large portion of game. I think the way the game progression regarding forma and endo/credit usage in its current state goes like that : You start playing, the early difficulty is easy to clear with the early weapons you craft even if modded with random unranked mods. You realise how strong mods can be and focus upgrading the generic ones to use on any weapons (serration, elemental mods, etc...). The mod capacity start being a restriction, so Forma become valuable, but are rare, so prime and their innate capacity become viable alternatives. Forma aren't an issue anymore and you can start modding any weapons that seems to have potential, at this stage you also have much more maxed mods and can try out different builds. At least for me, this is how it went and I think it works well. I'm not 100% sure it still fit though, since I started a long time ago and the early game wasn't exactly the same.
  9. Technically, he is made of 4 quarter of 4 warframes + his own BP, which make him effectly a combination of 2 warframes including himself. But anyways, the materials you use to build him doesn't matter. Do you think Excalibur, Volt or Mag should be weaker because they are the starter frames ? Asside from that, here is my feedback : 1st ability : I don't have much to say, asside from making it a one-handed action, to let him use his weapon during the ability (even if it's a short burst). 2nd ability : The elemental damage buff + crit/status chance sounds a bit strong and out of place, especially as he already have a damage buff. I would change it this way : Imbue the weapon of Chroma and his allies with the selected element, which guarantee status effect of said element (no damage buff, only forced proc, which still increase you damage output if using toxin/heat/electricity). Hold : Affect self + allies in AoE Tap : Affect one target with double duration (which allow multiples allies to have different elements). 3rd ability : Just keep the build up. The downside this build up is, is what allow Chroma's buff to be so strong compared to other ones. However, the way of charging it can depend on element, here is my proposed change : Chroma and allies get a damage buff + a second effect depending on element. Both effects grow from specific actions depending on element (all the team can contribute the buff growth). Cold : Increase armor. Buffs grow with damage taken. Heat : Increase range of ranged weapon (falloff distance, beam length, AoE radius). Buffs grow with damage dealt. Electricity : Increase attack speed and fire rate. Buffs grows with distance traveled. Toxin : Increase status damage and duration. Buffs grows with status applied. 4th ability : Your rework don't make use of the Chroma's pelt, which is an important feature of the character, I propose some changes in line with your idea that still make use of it. Release Chroma's pelt on desired location with two possible forms, each draining one of the dragon meter until it's empty. Tap : Switch between Chaos and Healing form. Hold in Chaos mode : Leave the pelt, dealing heavy damage of the corresponding element with 100% status chance, in AoE cone or large grenade depending on range. Standing near the dragon provide elemental buff that merge with Unison Burst's applied element, allowing elemental combination. Hold in Healing mode : Leave the pelt, pulsing elemental waves that stagger enemies with 100% status chance of the corresponding element. Standing near the dragon provide lifesteal from the corresponding element and its combinations (for example, toxin dragon will provide lifesteal from toxin, viral, gas and corrosive damage). Passive : The current ingame passive is already nice.
  10. This is an interesting, but outside of the status effect and order or depletion, it just make them less unique. In the current situation, two bar : Shield differ from health by having innate regeneration Health differ from shield by having damage reduction based on armor If you want to make 3 distinct bars, they would need to each work differently to be interesting but in your proposed rework, health and armor would work the same asside from status that affect them. I think you would need to make each bar unique to really make the idea interesting. Here is one example : Health : The most basic bar. Is healed at normal 100% efficiency. Weakspot damage double the damages. When depleted, trigger bleedout, with duration proportional to your health. Armor : Have innate 50% damage reduction from AoE and half the falloff range (to mimic the heavy armor, without being as boring % reduction). Is healed at only 20% efficiency. Weakspot damage deal 50% damage on health directly (effective 1.5x damage with armor + health). When depleted trigger heavy damage reduction on health proportional to armor, decaying over 10s. Shield : Recharge after not taking damage for a set amount of time. Cannot be healed. Weakspot damage prevent recharge for 10s. When depleted trigger short invincibility with duration proportional to your amount of shield. So, with is example, we can sumarise the diffences as : Health is healed much faster that armor and increase bleedout time. Armor have innate resistance at longer range, but is harder to heal and can be bypassed by headshots. Shield cannot be healed, but recharge automatically. This is just a rough example, but I think we really need something in these lines, to get 3 distincts bars that sounds interesting to play with, both for enemy and self.
  11. Being a person don't prevent you from being a human. Chroma can be both a dragon and elemental master.
  12. The idea itself isn't bad, but really don't fit the game. In a game like warframe where there is no real difficulty and everything "hard" is locked behind luck or time, anything that can provide additional loot or roll another chance at specific drop just overshadow the rest of content when it comes to farming efficiently and generally isn't much fun. This is the main reason they changed the way most of loot abilities works some time ago. Instead of all being strong looting abilities you can merge to make them even stronger, they are now multiple possible options to increase loots you can choose from, because they don't stack anymore with each others. In my opinion they just shouldn't exist OR being an important mechanic you're directed to use (like each warframe having one unique way to increase loots), but in the current situation they still are an issue (even if it's much better than before). So, with this in mind, a Warframe whose entire kit revolve around loots isn't a good idea UNLESS it's more a theme where his abilties works around what is looted, rather than stuff that directly affecting loots. The example of weaponarise lockers in good, and I think the whole warframe kit could rely on drop and luck to play. This is a very rough design, but it's just to explain what I have in mind when I see your idea : Passives : - Second Chance : Earned credit are converted (not consumed) into Second Chance stacks. The stack are consumed instead of your health when below 2HP. - Second hand : Every pickup item leave a ghost version on the ground for 30s (used by abilities), items converted by abilities can still be picked up. 1st power : Convert pickup items into various gadgets : Resources : Mine dealing puncture and slash damage. Damage depend on rarity. Ammos : Pickable buff that increase ammo efficiency and fire rate for the corresponding weapon for 15s. Credits : Arc trap that slow enemies. Slow strength depend on pile amount Energy/Health/Affiniy : Pulse and apply to all allies with 300% efficiency. Objective (Datamass, Disruption keys, etc...) : Big detonation dealing blash and heat damage. 2nd power : Create a transparent wall that prevent enemies from seeing you behind. Hitting enemies through the wall have a chance to drop a loot from their table (works only once per target, like Ivara). 3rd power : Move pickup in a certain radius to the desired location and increase ghost pickups duration by 5 seconds (can't exceed the base 30s) : Press : Pull them to you. Hold : Pull them to your aiming point. 4rth power : Second chance stacks are consumed every second and converted into a powerful laser. that stun enemies and deal damage depending on owned stacks. Enemies killed drop x2 credits and unversal ammo drops.
  13. So, as the title say, I think we should be able to equip the Oull requiem multiple time to effectively remove the requiem search phase. Some will argue it would just remove 90% of the Lich farm, but with ways of obtention of said requiem, I don't think it would be a problem. Currently, the only ways of gettting the Oull requim are : 25% chance after you found the correct requiem sequence of your Lich/Sister 11.1% on transmutation, considering all of them are equally rare (if they are not, Oull is rarer, so we will consider 11.1% as the best case) Since requiem mods have 3 ammos and you also need 3 to defeat a Lich/Sister, we can say you need one Oull to defeat a Lich/Sister (even if the truth is you need 3 to defeat 3) From there, it mean you get about 1/4 of the Oulls you need by constantly defeating your Lich/Sister using 3 Oulls, so you would need to rely on transmutation to get the rest. At the rate of 11.1% chance for a Oull per 4 requiems used on transmutation, it mean you would get roughly one Oull per 36 requiem transmuted (minus the 8 you get back). With their 22% drop chance on requiem relics, it mean about 126 relics are needed to get ONE Oull. This is very rough calculation only accurate on long term, but if you only rely on Oulls, you would would get a 1 Oull from Lich/Sister every 4, and need to get the 3 others from trasmutation, which is about 378 requiem relics opened, so about 96 requiem relic opened per Lich/Sister. From what I played opening 96 relic is much more time spend than the average missions you need to play in order to guess the whole requiem sequence. TL;DR : Even if you could use 3 of them at the same time, relying solely on Oull requiems to kill your Lich/Sister is less efficient BUT provide an alternative to the usual Lich/Sister farm, which is always welcome on repetive tasks like this.
  14. I think another gas (which is not entirely true, since it works differently) is much better than another worthless CC. Right now across all status, we have : 4 DoT status 7 CC status 3 damage buff status 1 AoE Packing slows, stun and attack debuffs in "CC" might seem unfair, but at the end why would you care about slowing or reduce damage/accuracy when you can simply stun the target ? It's not like combining corrosive and viral for more damage, since once the target is stun there is nothing more you can do for more benefits. This cause CC status to be worthless because they don't help each other, they just encourage players to use the best one and completely ignore the rest, further increasing the already existing damage meta. As a player who rely a lot on CC status to survive at high level (mainly voic and electricity), I can say Blast is not only expensive to use (taking 2 mod slots, preventing viral/radiation/heat on the weapon, not contributing to the toxin multiplier, is bad against most health types), but also a worst effect than heat/electricity/void provides alone. The only reasons you might want to use blast status are : It's innate on the weapon so you use it as a soft CC in combination with some non-CC status. You want more status for Condition Overload and similar mods.
  15. If a game is meant to take your time (as you say), it's because devs want an active community that will bring more players/money, so they can continue to work on the game. But ideally for the player, the goal of a game isn't to take your time, but to provide some fun. If you enjoy a small part of the game and need to play the rest of the content to get to that fun part, just want to spend the least effort possible to achieve it. Here is one concrete example : You can enjoy to sandbox with the available theorycraft and not be interested in actually using what you made. In that case you don't care about the actual game progression/farming and will just obtain what sounds interesting to build around, with the least effort possible. And there is nothing to weird or toxic to question in that playstyle.
  16. I think the reason we have so much assymetry in armor (mainly shoulder) is the vision. In every asymmetrical armor set, the left shoulder is the big one while the right is a small one, to not block vision. And when we have big shoulders on both side, they generally have some animation that retract them to not block vision while aiming. It's still not a reason to not allow the small shoulder of these sets on the left though, but they probably don't want to make some armor pieces exclusives to one shoulder.
  17. That's not always true. In a game like warframe with a lot content, some people might enjoy a specific part of the game and will afk what they don't like to earn stuff they will have fun with. Here is one concrete example : 99% of the community hate conclave, but a lot of players are willing to afk farm in conclave just for the exclusive rewards. I mentionned conclave because it's one of the most hated content but it apply to anything, ranging from specific gamemodes to repetitive stuff like relic farm. On a game where content is locked behind farm, it just make sense that people will do what require the less effort to aquire what they will have fun with, which sometime is afk farming to not waste their time. And the issue is this can happens only if afk farm is as efficient as playing normally, which shouldn't be the case is measures are taken against this. (Being preventing any afk farm method, or just provide more reward if the player is more efficient at doing certains tasks).
  18. You can't say it's players fault. If the game allow any afk playstyles and there is some benefit to that (farming while not playing for example) the issue is the game, not the players.
  19. I don't agree with OP suggestion, but I have to say blast is still in a very bad state for a few reasons : Reducing enemies accuracy by 75% (10 stacks) is worthless in the current state of game because there are munch stronger CC available through elements. For example, running pure electricity or heat is much better than blast, while the CC component is just a part of the status. Blast is not only bad at CC, but also terrible because other cold and electricty (the other elements you can can in combination) are also CC that don't really help blast to shine, and magnetic is also quite bad, which make the combo even worst. The current status of blast just don't match the damage type. When you ear about blast you either think about AoE, detonation or knockdown, but not... accuracy reduction. A very simple and effective way to make Blast shine without making it the obvious meta is the following : Blast status create a sphere around the impact that deal damage to surrounding, with its own chance for status (Exluding blast). Making any projectile into AoE might sounds OP, but the only damage types that can spread this way are ips/cold/electricity/magnetic because blast is made of heat+cold, so there is nothing too strong about it like spreading viral/corrosive/toxin this way (exluding some specific weapons with innate element, but it don't really apply toward the general meta). Also it require a setup with a bunch of status chance or well oriented damage distribution to proc consistantly blast + the element you want in succession, so there is a big loss compared to innate AoE.
  20. Yeah, to make it simpler you can consider every hunderd of crit chance add your critical damage one time (so 300% would be 3 time your crit damage), and add it another time if you crit, depending on what is below 100%. (This is not exactly true because of the -1 on crit chance, so still refer to the more detailled description above)
  21. The wiki is page is a bit overwhelming but it's really simple : For crit chance under 100% : Critical chance is your chance of applying a crit (pretty obvious) Your critical multiplier is the damage multipler applied when you crit For crit chance above 100% : Ignore what is above the hundreds digit and consider it as your "critical level" For example you would break your 104.3% as 4.3% crit chance and a critical level of 1 (because you had 100% +4.3%) Substract 1 to the critical damage and consider it as "added critical damage", so your multiplier of 9.5x would be 1 + 8.5 added damage Now consider a critical hit will add 1 critical level, so with your 104.3% crit chance and base critical level of 1, your weapon will always do a crits with a critical level of 1, but have 4% chance to increase by one and reach a critical level of 2. Now, whatever your critical level is, it will always do 1+(critical level)*critical damage, so with your current setup : No crit would do a 1+1*8.5=9.5x multiplier Crit would do a 1+2*8.5=17x multiplier This break down can seems unecessarily complexe, but it's really how it works and can apply to any crit chance, ranging from stuff below 100% to astronomical values like 1500%.
  22. The dragon key is definitely an issue, but Rolling Guard need some changes too. The concept of Rolling Guard is really interesting, but I think it has two major issues in the current state : The long invulnerability period and cooldown encourage using it a "invicibility button" you have to use wisely instead of a dodge, which discourage the use of roll for the sake of rolling. For the same reason as above, it greatly disavantage players who use roll for actual movement, which is a flaw for a mod that should encourage rolling. To fix this, I would remove the cooldown and change the duration from "3s" to "animation duration + 0.5s". This change would still make the mod useful, but prevent any cheesing strategy and ease of use, as long as not harming people who use rolls anymore.
  23. 360% VS 165% is actually more 1.7x more damage (considering you only have one source of base damage increase). This big increase at the cost of pontential damage loss if you don't use it correctly seems like a fair trade. As for bosses, most of them have random enemies around you can kill to keep your stacks up.
  24. The weapon stats show 0% status chance, but it's a bit of a lie. The projectile have 0% status chance, but the explosiation have a unlisted 25% status chance. But I agree still agree with you. The weapon don't really have high end potential and didn't have self-damage when it was a thing, so adding self-stagger is a bit weird and don't really fit the weapon.
  25. Auto-aim mod won't solve the issue. The issue isn't the difficulty to aim or any sort of comfort, but how low the outcome is even when you aim perfectly. If you consider a player able to land every bullet on enemies weakspot, most of single target weapons (not only hitscans) are much weaker than AoE weapons. To fix this, we simply need more incentive to use single target projectiles over AoE, with game mechanics that promote aiming skills. Removing headshots on AoE was a great first step, but more could be helpful (innate or through some mods) : headshots grants critical hit successive hit on a same target increase damage it receive Overkill damage is spread out to surrounding enemies (mainly for sniper and other high damage projectiles) Missing bullets bounces on surface 3x, gaining damage for each bounce (either for killing crowd, or land skilled bouce shots for increasing damage) These are just a few examples, but overall we just need more reason use normal projectile guns over AoE. It doesn't physically make sense for a bullet to deal more damage than an explosion, but it's a game and we need game balance and fun over realism.
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