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  1. Primed pressure point Blood rush Body count Organ sheter Virulent scourge Poison 90% Elec 90% Life strike
  2. Would be nice to see a 1:1 Clem statue, with the option to press "X" for : "Grakataaa"
  3. Where is elemental ? You may switch Critical delay for Elec + Poison to get Corrosive...
  4. In Defense i'll use, Frost, it doesn't mean I like Frost... What I use for the current mission doesn't show what I like to play at the moment...
  5. DE should allow us to select our Favortie Warframe Main/seconday/melee weapons, to show to others players what we like to play at the moment...
  6. Wow, this sound really good ! Love how the 1st ability work, and the passive.
  7. Doesn't work, I have this problem + name change, since a long time now (can't remember LOL) ; I don't know why some people have theyr profile updated each time, and others not...
  8. Remind me this :
  9. Kim Kardashian ?
  10. Merci pour la traduction ! Que de bonne petites choses qui nous pendent au nez ! °L°
  11. Put your hands up if you are bored of Hema QQ thread \o/
  12. Well theyr is a message "Are you sure to sold x for x credits" ; I don't think theyr is any possibility, maybe send a ticket to support... But i've low faith.
  13. I personally use sentinelle over kubrow just cause of Vaccum, if Kubrow had something similar, i would use them more often.
  14. You mean earn points for each sorties then when you have for example 10 points you can "buy" a Riven mod or something else ? Cause this sound great !
  15. 1) Nidus, cause immortal 2) Valkyr, cause immortal 3) Inaros, cause almost immortal