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  1. Well theyr is a message "Are you sure to sold x for x credits" ; I don't think theyr is any possibility, maybe send a ticket to support... But i've low faith.
  2. I personally use sentinelle over kubrow just cause of Vaccum, if Kubrow had something similar, i would use them more often.
  3. You mean earn points for each sorties then when you have for example 10 points you can "buy" a Riven mod or something else ? Cause this sound great !
  4. 1) Nidus, cause immortal 2) Valkyr, cause immortal 3) Inaros, cause almost immortal
  5. I solo Jordas with Itzal... Used 2 and was safe. Itzal is op.
  6. I recommand Nyx, it's a pretty strong Warframe even in HL, and this a good warframe to begin with, for learn how and when use skills...
  7. Feel bad when you bough the sheev for 550 last week And what about Furax & Vulkar Wraith ?
  8. Almost 3 years, I never stayed so long on a F2P with the same Hype as the first day, I'm like a kid when DE tease something new, always...
  9. You should remove the polarities on the auras, because it's annoying to be restricted in the choice of aura for Warframe builds. My Titania with 6 formas, have Naramon polarity, out on another config I would have wanted to try to use Growing Power rather than Corrosive Projection, except that I can't without losing the points that I need to keep all the mods from my build. So here is my suggestion; Remove the polarities from Aura, but leave the high point gain they bring. At the reverse limit the fact that the Exilus slot does not have it and that it is optional ... I mean to make the Exilus slot unlocked and free with a polarity; And make the payout Aura slot for platinum and without any polarity. So here is what I suggest : 1) Remove polarity on Aura for each Warframes. 2) Make Exilus slot free with a random polarity. 3) Make Aura slot payable with no polarity (20 or 30) 4) Keep the ammount of points Aura give (+14 or +18) without put a polarity. I hope you understood my suggest
  10. Itzal is already op as it is... Max Range Max Efficiency Max Power and you can spam 3.
  11. I personally use it for temporize...
  12. People complain about endgame, but theyr is a leaderboard you know ? You can try to beat some record for earn your place in the top 20.
  13. 1.) Should I do missions online or solo? Online for beginner, solo for challenge yourself... 2.) How do you get new warframes? Almost on each Boss from each Planets... 3.) How do you trade? Mastery rank 2 + Dojo + something to trade/sell... 4.) What is Affinity? Exp. 5.) What are stance mods? Used for melee weapons, that give combos and give more slot for your build. 6.) Whats the difference between prime and regular warframes/weapons? Look mostly, and stats... 7.) How do you get more customization options? With Platinium most of time. 8.) What are faction wars? A mission type to get the reward from the faction. 9.) Who is Ordus? You're "Angel" 10.) What is the dojo? The place where everyone in the clan can meet/trade... 11.) What does my companion do? Depend wich one you have equiped... And of course, welcome to Warframe !
  14. Banshee, sybaris, pyrana
  15. Ho you came without screenshot ? :(