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  1. That's a pretty good idea, i need those 3k xp from snipetron for mastery rank
  2. Exactly. They may solve your problem.
  3. Moonwalk ok, but only in Dojo or relay
  4. Ye i was wondering the same, but unfortunaly, i mess that supra... see you in 1y tho
  5. Primed pressure point Blood rush Body count Organ sheter Virulent scourge Poison 90% Elec 90% Life strike
  6. Would be nice to see a 1:1 Clem statue, with the option to press "X" for : "Grakataaa"
  7. Where is elemental ? You may switch Critical delay for Elec + Poison to get Corrosive...
  8. Doesn't work, I have this problem + name change, since a long time now (can't remember LOL) ; I don't know why some people have theyr profile updated each time, and others not...
  9. Merci pour la traduction ! Que de bonne petites choses qui nous pendent au nez ! °L°
  10. Put your hands up if you are bored of Hema QQ thread \o/
  11. I solo Jordas with Itzal... Used 2 and was safe. Itzal is op.
  12. Feel bad when you bough the sheev for 550 last week And what about Furax & Vulkar Wraith ?
  13. Itzal is already op as it is... Max Range Max Efficiency Max Power and you can spam 3.
  14. People complain about endgame, but theyr is a leaderboard you know ? You can try to beat some record for earn your place in the top 20.
  15. Banshee, sybaris, pyrana