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  1. Yep, I’ve been affected by this bug as well. It occurred with my Wyrm Prime, which I had just forma’d for the Nightwave challenge.
  2. You could use the third party Polychrome website, which finds the closest in-game color matches to palette colors you pick out or RGB/hex color codes you enter in. Just keep in mind that the same color can look very different depending on the frame, skin, and lighting conditions.
  3. I’m aware, just trying to address the Frost and Trinity mentions in the OP.
  4. They already have though? Twitch drops for December 10, 2018: EDIT: If you’re asking why specifically they keep giving away Primes for Tennocon/Twitch Prime, I imagine it’s mainly because to an outside observer, Primes generate more interest as a “premium” reward in comparison. Plus the whole “Prime with Twitch Prime” fitting with the naming conventions for marketing.
  5. If you complete a weekly challenge, one pair of lights will activate for the remainder of the week. If you complete all weekly challenges, then the syandana will be almost fully lit for the rest of the week, with just one daily needed to maintain the last pair of lights. Also, the description of the syandana does state that the lights are lit based on “Daily Conclave Challenge progress”. Emphasis on daily. Could have saved yourself a lot of trouble if you actually read it or did research before you spent the time to grind.
  6. They don’t though. “But they use pistol ammo!” The Grakata is a Grineer SMG. You’ve never heard of an SMG chambered for pistol caliber rounds? “But they’re in the secondary slot!” There’s a reason the “secondary” section isn’t called the “pistol” section. Secondaries are just as the name implies, a backup/alternative to the primary weapon of your arsenal. Just because a weapon is in that section doesn’t automatically make it a pistol. If I had to guess the reason why Twin Grakatas aren’t in the primary section, it’s probably because the code/animations for dual-wielding guns is linked to secondaries somehow. Spaghetti code happens, and putting Twin Grakatas in the secondary section was probably preferable to accidentally breaking something with primaries.
  7. Just wanted to say congrats on getting Frost Ion into the game finally. Looking forward to your work on Volt, and hoping that your Talis syandana makes the cut for Round 17!
  8. Could be anywhere from a day to a week. Support should be able to give you specifics I imagine, but none of us regular forum posters can give you the answer you are looking for.
  9. As the title states, the Frost Ion Tennogen helmet seems to have an issue with its emissives. For whatever reason, bloom effects are almost nonexistent on it compared to other skins. Changing emissive color to white and turning bloom up makes this more noticeable.
  10. I don’t mind being overpowered, but it has to be satisfying. Currently there are a lot of abilities (especially older ones) that don’t really feel fun to use, despite their relative usefulness. Some sfx and vfx touch-ups could go a long way towards making frames feel like the warrior gods they are supposed to be. Enemy reactions/deaths are also lacking imo. Element and physical damage procs should have more satisfying death animations and sounds. For example I’d love to see puncture procs bore huge holes into enemies upon a kill, while blast proc deaths should blow huge chunks off of the victims corpse.
  11. This has been bugging me for ages! Hopefully DE finally does something about it. Also I can confirm that the Prime detail toggle does work on the Frost Ion skin.
  12. Zenurik is the school with Energizing Dash, and it happens to have some other nice skills like Temporal Blast for CC and Lightning Dash for decent-ish damage and electric procs. Vazarin’s Protective Dash has the ability to temporary make targets invincible while healing them for 60% of their HP over 5 seconds. It’s an extremely useful ability that lets people easily solo missions with frames that ordinarily would be unable to defend the target. Once you max out your current school, it can’t hurt to move on to other trees as their waybounds will help your operator become stronger regardless.
  13. Yup, from a distance it looks pretty neat imo but then when you look at it closer from various angles it falls apart. Was hoping it would fit together a bit better but I probably should have seen it coming considering how other Frost helmets work on the Harka skin. The helmet is the part of the skin that interests me the most so I’m planning on playing around with some mixing and matching for a bit before coming to a decision on whether I just wasted some Steam bucks.
  14. You can favorite colors with right click, and then just place them onto the skin from the favorite color palette tab. Though if you’re talking about Frost’s default colors then you’d have to find approximations of them first I imagine, or just grab them from the Tenno pallete. EDIT: I was actually curious about this too to be honest, so I tried out some color combos. Here’s an Imgur album of my attempts at working with the colors on the Ion skin. Some of the colors are definitely taking in odd ways.
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