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  1. As someone whose most used secondary is Lato Vandal, I agree. It’s a capable crit pistol that is definitely sortie viable.
  2. Convectrix makes me sad honestly. The concept is great: a double-barreled Flux Rifle that uses laser beams like scissors in order to slice mooks into pieces. It looks pretty neat and has a lot of animated bits, including the ability to fold up for reloading and storage. It even sounds cool, with its deep roar upon firing and the low-pitched hum of its beams contrasting the usual high-pitched whine of Corpus laser weapons. But man, that primary firing mode is just horrible to use. You look at a Grineer bloke and pull the trigger, but then have to waste ammo and time as the beams converge before you can inflict the full damage of the weapon (as each beam does half of the listed damage). Meanwhile your average gun has already shot the poor Lancer dead, and has moved on to putting holes in bigger and better things. Even worse, there was a brief moment after the beam weapon rework where Convectrix was actually usable and then DE cratered it by adding damage ramp up to beam weapons. So not only do you have to wait for the beams to converge, but you also have to wait for your damage to ramp up after the fact. And don’t even get me started on that sad excuse for an alternative firing mode. Such a waste, especially with the current beam mechanics.
  3. That helmet is looking pretty cool! Liking how it looks kinda like a pilot helmet, what with the separated frontal visor. Speaking of cool, (and I’m sure you’ve been asked this before so forgive me if I’m beating a dead horse) are there any plans to potentially revisit Frost Graxx and give him a custom alt-helmet ala Excalibur Graxx, or maybe even a new Graxx skin like Gnova?
  4. There’s actually a whole section of the forums dedicated to reporting bugs. If you scroll past the Community section of the front page, there is a Bug Report section right underneath. I would post this there, with screenshot evidence if possible. I would advise being as clear and concise as possible when filing the report. It will greatly help the staff towards understanding the issue.
  5. Awesome, been a long time coming but better late then never.
  6. I’m willing to ignore it not making sense because it’s a freaking freeze ray. I agree we could use more cold weapons but I’d prefer to see your suggestion become a new weapon rather then ruining the feel of an established one.
  7. Looking forward to freezing Sentient-Corpus abominations on Thursday.
  8. I’m actually excited for the new sniper Komorex and Glaxion Vandal coming up. One seems to showcase unique mechanics while the other is an upgrade of a weapon I’ve always enjoyed playing with.
  9. I’m guessing based off of the post that this is set at least after the Second Dream since Alad seems fully healed. Honestly it’s not that clear where this all fits in the timeline though.
  10. Can’t wait to turn Grineer into frozen statues while spouting bad cold-based puns with an Austrian accent. “What killed the dinosaurs? The Ice Age!”
  11. I think you misunderstood what they meant. You just need to have completed Chimera to access the new boss fight.
  12. Better delayed then having to crunch to rush it out imo, hope you guys have a great weekend!
  13. Sure, and there’s also the time spent farming Kuva too. Lots of players (myself included) have sunk a large amount of time and/or money into the Riven system. I bet even a full platinum refund wouldn’t satisfy those affected. I honestly doubt DE will ever do more then disposition changes and maybe Kuva acquisition adjustments in the end, but it’s fun to hope.
  14. Nothing we can do on our end. Good luck though.
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