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  1. Doesn’t look like you’ll need combo to use heavy attacks, you just won’t get the full damage/benefits of the attack without combo meter to consume. Though I’m not sure glaive throws will be linked to heavy attacks.
  2. Hydroid got a Deluxe skin announced in today’s Devstream, maybe that explains any hype you’ve been seeing: The Hydroid Prime trailer was supposed to be released around the time when Hydroid Prime first came out in August 2017. It was delayed for various reasons, and to this day has yet to release.
  3. He’s getting a comprehensive rework, as seen here:
  4. We have also seen Stubba, Seer, and Kraken as well as a “Kuva Scythe”. Maybe there’ll be Kuva Grineer melee weapons as well. RIP my slots.
  5. The upcoming Equinox, Zephyr, Ivara, Garuda, Titania, and second Ash and Nova Deluxe skins aren’t being done by Liger.
  6. Sorry, I should have specified “Warframe” instead of Tenno. I was using it as a general term.
  7. We don’t hate balance, or changes. There’s a vocal minority that facerolls the keyboard every time they perceive a “nerf” to their favorite toys, but Reddit and the Forums aren’t representative of the entire playerbase. Plus you only ever hear about nerfs, but have you considered all the positive changes and buffs that have occurred throughout the years as well? I guarantee you that the “community reception” to those was completely different.
  8. It’s a Kavat that can damage through armor and revive you, pretty sure someone out there finds at least one of those traits useful.
  9. Until the update hits or more details are released, we know just as much as you do about the Kuva Lich system. The Parazon is the new “data spike” that every Warframe will have. It will be used for hacking, revives, captures, finishers, and possibly other functions that have not been shown.
  10. Sure, still not seeing why that’s relevant to your thread title about “the end of red crits”. Maybe you should have titled it “the end of Ninkondi Prime” if that’s what you wanted to discuss. Plus, depending on the final numbers Condition Overload could still be just as strong for most content while requiring less status stacks. For most players who don’t run builds that stack 6+ statuses at once on enemies, they might even see performance improvements. Until we get the final numbers, I feel leaping to the conclusion that it’s all nerfs is short-sighted to say the least.
  11. What does Condition Overload have to do with the critical tier of your melee attack? And we don’t even have the final numbers for Blood Rush or the combo multiplier, so red crits may still be possible or even easier then before. Seems like a knee-jerk reaction to me.
  12. Welp, guess I’m going to have to buy even more slots then I had anticipated.
  13. Not sure how I feel about adding juggles or the changes to the combo meter, but the reintroduction of the “sword alone” melee mode with manual blocking is a welcome addition. I’ll wait until I get my hands on the update before I jump to conclusions. I appreciate the improvements to the clarity of the melee arsenal stats as well. Hopefully this is implying that Exalted weapons get their own unique Heavy Attacks in the future!
  14. I think while it’s not a crit-focused weapon, Exalted Umbra Blade is at least “viable” for crits. It’s not optimal and you’ll usually need a specialized set up to take full advantage of it, but it certainly can kill things regardless. My current crit set-up relies on a few aspects: Arcane Avenger for that additive crit chance bonus. As much Gladiator set mods as I can stack on my melee weapon. Swift Momentum aura mod and Naramon focus for increased combo duration while saving a slot in my Exalted Blade build. Surging Dash augment to boost the speed that I gain combo multiplier. Optional but really helpful for non-endless runs. Basically I build up combo in EB using Surging Dash to take advantage of the pseudo-Blood Rush Gladiator set mod bonus, ending up with pretty consistent yellow and orange crits (without a crit cat, obviously). I can even fit in Chromatic Blade and Condition Overload! Would it be easier to just run a regular Chromatic Blade build? Yup. Is a Primed Pressure Point build stronger? Definitely! But hey, it works.
  15. I wouldn’t say gameplay or updates have any bearing on lore unless specified, but it’s certainly fun to think about. Maybe Excaliburs could originally use Exalted Blade, but the knowledge on how to do so was lost alongside the Tenno’s memories of the Old War. Reworks would then be a result of Tenno rediscovering these hidden powers and sharing their usage with their peers.
  16. Desert Wind does have a combo counter, you need to hit enemies with his actual fists for it to count though. As for your suggestions: Passive change would be great. Always irked me that the “sword master” hasn’t mastered heavy blades. I agree, the homing version of Slash Dash moves pretty slowly, and looks kinda awkward. Would love to see it sped up a bit, with some cleaner visual effects. Radial Blind shouldn’t be changed much imo, it gives Excalibur on-demand Crowd Control while boosting his melee damage due to the stealth damage multiplier and access to finishers. It’s his most versatile ability at the moment. I’d love to see changes to Radial Javelin for sure, preferably to make it synergize with his kit more and giving it functionality other then just damage. Sure it has that stagger effect but Radial Blind is far better for that purpose. Exalted Blade does feel more like “Exalted Energy Wave Turret” then I’d like, but I’m not sure about removing the energy waves entirely. Maybe making an augment that removes the waves, but greatly boosts the damage and reduces the cost of Slash Dash when active would be a more inclusive solution.
  17. I’m looking forward to any info on the next Melee 3.0 phase, especially in regard to community concerns such as the controls post-Flow update.
  18. As the title indicates, many of the armor sets worn on Excalibur Umbra still behave as if the toggle was on despite the toggle being off. There is a noticeable difference in positioning when comparing how chest and shoulder armor sits on base Excalibur, compared to how it sits on Umbra using the toggle. Chest armor suffers the most from this, jutting out in a frankly jarring way. If it's possible, please apply base Excalibur's armor positioning to Umbra when the details toggle is set to "off". I'd also like to note that certain armor sets already address this such as the recent Etheria armor set, though the issue still occurs on the Prisma and Dex skins despite working fine on the base, Tennogen, and Proto skins.
  19. Looking forward to the stream! My question is: will Exalted weapons also be receiving stat changes and stance reworks when the next phase of Melee 3.0 hits?
  20. This has been a thing in Warframe for years though. Heck there are some cosmetics that I will probably never have access to due to not even being around during the time that they were available (like the Tethra’s Doom Quantum Emblem or Trials badges). That being said, the devs have confirmed multiple times on streams that they are looking into bringing back older Nightwave rewards, and that the only true exclusives are the Founder items. So there may be hope yet if you’re patient.
  21. As the title indicates, the Depth of Field option seems to blur and exaggerate certain particle effects. I first started noticing this after Update 25.7.0 with the new Bow visual effects, as with Depth of Field on the particles were quite obnoxious. After testing, I discovered that this issue wasn't exclusive to that weapon type. Examples below, taken with no Anti-Aliasing and maxed GPU Particles/Particle System Quality settings. Please note that all of these were captured while I was using hip-fire:
  22. You can also obtain fully built ones from Sortie mission rewards, but I agree. It’s costly to build one and arguably easier to farm platinum in trade chat. Regardless though, the option to make or earn one plat-free does exist so I don’t see why these new weapon Exilus items would be any different.
  23. Exilus Adapters also can be obtained in-game without needing to pay anything, so I’d imagine the new weapon Exilus slots will be similar.
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