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  1. 57 minutes ago, xBinketx said:

    1: To say the least, hypothetically if I had one that could take more genetic imprints, could I make another of these creations? 

    Doesn’t look like it. It’s been a few years since the bug was fixed but a quick Google search seems to indicate that most won’t even show in the imprint selection menu, and the ones that do seem to result in regular animals.

    57 minutes ago, xBinketx said:

    2: For the Mecha Set Mods, I haven't played around with them too much (as I'm still working on them), but what are the optimal usages for this? 

    Considering the full set requires you to utilize a Warframe and aura slot, it’s hard to say. From what I’ve seen, the set effect is quite strong but very clunky to use as picking out the marked target in a group can be difficult during regular Warframe gameplay.

    Also from what I can tell, Mecha Pulse doesn’t seem to have a cap. I’ve seen some gimmicky builds where it’s used to boost Rhino’s Iron Skin and Nezha’s Warding Halo but I haven’t tested them myself.

    57 minutes ago, xBinketx said:

     3: I was thinking bringing back to ability to freeze projectiles to a certain extent. So how many of you would actually use that augment/how many of you wouldn't mind that being added?

    Doubt you’ll find a accurate number of potential usage here on the forums but there are definitely some die-hard Limbo fans that would love for that to be an augment considering how we already have several topics asking for a similar addition.

    I personally wouldn’t mind as long as it only freezes the user’s projectiles. 

    57 minutes ago, xBinketx said:

    4: So my question is that is there a tool that is commonly used that I'm not aware of to create loadouts for previewing before applying them ingame? 

    Sadly none to my knowledge. Closest you’ll get is using combinations of the in-game arsenal and chat box link previews to approximate a look.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Rakensen93 said:

    Now, when I see good if not god tier rolled Riven with 3,4,5 rolls (and I see quite a lot of them)...what am I doing wrong? 

    It comes down to luck. 

    I’ve had Rivens that had great stats within the first 5 re-rolls, and even a few that were amazing unveiled. On the flip-side. I’ve rolled some Rivens over 20 times without getting a better roll then when I started.

  3. 6 minutes ago, BoogymanV2.1 said:

    if someone felt insulted, im sorry

    Talk about a non-apology lol.

    7 minutes ago, BoogymanV2.1 said:

    pls unban

    That’s something you’ll have to take up with Twitch, I doubt anyone here can actually unban you or even help with the issue.

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  4. 6 minutes ago, Ashefall said:

    Any word on that? I haven't heard of the trials coming back. Then again, everything is being drowned by the hype of railjack (and rightly so).

    It was mentioned in several Devstreams, basically amounts to “we want them to come back, and have some team members brainstorming ideas”. 

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  5. Toss up between Hydroid and Wukong for me. Their Primes are much better looking.

    Ugliest Prime would have to be Oberon Prime imo.

    EDIT: Thinking about it, base Inaros is up there too tbh.

  6. Height is not carried over through imprints at all. The imprints determine breed, body type, coat pattern, and coloration. Just re-scan the imprints of the current kubrow and keep re-incubating it until you get the height that you desire, as that aspect is randomized regardless of imprinted traits.

  7. 13 minutes ago, Aldain said:

    DPS shouldn't overshadow other roles or trivialize content to the point where a series of macros could play the game the same way a player can.

    Raw damage potential shouldn't force a designer to have to make content that denies everyone (not just the damage frames) use of offensive abilities through immunity to either damage or status effects.

    Players shouldn't have to fight other players to contribute to the team in a co-op game regardless of the mode, nor should the game run on a "Carry or be carried" system.

    The current energy economy is part of the problem enabling this debacle to the point it is currently at and infinite energy is a problem



    Great post, just wanted to toss in my hat and say I completely agree with pretty much all your points, especially the ones quoted. 

    Not sure how I’d go about fixing the energy economy though. Maybe replacing it with a cooldown-based system with the relevant mods, arcanes and abilities reducing the cooldown instead of granting energy? It’d certainly make early-game less clunky for new players, especially if the first few abilities have fast/no cooldowns (though several abilities would then have to be rebalanced to compensate).

  8. 49 minutes ago, TeaHawk said:

     So no, it's not easy to predict. Not at all. 

    I don’t think it’s fair to look at a few edge cases and claim they are representative of the entire system. Plus are you really claiming that your anecdotal evidence is more reliable then the actual data DE has access to? 

    Though yeah their “internal power ranking” that they use to change disposition nowadays could be more clear at least.

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  9. It’s not related to the Helminth strain of the technocyte virus, so of course the door would do nothing. Same as if you tried opening it with a Tysis infested pistol or Plague Kripath Zaw.

    Plus the suit is purely cosmetic, unlike Nidus or the Helminth cyst. Cosmetics generally don’t affect gameplay, hence why using a Prime syandana/armor set or Prime Operator cosmetic doesn’t let you get free energy from Void Death Orbs unlike actual Prime warframes. 

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  10. 5 minutes ago, NigglesAU said:

    Im wondering why Mirage prime seems to cheaper than most other wf primes on market ?. 

    Because Mirage Prime been out for such a long time that her parts are widely available. Though iirc she’s next in line to be vaulted so the price will eventually rise once that occurs.

  11. 1 hour ago, D_Caedus said:

    Neither change your playstyle more than you do with how Limbo is currently.

    With all due respect, this is false. Currently I can use my guns regardless of whether the Limbo is using Stasis. This was not the case with old Stasis, as it would prevent my bullets from hitting targets whenever it was up, forcing me to use melee or abilities to kill targets for the duration. 

    The suggestion to “keep shooting” to reach the projectile/enemy limit of Stasis doesn’t help my case either. I prefer using guns over melee and abilities, with a focus on semi-automatic weapon such as Grinlok and Latron playstyle-wise. In order to reach the Stasis limit of 300, I’d have to click the fire button at least 100 times (assuming Split Chamber blesses me with every shot and a generous amount of frozen enemies). Alternatively I could bring a rapid-fire weapon solely for the purpose of breaking Stasis, but that would be an obvious playstyle change for me.

    Plus imagine you’re playing Limbo in a pub, and some Tenno with a max fire-rate Kohm keeps breaking your Stasis shortly after you activate it. It’d be annoying at best, potentially game-ruining at worst. Imho the idea of abusing the Stasis limit is a poor solution to the issue as it wastes the Limbo’s energy, the teammate’s ammo, and everyone’s time.

    The suggestion of an augment that affects the Limbo’s bullets only is what I believe to be the best compromise in this case, though honestly I feel he could use another rework.

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  12. That bump tho.

    I will say that after the recent re-reveal of the deluxe skin on Devstream 130, I greatly prefer how it looks compared to the oddly-proportioned skin on the left. 

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  13. 4 minutes ago, (PS4)TONI__RIBEIRO said:

    Well ,I'm not reviving any  grendel in my squad. 

    When a man’s gotta eat, a man’s gotta eat. 

    I’m hoping they actually implement his belly opening like that eventually though, seems like a waste otherwise.

  14. 22 minutes ago, Edsim said:


    I hate cliffhanger endings.

    EDIT: Welp that was short-lived. Props to finishing up the post that quickly.

    I’ll say that the fashion frame contest certainly sounds more accessible then clan competitions. Maybe have prizes for the runners-up as well.

    We used to have several forms of clan competitions in the past, through Dark Sectors and leaderboards. I forget why they were removed as I wasn’t an active player during those times, but I wouldn’t be adverse to a reintroduction of Clan-based competitions or events as long as there’s framework for smaller clans to still have a chance at obtaining a reward. 

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  15. 5 hours ago, Sandomere said:

    Frost. Frost was also my first Prime. Snow globe helped me a lot when i was starting out.


    2 hours ago, TARINunit9 said:

    Frost PrimeI


    1 hour ago, 6Sanity9x said:

    Frost, because he is very chill.


    8 minutes ago, (PS4)TONI__RIBEIRO said:

    Frost ❤

    Look at all these good-looking Tenno with fantastic tastes in Warframe preference.

    My special frame would have to be Grendel. He has sumo animations for his idles and jiggle physics on his belly so he’s already better then 99% of the frames in this game automatically. Plus watching him bullet jump cracks me up.


    I’m half serious tbh


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