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  1. With all due respect, this is false. Currently I can use my guns regardless of whether the Limbo is using Stasis. This was not the case with old Stasis, as it would prevent my bullets from hitting targets whenever it was up, forcing me to use melee or abilities to kill targets for the duration. The suggestion to “keep shooting” to reach the projectile/enemy limit of Stasis doesn’t help my case either. I prefer using guns over melee and abilities, with a focus on semi-automatic weapon such as Grinlok and Latron playstyle-wise. In order to reach the Stasis limit of 300, I’d have to click the fire button at least 100 times (assuming Split Chamber blesses me with every shot and a generous amount of frozen enemies). Alternatively I could bring a rapid-fire weapon solely for the purpose of breaking Stasis, but that would be an obvious playstyle change for me. Plus imagine you’re playing Limbo in a pub, and some Tenno with a max fire-rate Kohm keeps breaking your Stasis shortly after you activate it. It’d be annoying at best, potentially game-ruining at worst. Imho the idea of abusing the Stasis limit is a poor solution to the issue as it wastes the Limbo’s energy, the teammate’s ammo, and everyone’s time. The suggestion of an augment that affects the Limbo’s bullets only is what I believe to be the best compromise in this case, though honestly I feel he could use another rework.
  2. The reasoning was already posted in the Announcements section weeks before the Devstream: EDIT: Welp.
  3. That bump tho. I will say that after the recent re-reveal of the deluxe skin on Devstream 130, I greatly prefer how it looks compared to the oddly-proportioned skin on the left.
  4. When a man’s gotta eat, a man’s gotta eat. I’m hoping they actually implement his belly opening like that eventually though, seems like a waste otherwise.
  5. I hate cliffhanger endings. EDIT: Welp that was short-lived. Props to finishing up the post that quickly. I’ll say that the fashion frame contest certainly sounds more accessible then clan competitions. Maybe have prizes for the runners-up as well. We used to have several forms of clan competitions in the past, through Dark Sectors and leaderboards. I forget why they were removed as I wasn’t an active player during those times, but I wouldn’t be adverse to a reintroduction of Clan-based competitions or events as long as there’s framework for smaller clans to still have a chance at obtaining a reward.
  6. Look at all these good-looking Tenno with fantastic tastes in Warframe preference. My special frame would have to be Grendel. He has sumo animations for his idles and jiggle physics on his belly so he’s already better then 99% of the frames in this game automatically. Plus watching him bullet jump cracks me up.
  7. Dumped it into my Umbral Frost. Sentients won’t even know what hit em.
  8. Didn’t realize this was even a thing, but wow they really did. Despite Gunsen releasing way earlier as well, guess War Fans really don’t get any love.
  9. It’s always looked alright to me, never really understood the backlash against it. Not planning on getting it either way though as I rarely play Ivara.
  10. We got the Wukong rework, which also served as a test bed for the stance control changes with his 4. Though yeah more info on the next phase would be great.
  11. It would be the former. Frost Prime has a narrower “neck” area so helmets made for the base version tend to clip through it. Shame only more recent Tennogen skins support the toggle functionality though. Older skins for Frost don’t change at all, which does result in clipping issues compared to the Emperor and Ion skins.
  12. Read the official emblem creation guide and the “How not to Emblem” forum post to familiarize yourself with the emblem creation and submission process, Research reference material for your emblem design. You can use assets from the Warframe fansite kit linked in the official guide to get ideas or even make your emblem as they are assets approved for use in the game. Using an image manipulation program like Photoshop or free alternatives like GIMP and Paint, create your emblem submission. Remember to adhere to the format and guidelines outlined in the official guide, or your emblem will not be accepted. Submit your emblem using the Account Management tab on the official Warframe website. Good luck.
  13. Good to hear. Was afraid this was another case of a player on the verge of burnout, desperately scrabbling for something to do in a game that they spent more then enough time in. Thanks for clarifying. I agree that Warframe is lacking a replayable “endgame” for players who’ve done everything else, but that issue has been around for years and I honestly doubt it’ll be changing anytime soon. Hopefully they have something in the works (return of Dark Sectors and Raids have been hinted at for awhile alongside discussions of additional diffficulty tweaks) but at the moment they seem to be focused on Railjack and the like.
  14. If you’ve done everything there is to do or that you want to do currently, then there’s no need to force yourself to play. If I were in your position I would just chill with some other games while waiting for new stuff to drop. Content will come, but begging for it isn’t going to get it completed any faster.
  15. At least you’re not stuck with .95 sprint speed like a certain frosty lad. His time as a “tanky caster” is long over, and plenty of “tank” frames have a faster base sprint speed like Chroma or Revenant. Come to think of it, even frames like Rhino and Saryn who have less than 1.0 sprint speed get that addressed with sprint buffs for their Prime versions while Frost Prime just gets 75 more shield. Frost Prime actually runs slower then Rhino Prime of all frames.
  16. Awesome, thanks for these fixes!
  17. Can we finally get the proposed feature from the Frost changes in Update 17 where freezing mid-air enemies would cause them to fall and shatter?
  18. You’ll want to submit a support ticket for actual assistance with your issue. I imagine they pointed you towards the forums so you could read up or learn more about the issue and its potential causes but no one here has the capability to get your platinum back. And yes, if you’ve obtained illegitimate platinum though any means, it can be removed from your account at any time. There isn’t really any way to tell if the trade is “bad” other then potential warning signs like low MR player offering suspiciously high amounts of platinum. My rule of thumb is “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is”.
  19. I started in 2014 and reached MR27 in 2019 so I guess 5 years? Pretty darn quick if I do say so myself.
  20. “Maining” a frame or weapon in this game is pretty limiting to me. There’s simply a ton of options and in a game like this where you replay a lot of the same content over and over, making use of those options is key to eliminating burn out and keeping things interesting (at least imo). That being said, Frost Prime is my most used frame. I like ice casters/abilities in games and one of the things that got me into Warframe was seeing this render of Frost Prime and thinking it was pretty neat looking.
  21. Well that sucks I guess, hope it works out.
  22. His actual body is still around, and can be seen in the rare Uranus extraction room as posted above.
  23. Hunhow’s actual remains are pretty neat imo, since they keep making unearthly groaning and creaking noises.
  24. The devs confirmed when it released that the Intermission wouldn’t be the only way of obtaining the Eidolon Ephemera.
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