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  1. I’m assuming you can provide evidence for this claim? Because I’ve seen this mentioned but can’t find anything on the wiki or reddit proving that it actually was the case.
  2. It wasn’t intended to be playable from the beginning. People were asking for it as a decoration like the Orokin Tea Set and Dax Portrait, so the devs finally gave them what they wanted. Then shortly after they announced that making it a playable emote was in the works.
  3. I want to see nerfs to enemy armor scaling, enemy damage scaling, our damage modding capabilities, and our abilities in general. Power creep has spiraled out of control in my opinion, and we need a new baseline that the developers can use to balance the game around. Though with the developers being seemingly terrified of touching damage after the 2.5 blowback, I’m not expecting much. Just tired of having to limit my use of mods, abilities, and arcanes just to make things engaging to play is all.
  4. I’d love a Lato Umbra or Aklato Prime with similar stats tbh. Lato is one of my favorite secondaries and although the Vandal is nice, not being able to use a Prime version of it gives me the sads. On topic, I haven’t seen a compelling reason why the Founder items need to be released for consoles. They aren’t needed to complete any of the game’s content, and there are non-exclusive weapons that are superior in performance. Umbra is essentially a better Excalibur Prime too. Good luck with your little crusade though OP, I imagine you’ll need all that you can get.
  5. When you’re moving there’s just the center glow effect, no other particles or anything. Like a more subtle Smoking Body Ephemera.
  6. I agree, you’re definitely jumping to conclusions and not just in the title considering the bolded statement.
  7. I really doubt we’ll be permanently aged up. Duviri is likely a place where the operator can’t use their Warframe, and is instead forced to rely on weapons and the like but in regular missions we’ll probably still be in the teens.
  8. I’d post this in Feedback rather then General Discussion if you actually want the devs to look at this.
  9. Duviri Paradox is the next open tileset. Though if I had my way, the next open area/update theme would be centered around the infested. Grineer and Corpus had their turn, now it’s time to give the infested some love and make them the horrific tide of mutated abominations they were always meant to be.
  10. Yeah, Burston could definitely do with another skin series as well, especially for fans of the previous model it had. The Latron Conclave skin is alright, but is annoying to color (primary channel has odd metallics, dull/dirty main body, ect) and has low-res textures. I’d prefer a Tekelu skin for the Latron.
  11. Finally a nice Stradavar skin! Hopefully you guys show Latron some love as well later on.
  12. Yes please. Especially with regards to the “void” part of the whole “void demon” thing. There are plenty of operator abilities that both look and feel underwhelming to use, such as Unairu Wisp summoning a barely visible Eidolon wisp recolour (that interacts with terrain in the most annoying ways) or Guardian Shell conjuring a tiny shield that doesn’t even cover your own feet. Imagine if Unairu Wisp was replaced with a radial shockwave that buffed allies in your vicinity, or if Guardian Shell created a large barrier of swirling void energy that could absorb enemy damage and release it as a radial healing pulse similar to the old Vazarin Transcendence wave. Even if a complete rebalance is out of the picture, I’d love to see more powerful-feeling visual effects implemented for operator abilities to really hammer in that we’re playing as the demons that the Sentients fear. Plus (as stated in the OP) the animations could certainly do with another pass, like the infamous amp slouch and that derpy slide kick. But hey, maybe this is all being addressed for the New War or something.
  13. I personally don’t believe Umbra has that level of sentience or personality. If they do implement something along those lines then it would be neat though.
  14. To my knowledge, the only other pistol that lets you dump your magazine with an alternate rapid-fire mode is Cyanex, which probably isn’t what you’re looking for as its regular firing mode shoots much slower and its shots being comparatively slower-moving homing projectiles rather then bullets. So yeah, assuming you’re only looking for a gun that fits the criteria you listed then you’re pretty much using the best tool for your tastes. I would note that Cyanex is great for proccing status effects for Condition Overload melee weapons, so I’d give it a shot if you’re using a build like that for your Orvius.
  15. If we’re going to limit our power (frames, weapons, mods, ect) then I’d first like to see a full damage rework first. Eliminating the insane armor scaling and making every element useful would open up a lot of builds, and then limiting our potential damage would give DE a baseline to balance around for “endgame” or “difficult” content. Though at this point I have my doubts that anything similar will happen. DE seemed super reluctant to even consider more damage system changes on the devstream before Tennocon, which was expected after the Damage 2.5 pushback but still kinda disappointing.
  16. It’d be amazing if they went back and retroactively added some channeling effects to the Prime armor sets and syandanas that are missing them for Melee 3.0. Heck, I’d be much more likely to pick up accessory packs with Prime sugatras if they each had their own channeling effects as well.
  17. Eh, I didn’t even know this was a thing to be honest. I’ve been using it as “intended” the whole time and it’s kinda fun trying to figure out alternate routes that make use of basically flying from wall to wall.
  18. Dual Toxocyst are clunky, but absolutely more viable then Stug and actually quite strong if you can aim. Only buff/change it really needs imo is to change its firing mode to full auto when it has the buff up, kinda like they did with Knell.
  19. It’s not broken though. Plus you can get it in-game for free as a rare drop from the Profit-Taker orb fight.
  20. If you want DE to see this, put it in the relevant Feedback or Bug section.
  21. I disagree, if it was a battery weapon then we wouldn’t have that cool and satisfying reload animation.
  22. There was a time when Ice Wave only hit in a straight line. When Snow Globes could not be popped using Freeze, and were duration-based instead of health-based making them effectively invincible and Frost a one-trick pony. When Avalanche couldn’t strip armor, and the only difference between Frost Prime and regular Frost was their looks. And most importantly, a time when Frost’s coat had no cloth physics much like Volt currently! Dark days indeed.
  23. The new Corposant Prime Ephemera seems to have a few issues, especially when used in conjunction with Operators. In-mission bugs (tested in Solo mode): The "aura" effect constantly rendered in the center of the Warframe/Operator sometimes disappears after moving through the level tileset. I can replicate it by playing through a mission, and usually by the end the "aura" will be gone but the swirling particles and plasma light beams will still render normally. Upon transference back into a Warframe, the majority of the ephemera's effects will remain at the operator's last known position. If two entities/players have the Corposant Prime ephemera equipped, their particle effects will track towards the area in-between the two users if they stand within a few meters of each other (unsure if this is actually a bug but worth mentioning imo) Hub area bugs (tested in Cetus and Fortuna server 69): When transferring into Operator mode within a hub area, the ephemera's particles will fail to track towards the owner and instead listlessly move upwards. The ephemera's "aura" effect fails to render in the center of the Operator. Always occurs in conjunction with the above bug. Upon unequipping and re-equipping the ephemera on the Operator while within the hub, the ephemera then proceeds to work normally with no issues. Here is an Imgur album containing images that I hope illustrate some of the issues I have encountered.
  24. Yeah that could be the case, at least in regards to the head lining up with the lower neck stump. Arlo seems to be using a modified Vent Kid model, who also have noticeably detached heads to emphasize the cruelties of Fortunian debt collection.
  25. Pretty sure that's intentional, as his statue and the official Nightwave renders also display his detached neck.
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