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  1. Yeah that could be the case, at least in regards to the head lining up with the lower neck stump. Arlo seems to be using a modified Vent Kid model, who also have noticeably detached heads to emphasize the cruelties of Fortunian debt collection.
  2. Pretty sure that's intentional, as his statue and the official Nightwave renders also display his detached neck.
  3. Could try looking for a mod using the member search function and PM them asking to move the thread.
  4. Actually the Misa Prime syandana was originally released with Ember Prime. Nova Prime came out with the Verlorum Prime sigil and Pyra Prime syandana.
  5. Sadly I don’t think anyone here can help you with that issue. If the support representative claims that they cannot transfer the items over, then that’s in all likelihood actually the case. The tools they are given to assist users are by no means perfect or all-powerful.
  6. There is an Emissary Ornament decoration, it’s linkable in the in-game chat. It hasn’t been available through the Cred Shop yet but I believe we’ll see it offered there eventually.
  7. Don’t suppose there’s a list floating around of the frames/Primes that have PBR issues currently?
  8. It’s intentional. See the official Nightwave renders, or his statue.
  9. My “noob moments”: I bought a couple hundred platinum back when I was starting out. Spent a chunk of it on revives and individual Forma for building my clan dojo (which I ended up abandoning later on because I wanted “a re-do”). Younger me was dumber me. Started leveling Frost and really enjoyed him (my name wasn’t initially FrostPrime). Learned Frost Prime was a thing and jumped for it, immediately selling my Frost since I had the “better version”. Later at like MR22, I remember that I had yet to finish leveling Frost and had to re-farm him. Thanks to that he’s my least-used frame at the moment. Using the pre-potatoed Broken War to make War, then later buying the Hunhow’s Gift bundle for the armor. If that wasn’t enough I also realized I missed Broken War, so I attempted to re-farm it. Over three months of running Lua missions, a few times a day. Broken War BPs are nothing to the soul-draining horror that is obtaining two War Blades. Eventually gave up and bought the last blade I needed. Never again.
  10. Those kinds of things are kind what I was wishing Rivens were to begin with to be honest. Special mods with abilities/stats that regular mods cannot offer. Seems a bit late to be changing that at this point though.
  11. Commodore Prime Mask, from Zephyr Prime Access.
  12. Tried making a decent male operator face. Looking forward to the upcoming hairstyles!
  13. Reportedly? Where is some evidence of this? Baseless speculation isn’t a reason to change anything. Paracesis “doesn’t even look” like a heavy blade? What is a heavy blade supposed to look like then, especially compared to Tatsu? Because comparing the two, Paracesis has a noticeably thicker and heavier-looking blade then Tatsu does in my opinion. Like I’m not really against changing Paracesis to a 2-Handed Nikana necessarily, but the above points don’t strike me as compelling reasons to do so. The only one with merit in my opinion is your first point: the “over-saturation” of heavy blade weapons, which I do agree with. I’d prefer splitting off Scindo and Zenistar into their own “Axe” weapon class though as an alternative solution to that issue.
  14. The form you start in is determined by the first color you selected for the emissives section of Equinox’s appearance. Lighter hues will cause her to start in Day form, while darker hues will cause her to start in Night form.
  15. I’d certainly be cool with this, though I may be biased.
  16. If the door looks just like a normal door, but with no lights on it then it’s probably just a dead end. It’s kinda hard to tell if that’s a secret door from the screenshots provided to be honest, but that door doesn’t seem like anything special. The “secret lab” doors can be identified by their bright yellow color and the glowing symbols arranged vertically across the height of the doorway.
  17. It’s a status shotgun, so you’ll want to go for 100% status before multi-shot mods are applied. Slapping on three 60% status/element mods of your preference (usually tuned towards the faction you want to mince) should let you hit that breakpoint. The rest is the mandatory damage/multi-shot mods and quality-of-life/personal preferences. Since it’s a one-shot wonder with a 1.6 reload, some people like modding it for an extra shot or for faster reload speed for example. I don’t really use it much so that’s all I can say on the subject.
  18. Pretty sure Lex/Lex Prime is close to what you’re looking for in power and handling, though the size could be bigger.
  19. C:\Users\*Username*\AppData\Local\Warframe\ or something along those lines for Windows. Might have to make sure you can view hidden files and folders in the preferences first. Dunno how it works, if I had to guess I’d imagine the game writes to the file as events occur.
  20. Ah, you mean replay. Aside from recording your gameplay/taking screenshots yourself, the only way to check would be to look at your EE.log file (located at %localappdata%\Warframe\EE.log) assuming you haven’t relaunched Warframe since the incident. The EE.log file should have a record of every death in that play session, but it resets with every new launch of Warframe.
  21. Should say Jen Dro killed you in the kill feed if I recall right. Her Mimic ability just changes her looks and the name above her hp bar. EDIT: I’d like to state that pretty much nobody normally uses the Dual Cestra in the Index aside from the AI. It’s that bad of a weapon. So if the weapon matches the description of what killed you then I’m 100% certain you were killed by Jen Dro.
  22. Jen Dro can disguise herself as other players on your team, including yourself. Name and everything, except the weapons. You can usually tell it’s her since she’ll be shooting at you with her rapid-fire dual Corpus laser pistols: the Dual Cestra.
  23. Yeah, I do wish that Warframe would emphasize the ninja in “space ninja” more. Stealth, espionage, guerrilla tactics and ect. Currently it’s more like we’re walking blenders that the factions just funnel their troops into.
  24. Dunno myself, probably better off asking the artist since it seems those symbols were planned to be there even in the initial concepts for the Tang Prime fur pattern.
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