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  1. Eh, don’t think they are comparable myself. Those nodules on Ballas are metallic implants similar to Operator somatics, while the marks on the Ancient are more akin to glowing eyes or sensors.
  2. When old lore meets new intentions I guess. Was one of my pet peeves along with the fact that we keep getting asymmetrical Prime Operator outfits. I’ve basically given up on caring though.
  3. It’d probably be a useless addition but I’d like for Reave to be made chargeable, similar to how Vomvalysts charge their dashes. It could deal an even greater percentage of damage and be aimed in any direction or something.
  4. It’s supposed to show up based on the amount of damage you take during missions. Have you read the sigil description?
  5. Seems pretty neat actually. Maybe it could occur on the new cinematic finishers that seem to be being planned for Melee 3.0.
  6. Good thing DE is also balancing disposition based on an “internal power ranking” rather then just popularity then. Might want to re-read the last few Riven workshops rather then skipping to the changes and then knee-jerk complaining. Because Rivens were not made to make high tier weapons better. That’s the whole point of the disposition system, to make Rivens for meta weapons weaker then Rivens for unused weapons.
  7. I’ll probably Umbra Forma Frost Prime again.
  8. It ghosted us on Mother’s Day to be in theme with how the Lotus abandoned us. Probably will arrive once the New War hits, as I imagine that will contain some major Lotus-related story beats.
  9. If you want to contact Warframe support staff, do it through the official support site. No one here can assist with your friend’s issue.
  10. Pretty sure their wording was vague enough that it’s difficult to determine if DE was talking about all ephemera or just the ones planned at that point in time. If this really is an issue for some Tenno, I’d love to hear why they aren’t also launching similar complaints about DE “breaking their word” by giving out the the Lotus ephemera using streams as opposed to an in-game accomplishment.
  11. I love the idea of earnable prestige cosmetics that you can flaunt as proof you completed a difficult in-game achievement. Shame Ephemera do nothing to fit the bill, with the exception being maybe Bleeding Body. So yeah sure, I wouldn’t mind if they made all of the rng-based Ephemera tradable. As long as any future achievement-based Ephemera aren’t.
  12. Colors aside, there’s an entire tab dedicated to Orokin objects and furnishings in the Decorations menu.
  13. I’d love to see an increase to the “aura” effect in the center, and maybe a toning down of the particle spasms.
  14. That’s literally what the Sanzang Prime armor is supposed to look like though, unless I’m misunderstanding your post. It’s just a bunch of Prime dangly attachments to your Kubrow. The Tang Prime fur pattern is what makes the Kubrow itself look “Prime” like in the Prime Access pictures.
  15. The Tennocon relay replacing the current Strata relay does make sense imo, since it looks quite New Loka-themed and obviously New Loka would be all about having their own relay orbiting Earth.
  16. I would have preferred it if Rivens were customizable mods. You would be able to use Kuva to invest into stats of your choice and level them up. The more powerful the stat/amount of stats on the Riven, the higher the Kuva cost for each action regarding that Riven. Disposition would determine the upper limit of the stat effects similar to how it works currently. This would keep the “endgame-player timesink” aspect while also removing RNG from the equation. Have you read any of the recent Riven workshops lately? DE isn’t just balancing based on popularity anymore. They are also using an “internal power ranking” to determine disposition, with the end goal seeming to be the eventual stabilizing of dispositions.
  17. Dammit, now I need this and am disappointed that it isn’t a thing currently. Thanks OP.
  18. Weird. Would you mind posting your build? Even without an optimized set up, I would think that Quartakk would at least be able to kill level 50 heavies in less then a clip using a standard corrosive-crit build. Taking multiple reloads to down one is definitely odd.
  19. Seems like your issue is with the equipped mods or an Extinguished Dragon Key, as krc473 has stated. On my end, Quartakk can 1-2 shot level 50 Corrupted Heavy Gunners and Bombards without a Riven or external buffs, so whatever is wrong seems to be on your end.
  20. Never! Also thanks for the fixes and free skin.
  21. Wish more people realized the bolded. I can guarantee that when Melee 3.0 hits and Gram/Redeemer Riven dispositions take a hit, we’ll see the same old song-and-dance.
  22. It’s actually a pretty strong gun, with a nicely meaty firing sound. Shame they completely borked it’s accuracy in Update 23.10 for no reason (an unlisted change too even).
  23. I’d keep in mind that you’re trying to compare an MR8 rifle to MR12 and 14 rifles respectively. Not saying that Komorex doesn’t need a buff, just that comparatively it’s meant to be weaker then Vectis Prime.
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