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  1. Those kinds of things are kind what I was wishing Rivens were to begin with to be honest. Special mods with abilities/stats that regular mods cannot offer. Seems a bit late to be changing that at this point though.
  2. Reportedly? Where is some evidence of this? Baseless speculation isn’t a reason to change anything. Paracesis “doesn’t even look” like a heavy blade? What is a heavy blade supposed to look like then, especially compared to Tatsu? Because comparing the two, Paracesis has a noticeably thicker and heavier-looking blade then Tatsu does in my opinion. Like I’m not really against changing Paracesis to a 2-Handed Nikana necessarily, but the above points don’t strike me as compelling reasons to do so. The only one with merit in my opinion is your first point: the “over-saturation” of heavy blade weapons, which I do agree with. I’d prefer splitting off Scindo and Zenistar into their own “Axe” weapon class though as an alternative solution to that issue.
  3. Pretty sure Lex/Lex Prime is close to what you’re looking for in power and handling, though the size could be bigger.
  4. It’s supposed to show up based on the amount of damage you take during missions. Have you read the sigil description?
  5. I love the idea of earnable prestige cosmetics that you can flaunt as proof you completed a difficult in-game achievement. Shame Ephemera do nothing to fit the bill, with the exception being maybe Bleeding Body. So yeah sure, I wouldn’t mind if they made all of the rng-based Ephemera tradable. As long as any future achievement-based Ephemera aren’t.
  6. I’d love to see an increase to the “aura” effect in the center, and maybe a toning down of the particle spasms.
  7. Never! Also thanks for the fixes and free skin.
  8. I’d keep in mind that you’re trying to compare an MR8 rifle to MR12 and 14 rifles respectively. Not saying that Komorex doesn’t need a buff, just that comparatively it’s meant to be weaker then Vectis Prime.
  9. In a way, they already have if you want to get technical about it. Tonkor received several nerfs and changes over the course of its usage, and now players who liked how it originally played can never use it like they did before. The original Tonkor does not exist in the game anymore, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.
  10. Tried digging around, looks like it’s on the back burner for now. Most recent comment regarding that as far as I can tell. My wallet is never safe it seems.
  11. That helmet is looking pretty cool! Liking how it looks kinda like a pilot helmet, what with the separated frontal visor. Speaking of cool, (and I’m sure you’ve been asked this before so forgive me if I’m beating a dead horse) are there any plans to potentially revisit Frost Graxx and give him a custom alt-helmet ala Excalibur Graxx, or maybe even a new Graxx skin like Gnova?
  12. Looking forward to freezing Sentient-Corpus abominations on Thursday.
  13. I think you misunderstood what they meant. You just need to have completed Chimera to access the new boss fight.
  14. Better delayed then having to crunch to rush it out imo, hope you guys have a great weekend!
  15. They’ve already stated its coming June 12th on the most recent devstream.
  16. Awesome, one of my favorite Tennogen creators showing some love for Baruuk! Not sure how I feel about the “angry eyes” on his helmet, considering his (mostly) pacifist theme but I’m sure you’ll be able to nail something cool looking regardless!
  17. That supposedly is coming with the next Nightwave season as a skin for 2-handed Nikana weapons.
  18. Interestingly enough, have we actually had a Primed version of a signature weapon? And by “signature” I mean it literally says “_____’s signature weapon” in the description, rather then simply being part of a bundle. I honestly can’t really think of any.
  19. Dunno if that ever will come over to be honest, seeing as it’s a compensation for Chinaframe Founders. Would be neat but I prefer the base Umbra helmet, which (in my contrary opinion to the OP) looks much more like base Excalibur then the Beast helmet.
  20. They said on stream when they first previewed the Spring Step that it will go away, it’s a seasonal cosmetic and not permanent.
  21. Should have tied the Wolf spawn to fugitive captures in my opinion, ramping the spawn chances up with every Wolf Pack member taken down. The Wolf was willing to bust out of the Saturn Six max pen just to help out his pack mates, so I feel it’s a wasted opportunity.
  22. Sure you could press 4 and kill the small group of enemies right in front of you with Wisp. Or you could press 4 with Saryn and kill everything in the entire room. Not really seeing how a single focused beam is “overkill”.
  23. People asking for K-drive speed buffs probably haven’t tried Magus Drive on a board modded for max speed. It’s extremely difficult to get to point B without cratering at least once, whether the culprit is a sharp incline or a small rock. The speed makes it hard to react in time to avoid tripping on your face. Yet people want them to go even faster? Yeesh, I can already see the complaints if that ever hits.
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