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  1. Quartakk already has innate 0.5m punch-through my friend. And it’s disposition is actually 4/5, not 5/5. Though I wouldn’t blame you for not knowing these things as few people seem to regularly use the weapon. I’m one of the weird people who likes the current Quartakk it seems. I love how the slow fire rate, powerful sound design, innate punch-through and ragdolls upon kill all combine to make the rifle feel high-powered compared to other members of its family. The high status and decent crit chance supplements its burst-fire nicely, resulting in a weapon that I can comfortably bring to most content. When the Quartakk was originally changed to a burst rifle, they also reduced its damage and doubled the fire rate. It was a net buff but the change killed the weapon for me, and I was extremely stoked when the later rifle balance pass reverted the fire rate and damage changes. We already have plenty of “spammy” semi-auto rifles in the Latron series, as well as alt-firing modes like Zenith, Argonak, and Tiberon Prime. In my opinion we need more guns like the Grinlok; slower and more deliberate weapons that are satisfying (and rewarding) to shoot while punishing if you miss. TL;DR: Don’t touch mah Quartakk ya dang goons!
  2. I doubt they will add combos, honestly. The stated intention for Melee 3.0 was to make melee attacks more fluid and intuitive, while rebalancing the weapon classes. More specifically Steve stated in an earlier devstream that they wanted to remove the need to memorize combos in order to perform them. In the above-mentioned devstream (I believe it was #114 if you want to check it out) they showcased some actual stance combo changes, where clicking atttack did a standing combo, while pressing forward while attacking did a combo with forward momentum. That’s currently all we have to go on as far as their plans for combos. So we will see changes to the stance mod combos eventually, but it will likely be a simplification of what we already have. Same animations but different stats and proc effects perhaps. Warframe is a horde shooter closer to Dynasty Warriors then something like Rising. So even though I like how Rising did things, I truly doubt they will add new combos to the game. The time-to-kill on enemies is too low at high levels to justify those changes.
  3. Steve stated that Melee 3.0 is coming out in stages. They will work on the rest of the melee system, but what they are showing in the stream is what they will be releasing (hopefully) this week. The combos will be the same, but the effects will be updated, along with 2 new mechanics: quick switching between gun and full melee mode, and aimed ground slam.
  4. I just want actual Spears. Pokey sticks. None of this curve-bladed polearm/glaive/trident nonsense.
  5. IIRC the closest thing would be Panthera and its alt-fire mode.
  6. What other frames have unique rolls besides Limbo? Limbo only gained the rift dash upon his rework since the changes removed his original 2nd ability Rift Walk, the ability that let him enter the rift. Not sure how that justifies adding spammable pseudo-abilities for every frame.
  7. Well Helios (Corpus sentinel) was Primed so I guess it’s possible. They could say the Flux Rifle and Cycron were Corpus imitations of original Orokin beam weapons. But honestly the chance of all that happening is pretty low. We do need some Prime beam weapons imo. The Orokin supposedly had some insane tech back in the day, and I would love to see the weaponized variants of that in action even if it was useless against the Sentients.
  8. I like this idea, but it’ll never work even if implemented as long as Warframe abilities remain as they are. How will enemies get the chance to showcase improved attacks and formations when they are being melted instantly across the map without line of sight? How will an enemy display better use of cover when their ability to move or shoot is completely locked down? I would honestly love it if Warframe emphasized the “ninja” aspect more. Where stealth and tactics are more necessary, where fighting openly without utilizing the environment would be dangerous if not suicidal, where your decisions mid-battle are just as important as your team composition and abilities. But that would be a completely different game from what we have today. We aren’t ninja anymore, we’re invincible gods that trivialize pretty much everything DE can toss at us.
  9. Could be just me, but in my opinion these are all a factor: Essentially a pocket Arca Plasmor, one of the most popular shotguns in Warframe currently, that can be customized stat wise to your liking. Access to pistol mods, which are generally stronger stat-wise then their rifle counterparts. 3/5 riven disposition that isn’t changing any time soon if at all if Zaws are any indication. Most flashy particle effects of the 4 Kitgun barrels at the moment. Gotta have those shinies. I don’t use it myself, but looking at how things are currently I can see why it would be a popular choice.
  10. When did they say that? Most recent news I recall was that the katana was delayed for Melee 3.0. Then DE announced that the Melee 3.0 rework would be delayed to 2019 and released in chunks instead of one whole.
  11. @Arcira I’m probably missing context, but your above quote doesn’t even imply that Padre_Akais believes “Warframe is perfect”. If I claim “Warframe has nothing to learn from Angry Birds” and then later say “I feel Warframe could take some gameplay elements from Ninja Gaiden”, does that mean that I am contradicting myself? Of course not. BioWare is only one developer, and even then Padre specifies “regarding the important operative questions”.
  12. I enjoy using Exergis a lot to be honest. Slow fire rate, high damage, great sound design and those tasty rag-dolls on kill all combine to create a very satisfying weapon to shoot. Sadly the lack of pellets and high spread make it less useful then it seems as a status shotgun even after achieving 100% status but 2 shooting level 100 heavy Grineer is more then usable in my book. I did try a build that gave it 2 shots per magazine with faster reload speed, but it ended up feeling like a weaker Tigris Prime. Fun gun for sure though, and far more interesting than the Plinx or Galvachord in my opinion. EDIT: As for usage, I tend to use it more in cluttered choke points/hallways.
  13. On one hand, Umbra being the only one of his kind gives him more significance and I’d hate for the time, effort, and money I dumped into my Primes to be put ultimately to waste. On the other, I’d love for Frost Prime to get a visual revamp, but since that doesn’t seem to be on the table I’d settle for a neat looking Umbra variant instead.
  14. If you hate eating poop simply because its called poop but love chocolate, I’m pretty sure you would eat poop that looks like, and is called a lump of chocolate. Just some crap for thought. ... I’m actually for a PvP Stalker mode to be implemented tbh, but this is a horrible example that does nothing to actually address the misgivings people have about facing against other players.
  15. “Why didn’t DE give us an Umbra pistol?” Because Umbra and his nikana were never intended to be a replacement for the Founder items specifically. The MR gap is still there, and Skiajati is a nikana as opposed to being a single-handed sword. Plus we have upgraded variants of the Lato and Skana available to all players - Lato Vandal and Prisma Skana. If evidence comes out showing that the devs said otherwise, I’ll gladly eat my words though.
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