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  1. OmegaZero633

    Saita Prime Suit texture issues

    This was bothering me as well. I even reported it back when DE released the first iteration of the suit revamp. Hope something is done about this.
  2. So much this. It would add needed build variety while keeping the power progression intact for new players. Can’t really think of a simpler solution that doesn’t boil down to “mods rework 3.0”.
  3. OmegaZero633

    STILL no fix for the Akvasto Prime

    Yeah, I should have been more clear on that apologies. I bolded that bit so it would be easier to see which part I was responding to. Was just curious how one could look forward (for a long time according to the OP) to AkVasto Prime coming out while still being surprised at the design once it came out, but I guess not knowing what Vasto Prime even looked like explains that. Hope your crusade for lesser recoil works out, you’re certainly not the only gunslinger complaining about it.
  4. OmegaZero633

    Abut the Battacor and Kreska

    I would honestly love this. A huge bulky Grineer railgun, maybe slow-firing with a decent aoe per shot. Styled similarly to the Argonak in that it would look sleeker and more technologically advanced then the average Grineer fodder cannon.
  5. OmegaZero633

    Please let me fuse my two Vasto Rivens into an AkVasto Riven

    I kinda agree to be honest. One of my issues with the current system is how the different variants dilute the pool of unveiled rivens. It’d be neat if you could just equip a Vasto riven on any variant or family member and just have the stats change according to each weapon’s disposition.
  6. OmegaZero633

    Abut the Battacor and Kreska

    Tbh those Battacor changes would be better suited for a new sniper or something. I can’t even remember the last time DE changed the model of a rifle based on player feedback, and most of it sounds like changes for the sake of change rather then actual issues with the weapon itself. Also operator amps are made from sentient parts as is the Battacor, so the firing sound being similar makes sense (in my opinion at least). As for Kreska, I can’t honestly say that the mechanic fits it as it’s the only weapon in the set that doesn’t seem to have a sentient integrated into it, which is even reflected by the name. Sorry to be a negative nancy and crap on your feedback but them’s the breaks as they say.
  7. OmegaZero633


    I’d prefer it if they finally let the flames show for others on relays and in the profile. Currently the only time people can see the flames is mid-mission.
  8. OmegaZero633

    STILL no fix for the Akvasto Prime

    Recoil aside, I’m just wondering what you were expecting here with the bolded. Pretty much every single “ak-something” gun is just two of the same gun dual-wielded. We’ve had Vasto Prime for years now, doesn’t take a genius to assume Akvasto Prime would be two Vasto Primes.
  9. OmegaZero633

    Can an official dev confirm this please? (pax seeker)

    You’re not going to get a dev response in general discussion, just a heads up.
  10. One of the easiest challenges, just fairly tedious. Fastest way for me is to run left of the gate to the coast where a dead shark-thing is lying between some rocks. 9 times out of 10 there will be 3 Kuaka next to it. Just put em to sleep with Ivara or Equinox, spear the buggers, head back to the gate and repeat.
  11. OmegaZero633

    Suggesting to buff some old and new weapons

    Just wanted to point out that the melee weapons are all receiving stat buffs/rebalancing across the board with the melee 3.0 rework coming next year. As for the suggested gun buffs, Zaws and Kitguns are supposed to be strong, to make it worth the effort it takes to assemble and gild them. Buffing other guns to be comparable would be needless power creep, especially when guns like Vasto Prime are still viable for high levels thanks to the earlier ranged weapon stat rebalance update. Finally unlike Pandero, Vasto doesn’t seem to have a hammer to support fanning so practically I don’t see how shooting it in such manner would be possible. 😛
  12. OmegaZero633

    Enlightenment regarding the next open world

    I’m going to be that guy and nitpick on this a bit.Tau is a system, not a planet, so you’re essentially asking for the equivalent of an open world solar system. A interesting idea but certainly a bit large in scope compared to what DE seems to be capable of implementing, judging how long it took for them to make the Vallis and Plains (which are merely open areas on planets, not even close to the proposed scale). Secondly, Tau is the supposedly uninhabitable place that the Sentients were created to terraform. As such, we don’t really know what’s over there besides whatever the Sentients have done to the place. Its easy to assume though that staples such as Orokin/infested materials needed to create Warframes won’t actually be present especially since Sentients are “poison to the infested” according to the Plague Star event lore. And since Warframes are essentially infested humanoids, I doubt we would be able to find components for making them at the Tau system. Perhaps the zawframes would be entirely Sentient-based then, but then I wouldn’t be sure if you could even call that a “warframe” at that point. Having Ballas make us zawframes from components we craft is more plausible, but as far as I can tell he is currently under Sentient control. Even going so far as to attempt to hide the operator from his sight when he was giving us Paracesis. For him to be our zawframe blacksmith would require that 1) we successfully rescue him, 2) he accepts his current transformed state and 3) that he actually still isn’t using us in some manner. In my opinion, it’s more likely that zawframes will arrive alongside the infested open tileset - if DE decides to go that route. And even if customizable warframes do materialize, they will probably be as ugly as zaws and kitguns are with the added bonus of not accepting skins. 😛
  13. I dunno, Nidus and Nezha Deluxe certainly aren’t lacking in that department.
  14. OmegaZero633

    Anyone got new list riven disposition?

    The problem with listing the current changes in the dot format is that most of the adjustments have an effect on the stats of the rivens, but the dots themselves have not changed since the total disposition is still within the range of the disposition dot level. Basically a list of dots wouldn’t really help, as only a few weapons have had changes that would cause a difference in the dot display. You would be better off just looking at the disposition changelist and just remembering which ones got buffed or nerfed really.
  15. OmegaZero633

    A new warframe idea

    I mean there’s a reason why the fan concepts section exists. Or why mods move feedback posts to the feedback forums instead of leaving them here, you know?