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  1. A small, but needed addition to "Melee Revisit: Phase 2" TLDR: We need to be able to automatically chain 'charge attacks' just by holding down the melee button "E". As it currently stands, spamming the melee attack button (quick-melee) or just 'spin-2-win' both still outweigh any combos or charge attacks that can currently be performed. The loss in your attack speed by performing a charge attack, or trying to perform a combo is an overall net-loss in your damage output, as well as fewer status procs potentially affecting an enemy, which any learned melee user knows severely hampers your damage output from "Condition Overload"'s multipliers. With the addition of new 'mods' such as 'Amalgam Organ shatter' performing these charge attacks now often requires the player to be able to time his/her charge attack to within around 0.25 of a second, making this either insanely difficult or insanely lucky to accomplish, for what is essentially often, not even a damage increase. By allowing players to simply hold down the "E" key to charge attack, and having all followup charge attacks happen automatically as long as the key is continuously held, it will give players much more control over performing these attacks, which will, in turn, give players a lot more options for specific melee actions within the new melee system with relative ease.
  2. Ah, so it wasn't on my end. thanks for letting us know 😄
  3. DE: Fixed ability to destroy the Exploiter Orb’s vents simultaneously. One vent at a time! Me: Your Warframe had useful abilities... let's make them useless.
  4. My Loc-pin placed down around 5m off the ground, meaning I cannot interact with it. Any way to fix this as I would like to edit/delete it.
  5. Gild an item . . . . So I need to spend plat on more weapon/MOA slots just to gild one and throw it away . . . Use 3 Forma . . . One week after double Affinity when most people have just finished Formaing every new weapon/frame that was just released in the game. So basically, now I need to forma something just for the sake of formaing it . . . This challenge should come out the week that they are releasing new weapons/frames as a lot of people will have already forma'd every item in the game, and making them forma something 'just for the sake of it' is demeaning. Kill 1,500 enemies is a Weekly elite challenge !?!? WTF this is common for most 20min survival/defense missions etc, this should not be an Elite weekly but more like a daily . . . Kill the Profit Taker with clan/Friends . . . I'm in two minds about this one. On one hand, I can see this along the lines of "If you don't have access to it then its something you need to work towards being able to do, you haven't played enough to partake in this challenge". On the other hand, all I see is "Well no matter how hard of a challenge it is, DE are time-gating new players behind month-long reputation grinds just to unlock, so it's impossible to grind/farm towards this week no matter how much they try" This challenge should be replaced with "Kill the exploiter orb" during fracture weeks. The rest are fine
  6. In my opinion, the most prefered way (and possibly the easiest way) to fix this mod would be to slightly alter the way the mod works. Change it to something along the lines of "When melee weapon is drawn, enemies within 15m target you instead of allies", having it active while you are in melee stance, not just when blocking. Since melee 2.999nine97 you automatically block now, if you are wanting to taunt enemies within range it should be active 24/7 not just when blocking.
  7. Dont forget to grab your [Shamrock] colour palettes for :credits:1 from the market
  8. Also make it so that every race that you have completed adds +100 to your maximum possible combo score, meaning once you have compleated all 22 races, your maximum possible combo would go from 3k to 5.2k, giving players a reason to do all of the races (and making the daily grind a little easier).
  9. When changing weapons, looking at the base stats of the Kripath/Keewar zaws that you are about to equip does not show its base Viral damage. As seen here, it shows the Keewar Zaw that I am about to equip as if it has 0 Viral, only once equipped does it show the numbers of its base Viral damage.
  10. Once you try to equip/change/remove an arcane on a Zaw, Kitgun or Warfame, pressing right click is locked to the arcane slot, removing the arcane and not the mod you right click on.
  11. The new Tatsu great katana is missing the "Holster Style" customisation options to change its XYZ positions.
  12. The "Guardian Derision" mod requires the player to be blocking to taunt nearby enemies, but trying to block now activates "Aim mode" with guns all the time.
  13. Once players reach Rank30 in the standing, further ranks (every 10k standing) will only reward wolf credits, so I think we may need to play through a full season to start seeing how well the latter part of this systems plays out for those of us who will be doing all the challenges.
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