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  1. Hover over the weapon, if it has the tradable icon you know its tradable, else it's not. Always read the instructions.
  2. Item Labels. This is a good change(revert) and is long overdue. No more complaints. ‘Hold to Confirm’ Experiment. Nice thats its getting added to the "Abort Mission" button, if you are planning to keep it in some cases; a couple of areas I can think of that would benefit greatly from having this are: i. When consigning Kubrows/Kavats to the "Puppy Blender" . . . . . I mean, to the Lotus ii. Converting a Larvling into a Lich. (I have seen quite a few ppl accidentally press "X" on the larvling due to it being the same universal "action" button to open doors, pick up data-mass, revive team-mates, revive pets, pick up medallions etc etc that all have the chance to be next to a larvling you do not wish to convert) Controller-friendly UI Pass / Improvements When moving the cursour with a D-pad (or WSAD keys on PC) can we have an instant priority if we move the mouse? It gets very annoying trying to move the cursour if we accidentally tap the WSAD keys as we have to wait for the cursour to finish moving to its final position before we can move it with the mouse again. Increasing cursour speed would help with this, but prevention is better than cure. Item Details: Detailed Purchase Dialog Looks promising. One small reccomendation, can we center-align (and underline) the fire mode's title so we can more easily differentiate between fire modes EG: End of Mission The fact that this will save your preferance for full/minimalistic view is truly a godsend. A++ Mastery Icons: I truly hope you decide to keep the current Lotus emblem that we have grown to love over the past several years of Warframe. Seeing the logo evolve as you progress through your mastery feels a lot more unique to Warframe than a generic bland gold banner placed around your profile picture. At the very least incorporate it into the current one a little (I have little to no skills in editing images, so heres a 30 sec MS paint idea) Bonus: Forge All! Instead of this, can we get an option for "Auto-Forge" that automatically refils all your armamants upon returning to dojo? Maybe replace the Engineer Rank-9 Intrinisic "Surplus Yield"? As it stands, this trait currently only gives us an extra 10% resources when 'refining' which means we get a maximum of 20 resources from a fully stocked 'refine' since the forge only holds up to 200 resources collected. Compared to the THOUDSANDS of these resources we farm after just a few runs, this trait currently feels it is just a waste of intrinsic points. Changing this trait to "Resupply: Automatically forge a full ordnance when returning to your Drydock" will solve this problem. By the time you get to this tier of intrinsics, you generally have a surplus of these materials stocked so using around 25-200 would be no real loss(If a player does not have the materials stocked then ofc, set it to not re-arm their ship) We don't need to pay to refill our ammo upon retuning to our orbiter after each mission, why make us do it for our Railjack?
  3. After preforming a mercy kill on a thrall that was using a Grineer Rampart turret it caused a soft-lock where my character both mercy killed the thrall whilst also mounting the rampart turret at the same time. I belive I was stood in a position where pressing "X" both mercy killed a thrall and mounted the rampart turret at the same time. My character started to preform the mercy animation whilst the camera moved as though I was mouting the rampart turret. After the animation ended my character was stood idle at the base of the turret, but my camera was placed as though I was using the turret. I could not move the rampart at all, nor could I move my charcter, camera in any way, use any abilities, gear wheel nor use chat.
  4. Nice changes thus far, as for additions to Part 3, i'd like to suggest thinking about the following: 1) Add specific Lich Nodes in Railjack Add a specific node on Earth/Saturn/Veil Railjack missions where your Lich would be 100% of time time (similar mission as the commander bosses on galleons). The Earth node would be a Lv 1-2 Lich's ship, Saturn node a Lv.3-4 Lich and the Veil node would house the Lv.5 Lich. Also, the thralls that spawn on these nodes would be worth 2-3x more murmer value than a normal missions thralls. 2) Larvlings Killing a Lich Larvling with a primary weapon would mean that they can only birth with a primary weapon. Killing them with a secondary they could only birth with a secondary weapon and a melee with a melee. This would help lessen the RNG a slight bit as now that we have even more weapons addded to the possible pools, the same situarion will occour pretty quickly where people will bet bored of farming larvlings running a mission 20-30 times to get a larvling with the specific weapon they are farming to aquire/upgrade. 3) Parazon A. Hovering over the "Known requirements" says the name of the requiem, can we get this effect on the history list on our mod screen too. B. If we attempt to kill the Lich, but the mod we have equipped is one of the 3 needed mods, but in the wrong order, give it an indication so that we know it is needed, just in the wrong order. EG: glow yellow = succesful, red = failed, glowing (like peculiar mods) = wrong order. Also: what happened to Peculiar mods? Wern't we going to get more added into ESO as time went on?
  5. Upon getting a reward from endless missions such as Defense/interception etc, show the Rotation reward tier under the item instead of the tick in the box EG: Or if it's part of a survival reward pool, show it in the banner EG: This will help newer players understand the rotation system in the game as it does not inform the player anywhere of these rotations. Had a new clan member than was running Sanctuary Onslaught for 7hours non stop for a Khora BP, but they were only going to Wave 6 each time because he did not know how rotations worked, he heard about "the A/B/C thing" but thought it was on a A/B/C/A/B/C..... rotation not an A/A/B/C so this small addition to the UI would be greatly beneficial to newer players.
  6. Because I want my mission rewards screen to show the info I probably want to know . . . namely "my mission rewards", not pictures of other players.
  7. I can literally delete half of the entire screen and still see the same amount of information. You just overemphasided the last UI rework and basically said that it worked well on the ability screens because it gave you more room to add more detailed info on how abilities work, yet for the end of mission screen you are now planning to instantly waste half of the screen on a picture of the frame played . . . If this is the intended plan, at least have it show the 4 players as it currently does, but only for a brief moment (2-3 seconds),then have the bar scroll up to the top of the page hiding each player's frame to give us a full-screen view of the end mission results. You may think this loks like overwhelming info at a first glance, and with this kind of example it quite possibly is. However, most of these items would not be shown to a new player, as they would not yet have access to archwings, amps, sentinels, K-Drives, syndicates etc, so those options would not be shown untill they progress and unlock them one at a time. Also, more often than not, when starting out, new players would only aquire a half a dozen diffrent types of items in 1 run EG:(1,800 credits, 40 Endo, 1-2 mods and 1-2 resource items), meaning that new players would still only get shown a small amount of information in their first several missions, and would not get a full screens such as this untill they are further into the game, once they are more used to the UI, knowing what to look for/at on the end of mission screen. Making a button to raise/lower the player bar there to get a visual of which player was playing which frame would also be a nice addition. My last bit of critasism about this, is you say your logic was that 90% of your items have very recognizable icons, but I think this is a bit misleeding. For starters, there are currently 35(ish?) frames, with a lot having prime varients to them, taking the total to around 69(ish?), removing some for obvious reasons (excal Umbra/Prime) that dont use these parts/can't be crafted , as well as adding in a handful of sentinels. Almost all of them share the exact same 3 icons for Systems/Chassis/Neroptics, and lets not get into weapons sharing the icons for Barrels, Stocks, Receivers, Handles, Pouches, lower/upper limbs, strings, grips, blades, links and so on . . . I can understand that avarage players can tell at a quick glance that they got a part for either a weapon or a frame etc, but once they are in your inventory, or if you didnt pay attention to the reward screen for a brief moment you may not be able to tell what you got, and the only way to find out is to go into your inventory and manually hover over each item individually (if item labels are still off). I find when helping new players very early on, they dont understand that they can actually build frames etc, because they only see the boss as "Oh look, it's a boss" and dont even notice that they get a part of a frame that can be built, if you are to add to this; that item labels are hidden on the end of mission screen . . . . . . I think it will be unimmaginablly detrimental to the new player experiance, making them think that they have to pay platinum for every weapon/frame in the game and would immediatly be put off the game forever after their first day. These latter items (frame/weapon parts) are the items that players find most important to be able to distinguish between, yet sharing these hundereds, if not thousands of items across only 2 dozen or so icons is why I feel that Item Labels are one of the most important parts of a LOOTER SHOOTER, and should be turned on as default and ALWAYS shown at the end of a mission screen.
  8. Can we get highlighted items in our UI? The whole greyscale thing is a bit bland 😕
  9. Thanks for adressing the issue of the absurd grined needed for the "Tenebrous Ephemera" (as it was kind of ruining public matchmaking runs), but please dont remove things like this without adding another way to obtain it immediatly. I'm all for changing the method of aquisition (As I presonally wish 'Ephemeras' were obtained how they were intentionally ment to be . . . via skill or challenges (and DE seem to think luck/RNG is a skill 😟), but flat out removing it untill a later date (Soon™) is basically a big "F*** you" to the hundereds of hours people have farmed without getting it to drop yet. If you had still not yet decided on a better method obtain this ephemera, at least let it remain in the caches and just inform players that it's method of aquisition will be changed Soon™, thus allowing the highly dedicated players to still push for painful grind, while letting less obsessive players know that a more adaquate method to obatin it will be along Soon™.
  10. Or give the diffrent houses distinctivly diffrent shapes, rather than a 2x2 pixel icon on the borders of the images like so: Lavan Vidar Zetki
  11. A simple soluton from DE would be to not allow us to scrap equipped gear.
  12. Escape > Options > Audio > Ordis Volume. They already did this a couple of years back.
  13. ❤️ !Sweet! ❤️ Now if only Titania's Animation can get the same treatment we'll all have some super awesome Scindo wielding flying Rhino's everywhere !!
  14. Buying the "Orbiter Scene" captura scene for 10,000,000 credits unintentially automatically starts the captura mission upon purchacing the scene.
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