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  1. fashizzle316

    The woes of dealing with the daily standing cap

    Except another one's progression should not matter to you or to anyone. If they want to grind things out in a few days, let them be. If they do, so what? What advantage do they have over you? If that person builds the best kitgun with a fully ranked arcane in a few days, how does that affect you? It really means that they have a lot of spare time. One's personal progression should not be capped to be honest.
  2. fashizzle316

    Fortuna is here

    Good luck everyone 😄
  3. fashizzle316

    Something to remove shield recharge delay

    I know of these mods and use them more often than not! I was just making a suggestion of a mod/item that will allow for true shield builds. An item that makes the frame rely more on shield mods.
  4. Hi all, Just an obvious noob posting to the forums, although I have been playing since 2013. I just want to bring up a discussion on a mod/item that removes shield recharge delay. Yes, another one of these discussions. My inspiration for this discussion came from Path of Exile (LOL). I haven't played that game for long, but the dynamics of builds in that game, especially "energy shield" builds, made me think deeply about it in Warframe. We already have the Waframes that rely heavily on shield and have abilities that involves manipulating shields (Harrow, Mag, Volt, etc). From what I have seen is most of these frames have normal or lower health pools. And so a Quick Thinking mod helps mitigate damage bypassing shields. My suggestion for removing shield recharge delay is introduce a mod (like the ones from Arbitration) or an item (like dragon keys) which removes shield recharge delay while lowering max health pools by x%. This way these frames can take advantage of other unused mods (i.e. Fast Deflection, Fortitude, Vigilante Vigor) while playing with the risk of lower health pools. That's all from me. I always felt shields in this game have so much more potential, but maybe something like this can be the start of another class of Warframe builds. I'm all open to discussion/criticism!
  5. fashizzle316

    Meta frames for Arbitration

    Oberon with Phoenix Renewal 😄