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  1. Sad part is about this big project, that is Fortuna, it is not anything special or that different from PoE.
  2. What made me concerned was actually before Fortuna was released. It was when DE_Steve was talking on Twitch right before the release. Sure he hyped it up, but then he said the size of the patch, which was roughly 4 GB. That size might be big for others, but for this update, I had no doubt that most of those GB's was for the giant map being added. It just made me think, "Is it just gunna be a slightly better Plains of Eidolon?".
  3. fashizzle316

    Foundry Queues

    Don't remember when this was last brought up, but with the release of Fortuna and new and many things to craft, can we finally get that multiple queue system for the Foundry? Last thing I can dig up was a tweet from DE Steve regarding the issue in the forums post from October 2017.