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  1. As of this hotfix, I lost the ability to begin melee channel when not in melee mode. I liked both the aesthetic and functional elements of this feature, and would like to see it returned; for now, I have to 'waste' a melee attack to begin channeling. For life strike builds especially, this wastes precious time. Thank you for your continued work on this game.
  2. Howl all we want.... it seems we won't bring it back. ... Even if we can't get a rollback, can we at least get you to fix the UI/X that we're stuck with? Lots of us are looking forward to the new story arc, and still can't play.
  3. Yeah... gamepad players on PC are a minority, there's only so much we could do, especially with the chat chosing not to integrate all of the other complaint threads into the megathread... some of the others were almost as long. We? They? ... I'm a kb/m player, what am I saying? I just know a few people who prefer gamepad, one of whom does so due to disabilities that affect eye/hand coordination and limit her ability to use a cursor in general. Either way, thanks again... it took DE putting an entire demographic through both frying pan and campfire, but progress has been made.
  4. Where were you last month? Thanks for getting around to it, and promising more to come... but at the same time, if you'd have listened to your PC playerbase, we did tell you this would happen many times since the middle of May. Please take to heart that when your testing crew warns you about something, we aren't just blowing smoke. I sincerely hope you can recover some of the players that you lost. At all of you console peeps; thank you. You got a message through in one day that we failed to in three weeks. Please, please become more active on the forums; we could get beneficial changes noticed a lot faster with your help, if this is any indication. And again, at DE; Thank you for taking notice. Please learn from this.
  5. Please join us here; We will continue to complain until something is done about it, and hopefully one big thread will give DE greater pause than ten smaller ones... maybe if we make it ten big ones they won't be able to avoid noticing.
  6. Still no fix for Please do more than just repeat yourselves; the current state of UI isn't working. Either rush ahead and release the new stuff, or roll it back until it's actually complete instead of leaving gamepad players in the lurch. If an event happens with the controls in their current state, gamepad players will be left unable to obtain the event rewards. You've already lost a lot of your gamepad players, and some of them won't be coming back, and/or will never reccommend this game again. Get your UI in order please, I'd like to see this game continue to grow, not start to die.
  7. Helloooo? Any devs listening? Please listen to the feedback you're getting, both here, and in other threads. We don't like the gamepad cursor, please either remove it or make it a toggle-option.
  8. Fashionframe/arsenal, fabrication, esc/start menu, relic menu, Operator fashion/arsenal, Pet menus/arsenal, Mod menu, Any choice-based dialogue option, chat menu, clan menu, login reward selection menu... These now take several times longer to complete for anyone who uses a gamepad. This will be true regardless of how much practice is put into navigation with the new menu cursor. Yes. This is fine.
  9. So... you're at the same time saying that the controller changes improve the game, but you offer no evidence for this, and then you heavily imply through evidence that you offer that it vastly impairs the game. Care to explain please? Almost the entire complaint is the loss of D-pad function in all menus and the slow navigation in all menus as a result of the new controller-cursor. The changes to in-game movement appear to be being fine-tuned and addressed, but we've heard little to nothing about the menu navigation complaints. The cursor needs to pack its little bindle and go back where it belongs; hanging out in the underbelly of Ceres with all the copies of Destiny 2.
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