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  1. What would help fix PVP is DE reclaiming their Arena PVP chops from back in the day and provided a option for a Quake Arena experience...Because right now it's just too daunting/slow/and a chum-fest for much more equipped players slathering over easy prey for anyone to really wants start off to invest time into reaching their easy mode compared to having nothing...and yes, pull out the pokemon stats card attached to your name.... that might help give few souls on the fence a chance to jump in and play.
  2. First Rule of Warframe: Never get attached to anything in this game. versus. The Last Rule of Warframe: Eventually everyone gets mad at this game, yet returns. Well I'm gonna share a story on why a player 'me' who plays everyday in large swaths of time has finally embraced the last rule, which has a few stages...The stages follow as: 1. Realization you're mad at the game. 2. Finding another game. Realizing even more why you're mad at Warframe. 3. Stewing. 4. Announcing you're mad at the game and you're leaving (Current position. We are here.) even though you've left. 5. Nagging knowledge of potential better mods and content opportunity is around the corner, 6. Welcome back to Warframe. There are a ton of rules in-between these two main fellows, and one day I'll make a t-shirt out of them, but for now I'm just gonna share why I've embraced taking a break from Warframe and why it got me angry...because..I did not adhere to rule number one... So long story short I'm going to use the Arca Plasmor as an example of the symptom of why I'm currently getting my butt whooped by all the Master Rank monsters in Monster Hunter World thanks to a sale on Iceborne and my forays in web slinging through New York in Spiderman while finding myself not really caring about Umbra forma or kit guns primaries or anything else related in Warframe in this moment of time...when I really used to...badly. So as we all know Arca Plasmor got totally wiped out...I haven't really used it in a while due to enjoying the Kuva Hind/Karrack/Tonkor/and Vaykor Hek...These have been mostly my goto weapons of late...I have a Bramma, but that only comes out for infested arbitrations where its welcomed, solo missions and netflixing defense runs on Senchura. I knew that one was getting a nerf, so rule one was like yeah no liking this weapon or relying on it beyond lower solo content....Now this is effectively is wasting my time on earth, I mean I had to endure a Kuva Lich process for it and level five times so it can practically do nothing...which, brings me back to the Arca Plasmor... Now understand I'm using multiple weapons ranging from what I listed above from the kuva variants to the Shedu and Basmu while I'm noting my Arca Plasmor just sitting there..and you see DE places in all these visuals on what the gun has..from catalysts, forma, rank, tomato, and what focus lens it has on it... And it was at that moment that my mind went over the time wasted on such a weapon.... From creating the dojo, collecting the material, the hours it takes to make the fieldron, the crafting, the forma, the leveling, the bounties to get said lens, getting a exilus slot open with the adapter you have to craft..on and on..only for it to be doing nothing...let alone the riven I went after in sorties for it, actually getting it, maxing it out and changing out a slot for it while pulling the kuva handle many, many times to get the perfect role. Throw in the farming for vicious spread in the derelict as well' for what?...Only for it to be nerfed...Essentially taking my time and flushing it right down a drain... Now I know this is the weapon cycle in Warframe...so I laughed when I felt the tinge of I AM OUT OF HERE...but, even knowing that' one has their limits... So really this is just feedback on a part of the malaise that creeps into the player base and one should take in to account that it's a pretty brutal cycle..So I'm taking break from the game, but... NOT THE FORUMS... So remember never get attached to anything..and really one should never infest too much into a weapon or frame...This cycle repeats due to adding new content consistently so all that prior effort is and will be wasted...especially on normal frames when they are going to be replaced by a Prime variant..So tend to cherish your time' it's a wonderful commodity...I guess buyer beware as they say.
  3. Since we're sharing I would introduce the Infested Assassin...Something as large as the original Juggernaut, but basically looks like Nidus's meatball, so it can easily move through the hallways of varying sizes...Only instead of having it invade your mission I would have it tied to spy missions where the player has to crack three vaults in order to escape...This Assassin would follow along the Alien: Isolation/Cat and Mouse game type where the player can't kill it...but, in order to win you survive by performing a series of goals while the infested creature is targeting for sound and motion where even being invisible means that so long as you are moving it's sensing you...
  4. I wish developers would take the Forza approach where you can have OP things where OP things are needed and competing against other OP things, but in order to engage in other certain race tracks you have disable those options, pull out that powerful engine and place in a stock one and so forth...Becuase a weapon like the Kuva Bramma is a really nice chill weapon for solo runs just farming a defense mission while talking with friends...but like all things that give an edge in the death race to the end which is the real PVP of Warframe...players having any advantage usually gets stomped on...The Bramma is no exception, only after a few months a new contender will appear and DE has successfully just wasted everyone's time putting in forma, catalysts and leveling said weapon so it's allowing them to keep up sorta with a poorly used Ember to Saryn. I get the whole we gotta make it so everyone is grabbing each thereby the leg and clumping together so as team we can actually make it to the next door...There's some fun in that..and it usually takes an hour or two to get there for players not using meta builds...where before in year 1-2-3 it was usually the 45 minute mark with random pugs. That's fine. We're just gonna be here again and again with this game where weapons get added..then nerfed...then replaced wasting all our time and efforts...for the next time waster.
  5. If it had been good, they'd be nerfed so I guess just whatever man, get a Saryn and use her.
  6. I just build around Prime Sure Footed for all my frames and AOE weapons now...Self Stagger, knockdown and getting hooked by ancients and scorpions are all a things of the past....Best mod in the game.
  7. I would welcome a floor is lava game mode...I really enjoy Jupiter for the side of the structure and the drops into the Jovian atmosphere....I have to laugh because my brother is apprehensive due to fear of heights when it comes to those tile-sets... I would add a Indiana Jones element as an alternative where some sort or hazard is pursuing the players to add some tension.
  8. Rivens are awful in general and I wish they'd pull out all the numbers and just stack in benefits like extended radar, extra speed, lower gravity, longer wall latches, see through walls, faster shield regen,... Basically Amalgamods that didn't feel skeevey and just add perks that would make the weapon fun rather than a hidden slot machine handle for a damage percentage that the house gets to pull the rug from out under your feet every couple a months...
  9. I always felt DE could make K-drives essential by allowing players to fish off them as well as sense gems and animal conservation locals. Side note just for new players taking on Eidolon Hunts your K-drive will protect you from all area effects that they deploy...
  10. Gonna need a Zundi primary skin for that hot trash..
  11. Technically I wish there were just four...Corrosive for Armor, Magnetic for shields, and Radiation and Sleep for LOLs...
  12. First Rule of Warframe: Never Get Attached To Anything... If you remember that initial rule then you can never be upset with this game and the weapon cycle deployed by DE...Also please remember that eventually De will release some sort of mod that specifically re-buffs that weapon after it's been relegated to the forgotten pile for the next Meta at some point if you wish to actually keep it around...
  13. I would appreciate if they would just make the Void a consistent relic breaker on hard mode when that releases...I'm in the same boat of never getting through my Lith relics let alone any of the others...
  14. The solution is smaller one man ships and space mechs...or just option setting for locking the pilot house, forge resources being blown through and avionics for the captain and give players a menu option to leave if they don't care for the heavy handiness without any consequences....
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