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  1. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Excalibur/Umbra_Prime
  2. I do agree, it would already help making categorys like the rivens are, pisotl mods, warframes, etc. AND get rid of common mods in the transmutaion, uncommon and rare are fine of course but it should not give another common one, Maybe we should have tiers for mods by now, so if you use tier 4 mods you get antoher tier 4 or higher. Kinda like we have tier mod drops on the nightmare missions.
  3. Not as much a full ranked riven is around 6k, you need around 7k to max it.
  4. It was a thing when the Event introduced it, you could hand them over to Steel Meridian or Red Veil, same did happen when Kela De Thaym got her rework, lore is handled odd thou, since they are allys but seem to disagree on such.
  5. Well, we have the Moa's with one having a anti gravity grenade ability. Could work kinda but probably odd to handle, Mag also kinda uses gravity to crush enemys so.
  6. I would like that, makign it optional also i guess, as said tehy seem to think about NPC's in Dojos, i would not mind NPC in the Orbiter alos since they could fit, i mean they are our Agents or at least Lotus Agents, depending on Lore and Quest i guess so far.
  7. I know they plan NPC's for dojos i tihnk, so maybe soemthign for the orbiter to, maybe with railjack ship aswell. Personal thought, i do hope all Warframes are sentient honestly, as shown in the Second Dream when the Frame breaks the War Sword, also Codex entrys showing such storys about them also, Umbra still is unqiue of course due he was made a Warframe, he is inside a Dax Soldier. I just hope all our Warframes are someone or something, why else give them individual stances and gender.
  8. Well, same goes for Archwing, you can equip the Tranq Rifle after you hopped in your Archwing also, at least works on PC with my hotkeys i setted up for my gear wheel.
  9. My problem i have with set mods is, i simply have no spot for them, i have balanced builds on most my frames as example, range, strength, efficincy, duration, some rare ones i have corrupted mods for some builds. Weapons you have the mandatory mods like serration, split chamber, etc. Exilus mods on Warframes made it easier for movement mods at least but this set mods, it feels like way to much by now. Umbra Mods kinda repalce your normal once but cause powercreep sadly, even more with the Umbra Forma, i had prefered more lore to Umbra and actual Umbra frames, but that is beside the points. While older mods got replcaced by newer once, like status chance got replaced by status & elemental damage ones. Sets feel to much for me personaly and i see no use for them except the mandatory ones again like multishot vigilante one on primarys or augur damage on secondarys. Overall sets are not worth my time ot think about them for my playstyle and the new ones will be the same probably.
  10. Some of us have problems with Cetus and Fortuna since a few Updates, my PC is over 6 years old by now and sitll works fine, but those places cause problems, i agree with OP at least to be able to turn maybe settings down in those places seperatly.
  11. I use them on some rare stuff really, like Dex Furis or Secura Dual Ceres or so due there low ammo capacity. Works well for me while still dealing good damge. Primary ones, Gorgon, Prisma or Wraith maybe. Overall i use Carrier for such weapons also.
  12. I think its time for more Weapon skins, we barely got skins lately, except Tennogen and even those are limited to melee weapons mostly. And the ones we have are mediocore, Shock-Camo is a joke in my eyes.
  13. Yes it is, but you can do that at any time in your own pace, Nightwave not allows it. While most people would like ot proceed with other things nearby, Nightwave will keep running, unlike Events that have 1-3 rewards and you are done after some mission, this will continue and keep ongoing and. Syndicats, Bosses, etc. you can do and farm whenever you want, Nightwave you feel forced AND YES it may be your own fault feeling under pressure, Nightwave not helps in its presentation, its system and how it isn't clear or interessting. AGAIN, it is not about how hard or easy it is or if you need only 2 hours for all, it is still repetitive presenting itself as soemthing more which it simply is not anyting behind it. Some people have time, some don't but they could do things on there own pace, now this thing runs along all and you have to decide if oyu have a short time to play simply, YES some have time at the weekend but some again don't, people life different lifes you know, we are no robots adjusting to everything. And the argument you do it passivly is wrong, lets be honest new players can do most by playing the starchart yes,yet for damage stuff like kill 150 with viral you need ot adjust your mods to it and have to switch alot which new players might not be able to do yet or stuff they are locked out like sorties, profit taker, etc. While older players who do missions to grind xp or credits or so are forced to do some mediocore exterminate which no one does except maybe in syndicat missions or in sorties, the problem is again, this thing is trown in your face unlike other syndicats, sitting in the corner of your starchart and Nora keep talking to you and not fitting at all in the universe even partly, while other tasks like Quests and Syndicats you choose to do and can do whenever you feel like it AND yes doing Nightwave is alos your choice, but its presentation is unclear, trown in your face and keeps pushing itself down your troath. And as said people have different lifes, just because it not feels stressful for you not means it is not stressful for others, people have different lifes, some are scared of spiders, some don't, some are afraid of heights, some don't, some are more angry or sad then others, some are simply ill or had a bad day or week, so PLEASE could people stop put people into categorys like this, WE are INDIVIDUALS.
  14. Main problem i have with Nightwave is, it is simply unclear, we get told on the Forum that we only need to do 60% and it that it goes till this and that date, but no ingame indicator as always, that way it presents itself limited and puts stress on you, the problem is not its to easy or to hard, doable or not, the problem is the presentation, and the presentation shows it rushed and forcing you to do it or you miss out rewards that might return never or god knows when. This battlepass hurts the game simply since you can't play at your own pace, it is no event that just exist then comes back in like a few months, it is something that will stay that way, and you have to choose to eather progress with the starchart, syndicats, cetus, fortuna, quests, etc. Or do Nightwave for the rewards. Very new player unfriendly due the wolf creds beeing rare and them having to choose between nitain which they will need ofte, Auras which they also need for builds, Catalys, Reactors and Cosmetics who often ALSO need Nitain, things you goten with ONE mission, sure RNG with Alerts but i still not see why not had kept both, Alerts for random chances and Nightwave for things you might have missed to often already from Alerts. Nightwave should be its own syndicate becaues then you can play at your own pace and max it slowly like you do other syndicat standings, i know they wanted to try something different but this sessions will burn some people out, its in humans nature, i mean look at people at black friday sales, they want it now before its gone despite coming back or so or able to order it somewhere else. Nightwave is a good ides but poorly executed, poor story in my eyes, nothing new presented like new missions and overshadows other things they could had worked on instead. I blame the community here for screaming for more content and nothing else to do, just enjoy the game for god sake, take breaks and come back when more is to do, but now breaks will be rare since we have Nightwave chores.
  15. And why would you accept a random friend invite? Or react to someoen that randomly sends a tell despite not having any contact before like a trading request? And even if this person does such, aslong he behaves its should be no problem, i doubt somoen will keep renaming himself over and over, and if he/she does, report them for spam. Don't get me wrong but i see your point, yet i not see why people should do such in the first place if not haras you becasue they are a**holes or you done something wrong that they want to teach you even, i see both sides here, don't get me wrong again.
  16. Rather a decent quest in my eyes and lookign forward to the next then the next dumb grindwall, look at Harrow and Octavia, both each parts drop in different locations with RNG sitll behind it, and then things went downhill with Nidus kinda which was a Index grind and THEN still have to grind his parts all in the same rotation. While Baruuk is behind Vox Solaris, Hyldrin drop from a boss at least but teh Bluprint is also locked, Garuda atleast is in the bountys as RNG and not all in the same one for at least variety. And we would had probably more decent Quests anyway if they not had wasted resources on Nightwave, some chore of old content with some annoying DJ Woman who not serves any purpose or lore to the world. And don't get me started on the Wolf, barely lore, barely work put into it and not even gets a unique mechanic, planet or anytihng to explore more about him. Tough guy escapes prison and does damge to the factions, which we never see, just small "cutscenes". Gettign of track here but i beg for DE to make more lore again and not just more gimmicks like K-Drive also.
  17. Priorities i guess, i like DE but saddens me that they abandon seemingly everything lately they introduce once again, Archwing, K-Drive, etc. Even more sad when you hear about that Garuda, Baruuk and probably Hyldrin also were supposed to have a quests but instead we got a pointless Alert rework in form of Nightwave.
  18. If people shoudl do such, to lets say harras you, report them, simple as it is. Such people can exist sure but i doubt alot will change there ID just to be able to talk back to people who dislike them already. If it is trading and lets say scammers, you simply need to watch out when you trade also. *insert most answers from reddit* Overall as it might be a problem it seems pointless and as dumb it sounds it is income for them, same reason gold seller exit in MMO's, new account means more money still, etc. It seems very unlikely that someone will have the exact same name honestly, Warframe is not a game you namea character or so where common names will repeat alot. Instead typical shooter names with several xx as signs or so.
  19. Often talked about but often denied/ignored, turrets for Vauban seem ot never happen sadly, at best we get a turret based new Warframe.
  20. Transmutation is sadly a old relic, it used to be a credit sink simply with no changes since then except Simairs Mods to get a specific polarization, some tweaks would be nice atleast for simple mods at least, Rivens in my eyes can stay random personaly when you fuse 4 Rivens. Codex i can only agree, most games liek this of course need the wiki adn we can be thnakful it gets updated so often by people, yet i defintly welcoem the codex beeing made more useful, more info, more interaction, more ways to make use of it, may it be something as simple as unlocking decoration with scanned objects, etc.
  21. I agree yes, he does, he still develops of course. Yet he still feels lackluster, no speaking to us like the others do, just dumb grunts, he is basically the tank from Left 4 Dead at the moment. I just hope Nightwave does introduce more to him and not just skips to the next session while he still appears and just acts like a walking train slamming trough people mindlesly. The problem me and others mainly see is,he jsut got slapped on mostly into the game, even Nox and Burasas had a proper introduction, he seems ot come out of nowhere for me, some prison we never heard about and apperently exist six of accordign to its name, them going after us and ignoring Grineer and Corpus alike desptie us presented as rouge units. Personal opinion and all simply. I do actually hope it gets better thou and not just stays another assasination or death squad like the syndicats.
  22. Weapons sadly not have options like Frames do at the moment, so such skins will show the normal variant and not the prime model instead since the skin was made for that one instead.
  23. I belive people mean the Smeeta Kavat Luck buff it can give every few minutes, doubling your drops. While buff runs and you pick up your 10th reactentent it sohuld be affected by it i assume. Same goes for Kuva when the buff is one when you finish the Siphon.
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