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  1. Chest update (sorry about the low quality)
  2. Thanks a lot ! Here are the legs. Nothing is attached, that's why the knee piece is trying to leave and one of the glowing parts isn't straight.
  3. Thank you ! The skin has plenty of glowing dots, which means individual LEDs. I used the ones I had left in the knees, and bought a new batch. Turns out they are 100x brighter than the old ones. Guess I'll have to replace the ones I already put in the knees... I finished building the thighs and primed them, I hope I'll be able to paint everything and install the LEDs in the shins tomorrow.
  4. I am going to finish the legs (including paint and LEDs) this week-end (I am trying to balance my work and my hobby since I am basically working on commissions 7 days a week and not making much progress on personal projects like Valkyr).
  5. And here are the knees (they light up).
  6. Oh look ! Progress ! And the video to see them move: https://www.instagram.com/p/BziwL88oUEP/?utm_source=ig_web_options_share_sheet
  7. Budget's always a problem, I could do so much with silicone but I have to make it out of foam mats instead. And thank you ! Can't afford it. And I work 7 days a week (of course since I am own boss I can take the time off, but it means less time for commissions).
  8. Just keeping you guys updated. I will soon finish the legs.
  9. I'll do what I can, sorry aboout all the wait. Thank you ! The video is currently being generated, I'll post the link here. That looks challenging. Good luck ! The making of video (of the head) is done ! It will be on my YouTube channel (arborealkey) in a few hours !
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