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  1. And I finally attached the syandana !
  2. Got my old Cernos (2016) out of the baseent to modify it. Warning: it looks really bad at the moment.
  3. Still no update, but here is a random living room picture
  4. Hello, sorry about the lack of news. I had little time for Valkyr, but "Venkluk" (I need to stop calling them that) is evolving.
  5. Thanks everyone, and sorry, I did not post the video... It's not the end yet, though ! I still have to finish my "grineer-like Venka", upgrade my Cernos from 2015 so I ca use it again, and add a few details on the suit.
  6. Thank you ! Yeah, it was a...stress test. After an internal debate that lasted for almost two years, I have FINALLY chosen a weapon. It's not even in the game. Basically, it's shaped like Venka P., but tweaked to fit the Graxx style. You might get a glimpse this weekend.
  7. The forearms, with gloves this time.
  8. Hello, just a little update: I patterned the sleeves of the undersuit, I will sew it as soon as I can.
  9. Helmet making of video: https://youtu.be/rUJnbiQmKAw Preview: Equipment: Skin: Graxx (Faven) Syandana: Due Volpi (Liger Inuzuka & led2012) Front sigil: Stalker Back sigil: none Chest armor: none Shoulder armor: Targis Prime Leg armor: Imugi Prime Shoulder emblems: eventually ? Weapons: yes, but I still haven't made a choice Current state of the different parts: Syandana: finished, needs proper attachments Chest/back: need all the straps on the sides Head: complete Arms: missing details, unpainted Shoulders: missing details and paint Legs: far from done The feet: The knees: The thighs: Undersuit: needs loads of adjustments Frequently Asked Questions (ok, more like "Frequently Given Answers"): I cannot provide a link to the patterns because the whole thing is freehanded It is made mostly out of EVA foam It is not for Tennocon, as I cannot go there (the trip from France would represent a significant expense)
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