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  1. I thought the whole point of Nightwave was to make it so those who would typically miss alerts for things like Nitain, would be able to get them more easily in their own time. Nightwave system is not conducive to this because you have tier gating, time pressure and locked currency (wolf cred). [DE] Steve said you need to complete about 75% of the challenges... but what if you can't? Either because you lack the tools, or the time? It now takes longer and much more work to get nitain than it did previously, and due to the low amounts of wolf cred gained through the tier system I can't even buy a lot of nitain. If the alerts were still a thing, I'd have probably done 10 or so nitain alerts by now. Nightwave? Can't even afford one pack yet. So while you can buy a "pack" it just means the waiting time before you can get it is a lot longer. What if I only need 1 nitain to complete the build? Can't though cos can only get a pack of 5. Cosmetic helmets often just need 2 nitain. A lot of the challenges are difficult for newer players, and who needs things like nitain the most? Hmm. My new account is MR 12 and if I didn't already know how to play, I would be struggling. Half the tools required for challenges I simply don't have yet because I have been occupied with other game content, like quests. I started a new account for various reasons but one of the side effects has been to really appreciate the game from a new players perspective. I doubt most would know to do alerts for nitain if they could even get to them. Also the Elite challenges.. if newer players have trouble completing them, it further reduces the chance of their reaching the higher tiers, which are needed for wolf cred. Additionally those players who have to work/study are punished by the incessant pressure of getting the challenges done before the week ends/the daily challenges reset if they don't want to "Miss out". There shouldn't be a question of missing out when it comes to resources. Nitain is required for lots of things. If you are unable to participate in Nightwave, no nitain for you. (Yes I know you can grind bounties/sabotage for the ridiculously stupid low drop chance for it, no thanks). EDarkness said the new system doesn't come close to the level of simplicity and I agree, but even more than this, the alerts had less pressure to complete. If you missed an alert for something, you knew it would be back in time. I also resent having to pay for blueprints I could previously receive for free (with some bonus mission credits) from the alert system. As an experienced player, from the perspective of my primary account, the only incentive to play nightwave is for cosmetics and junk I have no capacity left to place on the ship in any case. In this regard, it's not the challenges that are the issue as much as.. why do I need to? Except the umbral forma. (Please give more ship capacity, my ayatan wall of lights isn't done yet lol) [DE] Steve said that when designing challenges and missions in the game, they always kept in mind the solo player. Sometimes people are solo by choice, and sometimes they simply can't play with others (older pc, poor connection, NAT errors) so why are there challenges asking "with friends/clanmates"? Feels like a stick in the eye. I don't hate the system because "emergherd it's new". I hate it because it's so may layers of grind and petty tasking that I expect from games like Forsaken World MMORPG types. It tries to include too much and be all things to all players and that's simply not possible. I also hate it because resources should never be this difficult to obtain. Every other resource is farmable in a fairly straight forward and streamline way ie, killing enemies or breaking containers, even kuva is easier to get than nitain. It feels so unrewarding and such a punishment for trying to play. Finally, please can we reduce the Nora spam. She's annoying, invasive, long winded and incessant. I don't need some quip in a mission when my challenge is done that spans several lines, or her face occupying over half the rewards window. -.- I like her shop music though, I hope this can be a somachord track some day. TLDR summary: - Nitain less accessible than alerts, longer waiting times to get a 'bulk' pack - New players should not be cut off from essential resources in this way (gated resources is baaaad) - 'Elite' challenges further reduce the chance of newer players being able to afford.. resources - Punishes solo players by instantly cutting them out of challenges - Punishes both active and part-time players - Paying for bps that were previously free/players rewarded with credits (paid) to get on alerts - Tier gating AND time challenges create pressure and anxiety (not fun) - Experienced players reward appeal is limited to a few items - Nora spam, for the love of.. can she shut up already?? - Need more ways to gain wolf cred (why is the shop currency so limited?)
  2. Please fix defaulting to primary weapon in excavation whenever the power cell is delivered to the tower... When I do excavations I run with the secondary equipped on purpose, to have it default to the primary every time is extremely inconvenient and annoying. (I have the primary as a back up if I need it). Switching back to secondary isn't always a simple process either as it seems to ignore the switch command initially, and then equips melee, then primary again and then secondary. Very tedious.
  3. I would like to see the riven cap increase by mastery rank as well. At Mr 25 I have way more weapons that I USE on a regular basis (and have worked on with forma etc) than I would at MR 10. I'm now also over my limit, since I received a further 3 rivens from a login reward and I'm left with having to get rid of rivens I want to make room for rivens I've not yet completed the challenges of, or that I'm trying to sell. With more specificity of rivens being added, 90 is no longer enough. There's absolutely no wiggle room at the moment, unless DE's plan is to force us to use only a couple of the weapons we spent the time on to make strong?
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