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  1. I already received my 3 free slots for milestone reward, except that since I had already purchased slots to 90 riven cap, I lost them. I don't think I'm the only one in that position. Will they be re-instated when the cap increase comes? (Yay cap increase lol)
  2. Please fix defaulting to primary weapon in excavation whenever the power cell is delivered to the tower... When I do excavations I run with the secondary equipped on purpose, to have it default to the primary every time is extremely inconvenient and annoying. (I have the primary as a back up if I need it). Switching back to secondary isn't always a simple process either as it seems to ignore the switch command initially, and then equips melee, then primary again and then secondary. Very tedious.
  3. I would like to see the riven cap increase by mastery rank as well. At Mr 25 I have way more weapons that I USE on a regular basis (and have worked on with forma etc) than I would at MR 10. I'm now also over my limit, since I received a further 3 rivens from a login reward and I'm left with having to get rid of rivens I want to make room for rivens I've not yet completed the challenges of, or that I'm trying to sell. With more specificity of rivens being added, 90 is no longer enough. There's absolutely no wiggle room at the moment, unless DE's plan is to force us to use only a couple of the weapons we spent the time on to make strong?
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