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  1. Hopefully they will fix the Orvius being thrown causing the Requiem fissures to crash. It doesn't happen consistently, but it's the only place it happens. That and the Orvius latching onto inactive things like turrets in the floor, and inert sensors and causing self death lol
  2. Just a little update.. we FIXED the issue he was having, by adding a port forward to the router. It was something I forgot to try in the original trouble shooting list.. but now that we have, the clan member is able to reliably login and invite/be invited and can be seen in the list of online players once again. I don't know if you can do that for PS4, but it might be worth a shot, especially if you are encountering strict NAT errors. (We are on PC). Port forwarding is exceedingly easy to do, and there is a site which is dedicated to helping on all kinds of routers and I used that to guide me through the clan mates one as the interface is unfamiliar to me. I suspect that whatever DE changed to fix the match making issue, also prompted the need for port forwarding for certain users, when previously it wasn't necessary.
  3. My clan mate is still suffering from this issue.. at least 2 days now, he shows up in the Clan list and I can even pm him, but it always says he's offline when I try to invite him. He said that he's able to join random public matches but the inviting is completely broken. I was able to meet and trade with him in our dojo, but I didn't invite him there (I mean that he entered with his own key). Is this still actively being looked at or is everyone thinking this is completely fine? He's tried changing regions, tried changing the listening port, verifying, optimizing and reinstalling the game, nothing works. Edit: Tried changing the firewall rules, no luck.. Also we are both in New Zealand.
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