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  1. That is WAAAAAAY to #*!%ing long for an Intermission. DE certainly don't have any clue about what the community wants to see anymore as it seems......
  2. You totally missed the point. There's 2 forms of taking your melee out, quick, and swap. This was stated very clearly in the devstream. Do the quick melee, everything is as it is atm. Do the swap melee, you have your sword out and can manual block with aim. Block is probably going to be on it's own keybinding too so you can just do it even in quick melee.
  3. So intermission 2 has to last for a MINIMUM of 6.9 (7 weeks), so just under 2 months, IF you did every single challenge plus every single daily challenge to get all 30 ranks.... So intermission isn't actually an intermission, it's just a full length Nightwave with nothing interesting going on.
  4. Rubico for raw power. Snipetron for versatility. Rubico has better EVERYTHING than the Snipetron, except Riven Disp. That's the only factor, but I wouldn't buy a Snipetron riven just for that tbh. Vectis-P in comparison is... subpar now unfortunately. Kinda requires the Depleting Reload mod to make it decent, so that's another slot you don't get to play with.
  5. Sorry Oberon sucks? He has the best general healing in the game, can revive you instantly (phoenix renewal), and can tank better than even Chroma! Agreed on the Duplex-auto though. Should really just be a semi auto doing 2 blasts, or firing both barrels at once.
  6. You're not using Naramon that's why
  7. As much as a token system would help... well anything in WF, DE seem firmly against such a system (for some reason), despite token systems being incredibly versatile and included in nearly every single MMO in the world. Overall I don't think the Squad Link thing is going to kick off. As you say it'll take some pretty damn amazing rewards to get people to use it, and afaik, it requires you to have the person you're linking to on your friends list or in your clan, which can severely limit it's uses.
  8. Or you no, not, considering that doesn't work as of this update
  9. The whole point of them is not to be farmed for a specific syndicate. They are just supplemental to add on to whatever you feel like or need at the time, not a replacement for rep farming
  10. I found out from one of my Twitch Viewers, that there's been an undocumented, unannounced addition to Nightwave, with the Emissary Derelict missions. Now, I don't mind additions like these that tie into the world, however I've had a look through the recent patch notes (U27+), and there isn't a SINGLE mention about these being added. Personally, I get extremely annoyed when devs do this kind of thing. Add in time limited events or items, and hardly make any (if any at all), announcement about them being added. Previous one I found out about was the Aklex Prime. There was 1 sentence in an unvaulting patch with Nova Prime basically saying "there's a new item added". That's fine adding a new item. What isn't fine, is hiding that in patch notes revolving around RE-RELEASING OLD ITEMS. A similar thing has happened here. There's been no announcement whatsoever about this addition, and has been placed into the game without a peep, and people are stumbling across it. Now I didn't notice it because I don't do the Outbreak missions. They hold no incentive for me and so I pay them no attention, and such I could have gone the entire Nightwave and never once noticed this. (From what I can find, they were introduced in 27.3.1. On these patch notes, there is no mention anywhere of these being added. Why?) Yes, this is a rant, however I feel it's a justified one. Unless these missions AREN'T time limited, and will stay permanently even after nightwave, that's different. From what I can tell though they aren't, and I don't feel it's fair to the players to add time limited content to the game unannounced.
  11. Very indepth, though considering I just ran a 1 1/2 hours arbitration with 184 Str, and only died twice versus doing a 50 minute and dying about 5 times, the damage reduction is worth adding a little strength in. I do suspect the 100% is from adding the Redline battery level, however the DR you get at the redline is still a good chunk higher than without Str, and I did reach 100% faster for just a few seconds longer.
  12. His 2 does give damage reduction and is incredibly good. At max rank, it'll give between 20% and 100% DR based on the battery level. Increase Power Strength increases this so you actually reach 100% at a much lower battery level. It's very reliable if you just keep tapping 1, as tapping 1 charges the battery by about 1/4
  13. I have been using Ingame FPS, Task Manager, an other various pieces of software to measure PC performance and FPS tracking. All show the same thing, plus it's VISIBLY noticeable for the performance problems. I always set Warframe to bypass anti-virus and firewall software, so that's not an issue. Infact I set Warframes priority over everything else in every regard, and it doesn't make a bit of difference to the performance. Given that, over the course of 4 years, after every single update, there are new people making posts about performance issues of very similar things, it is very much an argument. All DE needs to do is search up say, "warframe adaptive exposure" and find tons of results relating to the exact same issue. As for CPU higher than GPU usage, yes and no. Yes with the I5, no with the I7 and Ryzen 7. All drivers are always kept up to date, and I have tried rolling them back 2, 3, 4 versions to see if it made a difference. None. This has been ongoing for me for at least 2 years now, and no matter the rig, I am experiencing the same issues to varying degrees. Btw, WF is always installed in my SSD. I have tried the Steam and Non-steam version.
  14. The only similarity is the terribly forced broad english accent (Yes I know Cara Theobold is English, but she isn't that... cockney)
  15. Tbh, there's absolutely no reason for the Lua Lens'. Just having a normal Lens, and take an Equinox onto Adarro, will max your focus in 1 or 2 runs. Using Saryn or Volt in ESO will do the same in 1-2 runs. I've only ever built 3 Eidolon lenses, and I don't even use them! Not only that but the Radiant Shards laugh at using lenses for focus.
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