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  1. Yea deffinitely. I'm playing about with more builds, and I've come up with some very good ones that make use of both Umbral mods and buff her strength+Duration without sacrificing almost anything else! https://tennoware.com/warframes/wisp/11411201220i205p405p710c605w605y810y510b905c105y91000000000 This is probably my favourite so far, as there's no reduction to anything, and only boosts, but there's the option of boosting Blind Rage and lowering Efficiency just to squeeze a little more out of the motes, and Wisp runs about with nearly 2k health and boosts everyone elses by nearly 1k! Not only that, but it also allows extra space if you wanted to put in Primed Flow instead of an Augur Mod for an energy buffer, though I'd personally take off Augur Secrets for it, as having Augur Message gives the motes a 45s duration
  2. Thing I personally find with this build, is you can't make maximum use of Breach Surge and Sol Gate together very easily. Sure everything has good values, though the Motes arn't doing much more than my build, but cost about 1/3rd as much for another 20 seconds which... isn't really required. Made a little tweak to the build and got this. Not entierly sure why you didn't include at least Umbral Intensify on the original build given it's just far better than standard, and when you have both Intensify and Vitality you're always better using both Umbral Versions to make the most of the mods: https://tennoware.com/warframes/wisp/12411201220d305p405p710c608w605y910y510b905w805y81000000000 This setup not only nets you more strength, but also more Health and flexible efficiency depending on how strong you want to make Blind rage, while keeping everything else. You lose 8 seconds for the mote buff, which really isn't much in comparison to the benefit you get out of the added strength, though it will still be hard to constantly teleport with Breach Surge, though if you don't like the teleport it would still work :) Edit: Just realised I made a little overlook on that build. Stretch was still there and range is really not needed on wisp. Her range is so incredible to begin with just keeping it at 100% will cover pretty much every map in the game bar open areas, so here's it swapped with Augur Secrets, and swapping CP with Growing Power. CP really isn't needed with Wisp as Sol Gate does so much Corrosion that it strips armour in about 1-2 seconds https://tennoware.com/warframes/wisp/11411201220i205p405p710c610w605y810y510b905c105y91000000000 Makes the fire rate buff at 111.9%! And over 1000 more HP from the motes ontop of her 850 she's got!!!
  3. Completely agree. You need some form of Duration and Efficiency though, as you've said Primed Continuity and Streamline. That said, she works best spamming her Breach Surge, teleporting around and going in and out of Sol Gate, which is why I recommend FE instead, as doing that eats a LOT of energy which FE mitigates. I've tried running with just FE, and I ran out of energy pretty easily even with Primed Flow. That said, I like to teleport around every 2-5 seconds and annihilate everything in that area. Some people don't, so it makes sense that they wouldn't use FE, but Streamline instead. However none of the Corrupted Mods are unnecessary here. FE allows ability Spam. NM boosts duration to give a bit longer on the Motes and reduce the energy cost of Sol Gate, while ALSO countering the effects of FE and TF. So if you're someone who doesn't like to do the Teleport spam, Streamline would easily work instead of FE, meaning you can replace Narrow Minded with Primed continuity and remove Stretch, if that's your preferred playstyle. However the main key areas to build for are still there The Vitality Mote does give a nice boost in HP, but Vitality is pretty necessary unless you sacrifice Efficiency. She's very squishy if her health starts being hit (due to next to no armour), which it will, and having Umbral Vitality not only boosts your Health by a significant portion (more efficiently than a Max Strength Vitality mote would do), but also boosts your strength alongside Umbral Intensify. For the maths: Vitality mote provides 300 HP base. Adding on the maximum power strength of +237% (337%), this then results in the following: 300 x 3.37 = 1011 HP. So the Vitality mote would give you 1011 extra HP, bringing your total to 1311HP at Rank 30, however not only requires 6 mods plus an aura, but also lowers your Efficiency and Duration by 55% and 27.5% respectively, 2 areas you really can't afford to lose with Wisp. Umbral Vitality however, gives you 550% more HP (including Umbral Intensify on there), resulting in this: 100 x (1 + 5.5) + 200 = 850 TOTAL HP. Now we add on the Vitality mote (let's just take my build as an example). My mote gives an additional 630 HP. So now my total is 1480, resulting in a higher total HP, while only lowering Duration by 27.5, and only requiring 3 mods to do it allowing me to easily make that Duration back up. No problem! Yea the Reservoirs are very forgiving, as you do just need to run through the general area around the Reservoir. Breach Surges teleport automatically puts you in the area instantly to so that helps considerably!
  4. No not really. Sol Gate starts at 40m, and I'm running with 79% range. It's still reaching 31.6m. Reservoirs have a 3.95m Radius, so a roughly 8m Diameter, which is more than enough for you to run into and get the buff. Breach Surge also reaches a nearly 12m radius, and doubles when you teleport to a Reservoir. If you keep the range about 60%+, you won't notice a huge problem really. Basically, just counter Narrow Minded with ANY range mod and you're fine. Overall if you're using Narrow Minded, you HAVE to put a range mod on her or you will have issues. If you're not using NM, you won't need Range mods at all and can then focus on Strength and Efficiency.
  5. I've been hearing a lot that everyone is enjoying Wisp. Too true, as am I, but I have also been hearing confusion about how to use her, and that her 4th ability is underpowered. Now I understand the confusion but her 4th is far from underpowered, so I've made this little guide to help people along. First off, lets explain her abilities Reservoirs Wil'o'Wisp Breach Surge Sol Gate So as you can see, Wisp is a very well designed, and Synergystic Caster Warframe. She seems squishy and weak on the surface, but once you begin to combine her powers she becomes incredibly elusive and does a LOT of damage. "But Storm, how do I mod her!? She's got so much you need to do!" Well, she's pretty simple to build. Lets start off looking at here base stats. I have included both her Base stats and those stats at Rank 30 The Build Now that we know all that, let's discuss actually using her in the field: Utilisation Phew, that's it so far! If I remember that I forgot to remember to ad anything else.... remember, forgot, remem... yea that's correct... I'll edit it in! Hopefully that helps some of you! Wisp is a very very good frame, and has so much utility and power she can bring to multiple different squad setups. Sure she's not a nuker and might be overshadowed by 1 or 2 frames, but by god is she more fun to play!
  6. Revenant's Augments are crap. I use him extensively and there's literally no use for the augments
  7. All well and good but doesn't solve any issue if the boss just bugs out and can't even be harmed, ridden or anything anyway so all for naught
  8. Amusing thing is neither of the options actually do what it says they do. Take Ember primes helmet for example. An Emissive. The ENERGY colour option changes it...
  9. Please remove your terrible energy colour system. It doesn't work correctly. You change 1 emmisive colour, it changes energy, you change 1 energy it changes emissive. AND, it doesn't always do that either! It's horribly inconsistent across Warframes. You can't preview your colours well in the arsenal either so there's no way to know if you like the changes unless you're in the Simulacrum or you constantly go in and out of missions. Another half baked idea that just seems to have been pushed out without any actual testing. Not only that but the Ropalolyst boss fight is buggy to all hell. Not only can you not damage the boss after bringing down its shields as you get no indication whatsoever as to what you need to use, but also it bugs out in the air making mounting it bug you out as well and again, can't be damaged, forcing you to quit... NOT ONLY THAT! But you've stuck a hard cap for damage on the boss making it obnoxiously annoying to fight.... BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! The Ropalolyst's hitbox is terrible. It can grab you from across the platform or even 10m ABOVE it... like what!? OH! and if when you get grabbed, you can't do anything about it if you're solo.... yea good job.... OH WAIT, THERE'S MORE! The boss is so incredibly buggy that it teleports without warning around the field. I literally mean, POOF it's now over here. No animation, nothing, it just teleports doing the exact same thing it was doing meaning if you're trying to catch it or shoot it, then you're in for an incredibly annoying time.
  10. No, I'm saying I can't tell the difference between THAT Orange and Yellow. The dual energy colours thing doesn't really do similar colours very well from my experience, it just kinda..... blends them together, but picking completely different opposing colours lets you really tell the difference (i.e. picking a red with a green for example)
  11. Not.... quite sure how that's Two-tone. The 2 colours are so incredibly similar it's nearly impossible to differentiate them
  12. So.... this would be EXACTLY as it is now? For one, we can't view our Warframe Ability effects when in the arsenal, so it requires us to either use the Simulacrum, Captura or constantly go in and out of Missions to see if the colour combinations are what we like. Very bad. Secondly, we already can have all red embers or full green saryns with Blue fire or Orange spores.... we just make the energy colour that. The only difference it'll have in the majority of cases is change a few lights on the WF, of which, can barely be seen most of the time because everything in the game is too goddamn bright in comparison to how the game used to look in some missions and environments.
  13. In 3 days I've had 4 fugitive spawns.... Something's broken for sure
  14. I wonder when these changes were actually implemented. There was no update at all to put it into the game. Also, I've not had a SINGLE fugitive spawn in about 3 days. I don't think the spawns are working anymore
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