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  1. Umbra mods are FAR from pointless dude.... Umbral Intensify is stronger than intensify. Period. Higher values, easy enough to slam into a build. It's better. Yes, Umbral Vitality/Steel Fiber have the same values, so are only better when paired with another mod. They aren't useless though, but they aren't auto-includes on every single Warframe if that's what you consider "Useful" There's only a handful of frames that actually make good use of Umbral mods. Anything that doesn't need Strength. Useless. Anything that doesn't use primarily health/armour. Useless. The best candidate
  2. Ye, no thanks. Vaubans CC is some of the best in the entire game. Having him tankier would just make things extremely trivial when using him. The point of him being squishy is so that you HAVE to use the CC to stay alive
  3. It completely depends on what shotgun it is. When you say "good shotgun", what shotgun is it? Boar, Tigris, Arca Plasmor???
  4. Titania has 1 augment, and frankly, its pretty bad. 100% melee damage is ok, but when you have incredibly high powered rifles... why bother?
  5. It more sounds like a couple of things How did you check the temperature of your fans? Just feeling the cold air in and out is not enough. Its the air inside that makes the difference, and if your com is running at say... 80 degrees Celsius.... yea, that S#&$s hot and needs to be cooled better! Try cleaning out all the fans, and heatsinks throughout your computer, including your GPU and PSU's ones. It could also be that your PSU is failing, and so it's not transmitting power through the system properly, thus interrupting the system, causing it to shut down due to the lac
  6. From what I recall, there was NOTHING mentioned about any new prime warframe being released in the PAX stream, nor the devstream before that either. Unless you see/hear for yourself, do not believe rumours that fly around on the forums and ingame. Warframe is rife with people who like to troll that way, cause they know they will get a reaction out of it
  7. Tbh, the new system is ok, but you have virtually no chance at the rarest items on each relic. I've been farming with relics for the past 4-5 days, and all the parts I need are the rarest on each relic. Have I ever even seen them? nope. Not once. I've gone through at least 100 radient relics, and 150-200 Intacts (double this, as there were 2 of us running them), and we've not once seen the rarest items.
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