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  1. It's possible that the tree in that memorial glade is the one that "Old Dax" could see whilst he was being "treated", per those memory sequences and in some ways, is the last marker of their past. After all, Umbra is tormented by their memories of that moment as per Ballas' intentions. As for why Ballas locked Umbra away; firstly, Umbra's essentially feral at that point, a threat to anything nearby. Attempting to make use of him would have taken far more effort than not...and then when you add in that engaging with Umbra's memories established that Ballas was a traitor, it wouldn't be worth the risk. Meanwhile, Ballas' MO when it comes to those who cross him, is to torment them as much as possible. Ordan Karris attempted a murder-suicide on the Orokin, so allowing him to die would put them beyond control; hence, the punishment of immortality and then eventual conversion into a Cephalon. Similarly, "Old Dax" discovering Ballas' treachery seems to have been taken as much as an insult ("I've had lifetimes to plan my defection") as well as a...twisted attempt to justify himself, in terms of what Ballas lost by destroying "Old Dax's" family depending on the outcome of their Komi game, let alone forcing him to murder his son. Whilst the dead ,at least typically, can't reveal anything...keeping someone alive as a mere shadow of what they were, far beyond the point of breaking, fits for someone who prides themselves on always being in control and superior to others. How could Ballas continue to look down on Ordan, or Old Dax, if they could no longer experience his torments? To quote Terry Pratchett: Any event, apologies for going on. Hopefully might help give some clarity, at least.
  2. In as much as regular Warframes and Sentient, I suspect it's due to their biological aspect rather than strictly technological. Infested basis, thus out of their "ball park" in theory. Then you've got Revenant, which from what I recall of the quest dialog, put itself in reach of some kind of tendril the Eidolon uses to construct itself which went...badly. Personally, I wonder if the way Gara killed the original Sentient the Eidolon are mere fragments of, involved a notable amount of Void energy. If so, could Eidolons in some form be a cross between a Void Echo, and actual physical materials? Alternatively, if not necessarily Void based, could it be Transference usurped; Transference being about the relaying of a mind to an available body, then the "will/spirit" of the Eidolon itself could have become too much for the system to manage, corrupting what we now know as "Revenant"? If there is more Void at play than not, could Eidolons be similar to the Lua ghosts? From there, perhaps simply having the ready availability of Sentient remains allows the Eidolon to manifest, whilst these ghosts seem to be devoid of anything they could use in that fashion. Certainly wondering if it's a weird play on "Ghost in the Machine", at least. Sorry for going on, any event. Best speculation I have on matters at present.
  3. Well, fire does crop up in various purification rituals here and there, dealing with spirits or such. Good hunting, any event.
  4. Bolarola are truly adorable. Snow pangolins for the win
  5. I didn't expect to see anything for the meagre offerings I put on the Inktober thread, so to find a unexpected "thank you" in the form of a new glyph was surprising and really caught me of guard. Between both my somewhat amateurish ability and missing the last few days (moving yay), was admittedly a struggle to tamp down the self-doubt to take part and nerves to take part at all. Long burn stage fright, I guess? So...thank you @[DE]Helen for the Inktober thread, and @[DE]Megan and @[DE]Rebecca for shining a spotlight for everyone as it went by. Now I'll have a nice reminder to push past the self-doubt and keep trying on the creative front whenever I look at the glyph. All the best to everyone.
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